Activists keep up push for voting rights legislation

ABC News’ Rachel Scott reports on efforts by activists pushing for national voting rights legislation in the wake of new state restrictions and stalled progress in Congress.

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33 thoughts on “Activists keep up push for voting rights legislation

  1. whats wrong with ending drive-thru and 24-hour polling places, banning ballot drop boxes, empowering partisan poll watchers, stopping The federalization of voting and any lawsuits being decided by a Washington DC judge which is filled with Democrat Communist nazis — these moves are designed to ensure the integrity of the vote by preventing voter fraud.

    The Democrats, who, as a pandemic safety measure, introduced universal mail-in voting without either ID or even asking for a ballot, now say that any change or restriction to that system is literally the confederates attacking Fort Sumter.

    In Texas, the proposed law would set hours for early voting, require voters to request an absentee ballot and then write in their driver’s license number or other identification, and set rules for poll watchers. Rather than vote for it, Texas Democrats fled to DC and sang “We shall overcome.”

    When Oregon Republicans pulled such a stunt in 2019, Vox said they were “subverting democracy.” When the Texas Democrats did it, Vice President Kamala Harris called it “as American as apple pie.”

    When Democrats change the voting laws, draw the Congressional districts, restrict who can even get on the ballot (looking at you, New York Democratic Machine), or use the filibuster it’s just democracy in action. When Republicans do it, it’s the apocalypse…

    One of the most alarming pieces of legislation we’ve ever seen just took a dramatic turn for the worse.
    Senate Majority Leader Schumer is threatening to scuttle the Senate filibuster to FORCE IT THROUGH. Like a true communist

    And in breaking news, the Biden Administration and the radical Left are filing lawsuits and disrupting state legislatures over it.
    HR1/S1 is a constitutional nightmare.

    It enshrines into law everything that went wrong with the 2020 elections – forcing states to mail out ballots to all residents, banning states from implementing any meaningful voter ID measures, and legalizing ballot harvesting.

    It removes state control of elections and puts it in the hands of DC elites – a direct violation of the Constitution.

    The radical Left is trying to permanently entrench its power and remake America into Biden’s America. It just crippled the Texas legislature for considering an election integrity bill, with lawmakers fleeing the state. And President Biden just filed a lawsuit against Georgia’s election integrity law. WE MUST FIGHT BACK.

  2. What’s wrong with having more strict rules in place, 1 vote one person, any wonder why one party wants it easier to cheat than the other, and the few people who want this cheating to occur are the loudest voices.

  3. You keep saying it will make it harder for people to vote without ever explaining WHY.

    You are not a news organization, you are just a propaganda machine for the elite democrats. Then you are defending the purging of voter rolls? So when someone dies they can still vote? You are a JOKE.

  4. The attempts of Gop to restrict voting rights should be an impetus for every supporters of rights to vote to turn out in large numbers at every election even within d confinement of the gop's strict voting laws.
    Americans should now realise that Republican party is in minority they can't win with a majority and in a free, fair election except to cheat. Republicans are a formidable foe. Americans should turn up d heat on their benign activities against democracy.

  5. No such thing as a right to vote.
    You’ve been lied to.
    Voting is a criminal act.
    No one has a right to participate in the collective force against anyone without their consent.
    Democracy is mob rule.
    Politics is nothing more than the clever & deceptive art of using euphemisms, lies, emotionalism & fear-mongering to DUPE average people into accepting and even demanding the chains of their own oppression and enslavement.
    Authority is the most dangerous superstition.

  6. Everybody has the same voting rights and nobody is being denied the right to vote. This is an attempt to make voter and election fraud easier to get away with. Getting the chance to collect bunch of ballets from other people and drop without checking for verification,having ballots delivered to homes in bunches like junk mail,getting guaranteed chauffeur driven rides to the polls, or showing up.five minutes after the polls close while being served food and drinks are not rights and only serve to weaken the integrity of elections. It ain't rocket science because all you did in the past was get to the polls in a timely manner,show identification,verify your signature go in cast your vote and leave. This guy Merrick Garland is a clown and liar.

  7. You know…saying that a voter ID being needed to vote is somehow racist is the most racist thing I can think of. You’re essentially saying black people are too stupid or lazy to get an ID. I understand that the intent from lawmakers is exactly that, but corroborating it while feigning to be on the side of justice is a bit ironic

  8. Y'all telling me you can't register to vote and you don't got a Drivers License either lol all you need is 2 forms of identification. Americans rights to vote are allowed but I don't want some random coming here and being told to vote illegally lol like all those dead people that voted

  9. I have a solution: Draft a bill that makes a DMV-issued ID required to vote in all 50 states. Expand access to these locations, and waive the fee for people below the poverty line. Make Election Day a federal holiday, like it is in every other developed country. Outlaw gerrymandering. Abolish the Electoral College. And finally, get money out of politics. These reforms are absolutely essential, and they can't come soon enough. Our democracy depends on it.

  10. the thing is, these republicans are also making your votes null and void, they wont even count if you get to the voting stations. They are the new rules. Its not supression, its total theft of 80% of votes. You wil NEVER GET RID OF THEM, you will have a Putin like Govt, your kids will never be able to vote them out. How can you be so stupid and let it happen

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