4 more bodies recovered from Surfside condo collapse

The death toll now stands at 16 as search and rescue efforts continue.


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36 thoughts on “4 more bodies recovered from Surfside condo collapse

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  2. Why is it that this people are not allowing the Mexican team called topos to help they flew in paying their own transportation food and evrything they need…they are not asking for money they just want to help they are experience but yall to good to let them help hu? In what world help from professionals is denied???? There mite be something that they know or a different perspective a different point of view. This majors are so arrogant its unbelievable.

  3. If anyone survived this after this long I'd be extremely surprised. The young teen was extremely lucky to be pulled from the building remains… What gets me is this the building is pancaked each floor is laying on top each other flat.. so I doubt anyone else is surviving underneath it…. If we find anyone else alive it's going to be a legitimate miracle from God. Eventually they will have to call it. Time is no longer on our side within a few more days anyone that was alive won't be. You can't go that long without water n food and being pinned down under 50 to 100 tons of cement. They really need to start looking near the bottom of this pile. Some ppl may be alive their in a pocket but anyone that was in the middle floors I don't see making it.. and it's possible that the rest of building will come down so what ever they are doing they need to speed it up. My brother n his wife are in shock because they lived their in 2009 for about a year before they moved up here to myrtle beach South Carolina. They said even back then it had issues is why they left. Their apartment had a crack in the ceiling from a leak but I doubt that had anything to do with it falling being so many years ago but it does show that even yrs ago it wasn't in the best shape anymore. And not as nice as it once was. It was a beautiful building super nice being on the ocean front ya know. But hurricanes come in and in the last few yrs we have had multiple massively strong hurricanes hit the coast from both sides in Florida which just makes things worse. These buildings need massive flood pumps to remove any water that gets underneath it. They need to be built with the strongest metals and cement mixes and be checked every 6 months atleast. The ground can't be that stable being on the beach to begin with. Sand is the most unstable ground period. I'd rather the building be built on on gravels than sand any day. But yeah since this happened honestly every building needs to be checked and not just a hour visit they need to check every inch of the building including apartments to check for leaks that will damage the structure. And if any cracks are in the beams that hold the building in place needs to be repaired asap don't matter if it's a small crack.. it's still a fractured beam ect at that point and it gets worse it never gets better.. the foundation needs to be bigger and stronger and more support beams need to be added. More steel beams and steel cages need to be added to the cement to help strengthen it. Stronger dry wall needs to be added to the walls. And maybe someone can design and build a safety sensor that is built into the walls and foundation that detects water and mold and fractures.. buildings will move after so long which creates the fractures it's called settling which normally isn't a real bad thing but considering it's a high rise building it's not gonna be a small settle it's gonna sink considerably into the ground beneath it. We need sensors to detect it and give information on how far it's moved down or if it starts leaning or any strange vibrations coming from within the building itself that isn't normal.. these buildings need to be safer and most of em are incredibly safe and I'm positive this building once was the top of the line when new and possibly for a good number of years afterwards.. but this proves you can't not neglect a building that houses ppl and families.. the company most likely will go under after this but who knows.. I do know they are getting sued and will be sued massively which the company should not fight it.. this is a horrible accident but it was completely avoidable which is kinda scary… If you own buildings like these you gotta stay on top of things fix things as soon as they are brought to your attention because fixing them right then and there will save the building and it'll last practically forever at that point if it's constantly being updated and small and big issues being fixed in a timely manner.. I know it's expensive but thing is… No amount of money the entire wealth of the us and the world all the gold within the universe ect is not worth the value of one human soul…. And the neglect this building got is sickening and it cost 150+ ppl their lives… And cost everyone that lived their not only their belongings but their friends life's and possibly relatives " loved ones " life's.. and costed many families pain and true suffering. Nothing hurts so deep and emotionally as a broken heart and losing someone so close to you.. regardless if ppl get a million dollars a piece from this it still won't bring back the ones that passed away.. its not enough to erase the pain n memory of what happened that night… I'm truly sorry for everyone's loss and sorry for the owners losing their property and friends that lived within it's walls. I'm sorry to the city of Florida and the state of Florida for losing their family and friends.. this is a sad moment in our history. And I pray and hope that this won't happen again.. but it very well can at any second it's something we all must know and accept when moving into a apartment building like this.. anything can happen which makes life so precious. I hope we find more survivors but after seeing how truly bad it actually is in person it's very unlikely anyone else will be pulled from the destruction alive.. this building is flattened as in legitimately flattened there is no space between the floors as we could see…. Only hope would be the ones near the bottom a possibility of a pocket that may house a survivor or two may be under it.. that's where they need to go now.. may God be with each one that lived there and for the families involved that lost someone or that is still waiting on news and for the lucky survivors.. I seen the security video footage of it collapsing and it's straight up scary n sickening to watch…

  4. Sorry for this painful loss. We further need to find the way to end with this Cuban republican corruption that has governed South Florida for too long. The Man behind your back, Mayor Levine, appointed To the South Florida regional transportation authority governing board the President owner of the firm CPA government the firm that 3 years ago said that the building was in perfect condition after a month a key engineering firm identified key structural deficiencies requiring major costly repairs.

  5. A full example of why only a fool would build his home on the sand. When you build a high-rise on a sandbar it's going to get broken someday. However it did not tip over like normal erosion does. Pancaking with brilliant flashes of light while it's happening make me wonder watch the video yourself of it actually falling look for a little flashes of light

  6. KUDOS TO THE MAYOR, MS LEVIN CAVA!! Her heart-felt caring is strongly sensed by the people there and all over the US and entire world. The perfect example a true Public Servant. God bless you Madam Mayor, and may He strengthen and hold you up. Thank you for loving the people.

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