Exclusive: On the ground in Afghanistan amidst final US troop withdrawal | ABC News

Martha Raddatz reports from Afghanistan with an exclusive interview with the lead commander facilitating the U.S. troop withdrawal, Gen. Austin Scott Miller

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45 thoughts on “Exclusive: On the ground in Afghanistan amidst final US troop withdrawal | ABC News

  1. Interesting. Seeing images of US soldiers fully equipped with soffisticated weapons retiring on defeat .On the other hand we see Taliban militias who are in control of the country with their heads wrapped with rags and wearing sandals…..????

  2. We now the truth is gone Global USA is no longer Leader of the FREE World, but cohorts with ISIS Terrorist, Taliban, Iran, China, Russia and Korea, where is the Outcry on the Main Stream Media for this crap and Why is Big social Tech Platforms censuring the dialog, pathetic, No America's will be left behind, today is Aug. 31, 2021 the US Military has left, and American's and Allies are left behind, we will never see them again you Democrat Fraudulent President Get out now and take your entire administration with you and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out

  3. A MESSAGE!!!!!!! To ALL 'jihadis' on the face if the Earth – be WARNED !!!!! EVERY act of barbarity , EVERY time you hurt others or cause HARM or suffering to ANYONE , you are doing HARM to YOURSELVES !!! Let me explain to you totally DELUDED and IGNORANT individuals . When YOU leave this Earth , and are sent into the Spiritual Realm , YOU will be made to face the consequences of ALL your thoughts , words and actions , and their effects upon ALL those whom you interacted with , including all of your victims , whilst you were here on Earth. Thus , you will EXPERIENCE the FEELINGS of all of your victims – their FEAR , PAIN and DISTRESS , only far more INTENSELY !!! So you see , thus , a wise man once said always 'DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE UNTO YOURSELVES'. 'LOVE ONE ANOTHER' Remember these wise words next time you are be-heading some innocent victim – the next time you are committing MURDER – Blaspheming against GOD , who IS PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE !!!

  4. Once again that DAMN , DARK religion rears it's UGLY head ! The World needs to WAKE UP , NOWWWW!!!!! THEY are totally DELUDED – indoctrinated , and BRAINWASHED from a vulnerable age into believing in a MYTH ! The Here and Now is the only TRUE Reality . GOD is ENERGY – Pure Consciousness – Ever-Present , EVERYWHERE , NOT in some METEORITE on display in Mecca – pure superstition -:you're DELUDED !!! WAKE UP TO REALITY !!!!!!! The dome-on-the-rock is NO MORE Sacred than ANYWHERE ELSE on Earth , or anywhere in the Multiverse . EVERY square centimetre on the face of the Earth IS SACRED !!! GOD exists Within EVERY Human Being , Within Every living thing ! The jihadi mentality is NO DIFFERENT to the NAZI mentality – Totally DARK , and about as far away from GOD-Consciousness as it is possible to GET !!!!!!!

  5. The Iranian regime is constantly supporting the Taliban in overthrowing the legitimate government of Afghanistan. Do not be surprised why the Taliban were able to quickly occupy the whole of Afghanistan with very poor capabilities, the world witnessed exactly the same thing at the time of ISIS's significant advance in Iraq and Syria. About six years ago, after the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, the Iranian regime, with its military and financial support for ISIS, was able to suppress the popular revolution in Syria against the Assad regime, diverting world attention from supporting the Syrian people, and to focus on ISIS, with the aim that the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad is the only Syrian solution to get rid of ISIS. We are already witnessing the same military and political support of the Iranian regime to the Taliban at the same time as the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Six years ago, Barack Obama was president of the United States and now his vice president (Joe Biden), both of whom have a weak approach to the Iranian regime's involvement in the Middle East. Iran is now seeking the overthrow of the legitimate government of Afghanistan by the Taliban, just as the Houthis overthrew the legitimate government of Yemen in its capital. The Iranian regime did exactly the same scenario in Lebanon and Gaza to gain the power of its militia to destabilize Israel. The Iranian regime has also carried out similar actions by its militias in Iraq in order to increase its influence in Iraq and hit American forces. The world must stop the Iranian regime's interference and terrorist acts in the world.

  6. What a joke of campaign title. An invading force from overseas launches a 20 yr campaign to invade and depose a sitting government, the Taliban, which took refuge in the mountains, and calls its operation "Enduring Freedom." How sheepish of the American people not to condemn this unbelievably deceitful, menacing, and despicable this US government.

  7. Taliban are the natives of Afghanistan it is not like they are aliens the U S media makes it sound like the Taliban are Aliens who are trying to invade Afghanistan from a different land and the Afghans are the rightful owners of Afghanistan no that is totally absurd Taliban are the sons of Afghan soil they are as Afghan as George W Bush is an American.

  8. 2.261 trillion dollars of wasted money!
    If you had been really the good guys and spent this money on Africa, you would have diminished not only the starvation but also the misery of next generations there.
    But no, you have to start wars so that you can subsidize the war mongering inhumane creatures.
    What's more pathetic is that the American taxpayers have bought your lies over and over again since Vietnam!

  9. Invade a country and occupy it for 20 years… and the enemy starts taking it back almost immediately after you leave. What a waste of however many trillions of dollars (except for the military contractors- they made out like bandits).

  10. It shouldn't matter who's plan set th I s up but it matters when biden taking credit for nothing he had anything to do with we still need trump but problemxis if biden leaves kamala takes over and thats the final ingrediant to american disasters yes!! Happy for the troops and proud of them

  11. The Russians were there for 20 years, the US was there 20 years, next the Chinese need to move into Afghanistan for 20 years. Within that timespan, they would probably just put all Afghanis to work and turn the entire country into a giant factory.

  12. Americans, please make up your minds
    1. if you want the out, then they are out
    2. You are asking questions, like President Biden is doing something wrong.
    so, do you want the Taliban there, or do you want to fight them here?
    so do you want to save the Afghan people?

  13. Id rather like to see afganistan run like HELL by afgans rather than HEAVEN by americans or any foreign power. Bagram base will be converted into an economic zone to start rebuild the country and someday an economic powerhouse in the region. Where trading and business is much important than war.
    Yes MONEY talks in afganistan…and money is still king in this part of the world

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