Manhattan DA candidate on Trump Organization investigation he may inherit

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with the potential new Manhattan district attorney and discusses implications of the Trump Organization investigation.

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38 thoughts on “Manhattan DA candidate on Trump Organization investigation he may inherit

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  2. Im no business owner, but wouldn't I need to know what taxes to pay on that form that I would have to read to know that these items aee exempt or not???? Or can I be uninformed and keep my money?? XanI do tha tdd too????

  3. Ha, ha, the guy who claims to know more about tax than anyone alive doesn’t know if you have to pay taxes on company cars…what a moron! Hey Trump, you’re not a good person and you’re certainly not hard working with the number of times you played golf during your presidency…you;re just a common thief defrauding the State and Federal Government.

  4. Going after the Potus for fringe benefits is a new low. What’s next? Unpaid parking tickets? Jaywalking? You have to be really petty as a person to support this. I thought Trump was a crime boss in NY? A Russia agent? Do people really not see what the Swamp is doing? Stop playing into their narrative. Clinesmith altered an email to spy on his campaign. And if you really think that’s all they did then you are one naive lil dolt.

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  6. He tries to rally sympathy from crowds of dingbats who dont know any better…everytime trump gets caught on criminal activity he tries to have sympathy rallies immediately afterward to try to disguise his criminal investigations as political as opposed to him having done crime .this is so sad and weird its dizzying.i wish he would catch a jet to Mars with no internet.

  7. I firmly believe that Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance jr already has a plan. The plan is this:
    He's ALREADY called upon some hard, pipe hitting prosecutors to go to work on the traitor TRUMPS here… With a bunch of law books, and the judge's gavel…
    What goes around– comes around… DON THE CON!! NEW YORK AIN'T FINISHED YOU YET… DON THE CON!!!😉😉😆😆😆😆😆😆

  8. No reports on this…? Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano says he has a majority on his committee who will vote to issue subpoenas to audit elections in Philadelphia, Cuyahoga and York counties.
    The audit will be similar to the Maricopa audit. Other counties could also be audited.

  9. hey you guys are aware there's been another guy as president for well over a year now? your boogeyman is back to making noises on the golf course. Pretty sure since all the same bureaucracy thats been in DC for decades is still there now, doing all the stuff you are still breathlessly bringing up from the past. But you won't know unless you actually look. or you can spend the next two terms ignoring anything not positive until the regime changes and you can suddenly discover current events again

  10. Waaah, waaaah, waaah…witch hunt, waaah, waaah, waah, hard working people,, waah, waaah, waaah, does anybody know, waah, waaah, waah, I sure don't – even though I know tax law like no other human being on the planet..

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