Surfside officials announce rescue is now a recovery effort

Officials made the difficult decision to transition operations from search and rescue to recovery.


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29 thoughts on “Surfside officials announce rescue is now a recovery effort

  1. You've been in recovery since day ONE! What a joke! You found 1 survivor! You didn't have all hands on deck. The national guard shoulder been there to get through that in 24 hours. This is the worst recovery effort ever! Search and rescue my 🍑.

    And why not say they prayer? They dropped their heads to pray and she went on to state a transition. Wtf 🤬

  2. US ANTIQUE INFRASTRUCTURE: "The eyes of history are on this appointment." – Buttigeig.

    1964 Japan's first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.

    1998 China started the construction of 36,000km of high speed railways and high speed trains.

    2021 US still has NO high speed trains and NO safe overpasses or apartment blocks.

  3. This is so irritating to see, I personally think these bozos for top city officials should have taken a backseat role from day one perhaps the federal government should have intervene and handled this awful tragedy with swift and urgent action! I never claimed to have the answer on how to deal with a sudden tragedy like this but i would definitely take immediately actions by the bosses of the first responders on the first day perhaps during the first couple of hours . Then devise a quick and supremely urgent plan to scoop up the debris. I mean how obvious from watch the surveilance video that there needs to be very urgent actions because the layers of buildidng collapsed so violently and came down so easy that their was no reason to move so slowly as if they are putting forth effort wil obstruct justice. These press conferences are too comical! This is such a tragedy to see and witness. These clowns are waiting 2 weeks to announce another plan

  4. Thank you to the magnificent responders, whose long sad efforts have been driven by love for others. Skill and bravry and massive efforts have given the families hope. May it now give them peace.

    The public response from elected officials MUST NOW BRING NEW BUILDING CODES. New York has a 5 year period between mandatory inspections.. Forty years is obscene.

  5. MILK IT MILK IT, click bait, day by day, body by body.
    If it burns it earns, but if it bleeds it leads. Second half went down as smoothly and professionally as the first half. A hundred or so collateral damage? "Cost of doing business." Prime real estate. See the larger NEWER high rise next door? Million dollar condos. Where did we see this story before? "Pull it"

  6. Oh please, it was always been and will be a recovery effort. They were never trained for such situations of a collapsed building. But they sure do pat themselves on the back. Rescue effort was just way too slow.

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