Bill Cosby released from prison after conviction overturned

The 83-year-old was released from prison after his conviction on sexual assault charges was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. In 2018, he was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison.


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33 thoughts on “Bill Cosby released from prison after conviction overturned

  1. I love you Bill Cosby and Pennsylvania Superior Court!!! You made the right decision by releasing this poor innocent old African American man. He didn't deserve to be there in the first place. Leave this woman alone Philshad Rashad. Just because she don't believe in your BS narrative Thats not cool just because she dont listen these pathological lying sack of s*** Racist white woman feminist.

  2. Free at last, free at last! Thank God my Almighty he's free at last. All praises to the most high God in the name of Jesus. There is! There is power in the name Jesus! More life to Bill Cosby! May his positive image and likeness last everlasting. More power, more life, more strength big man!

    Our constitution has always been a fraud and a fake. The history of injustice and corruption, the way New laws and policies are added to suite one groups sexual or financial interest. It's sad.. .

    I've been a Donald Trump supporter since day one. I will not hide that. Despite what the media and the mainstream says the majority of the people believed in his America first strategy to rebound our nation after years of fraud,, wasteful spending and selling our nation to China.

    There has been a recount of the votes and the investigation conducted unveiled widespread voter fraud and out right medioracracy. How can anyone trust the democrats after them stealing a whole election.

    This is the epitome of white privilege. How can you lie, cheat and steal to get into the highest of in the nation and with all that evidence of you being a crook and a dirt bag with no shame you are rewarded with press conferences, important meetings and full access to matters concerning our national security yet, no one is stepping in to do or say what's right. I consider this the emperor with no cloth effect.

    The people in place or position to make things right in this situation, are either too high on crack or too stupid to do what they gotta do.

    This being an unprecedented situation shouldn't be an excuse to do what's right. Having a geriatric man in the white house right now is elder abuse! This is absurd. Doesn't he have dementia? Instead of all the pressure of foreign affairs, the economy and the pressure of creating new avenue for innovation for the growing numbers of entrepreneurs and innovators in this country this guy is talking about jobs and china has those and are coming for what we have left.

    You know what! No more talking. Next election I'm gonna run for president. I plan to create relationships with some of the finest hackers in the world. I plan to cheat and steal the 2024 election. This way when a back man outside of your status que community does it, maybe you won't be so dumb founded and confused as to what to do next…

    I know yah would embarrass me on air,, I'll make major headlines before locking me up and setting a new example.

    This Sneaky Joe wins because we hate not gay Trump is unconstitutional! If I had to pick who I want running this country:

    A) a man that fights for gay rights and gay families.


    B) a man that fights for American families

    Who do you think I'm gonna pick?

    A) Make American families great again.

    B) Make foriegn families great again.

    Ok. A much simpler one.

    Who you think would be quicker to be investigated or arrested?

    A) Hillary Clinton/ Joe Biden

    B) Donald Trump/ Alan weisselberg

    See anyone with common sense knows who the real criminals are. So why play games with the justice? Why not use as a tool for justice instead of a weapon of revenge, vitriol and destruction!

    Make America Great again! We need to move Biden out of the White House and into the big house.

    America Attack them when they're Old. It's the American way.

    RIP- Muammar AL Gaddafi, Christopher Dorner, Eric Garner, John McAfee, Nelson Mandela and and my brothers and sisters who faught and died for our choice and freedom to live normal happy lives. Nuff Respect! Rouff Draff

  3. The dubious attorneys at the law firm that pretty much put an ad in the paper to solicit the lies of these devious women should be exposed and prosecuted. The only way to create justice is to punish those who engage in meting out injustice through manipulation and outright lies.

  4. Despite his wrongs God has given him another chance so he could repent and make things right with the Lord, not to walk in pride, it,s some thing personal between him and the Lord, I hope he make things right with the Lord in his private time.The Lord will have mercy upon whom He will

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