Bill Cosby to be released from prison after conviction vacated

A Pennsylvania appeals court overturned Cosby’s conviction for sexual assault.

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47 thoughts on “Bill Cosby to be released from prison after conviction vacated

  1. I think I just had his look alike sit in a public area close. Regardless this guy agreed to adhere to the hopeful process of 1960s. Not to give more or less, and tees with a said contract to use light comedy to show others what we can do…not what wasn't supposed to be allowed. Pride and prejudice are key factors amongst what was asked and what was delivered. We lost key witness during the turn from south Africa about the second gas chamber, we lost MLK, RFK, and almost my own sanity as a commentating suggestion box…so to say. He was witness to WW1, WW2, and my unrecognized Ernest Pyle relative…amongst his people I'd remembered are some blue angels…so it goes we don't pay enough attention, even in bad idea that the need to be aware of sides are most considered. The years god was ashamed…
    some women coaxed..I think after some knew he I wouldn't cut the rape crisis for other instances…nice try babe. He saw when MLK was shot…he does have remorse but no words….. temptation…was one factor..did he have more? Did they give it in service or own will?

  2. The man got a really bad deal starting with Bruce Castor who knew Andrea Constandt wasn't credible meaning that she's a liar but because she was a white woman with an accusation he wanted to give her some form of Justice which makes no sense because he didn't even believe her.His actions were racist and unethical.This country and the racist white,black, Hispanic,Asian, citizens suck.Im not speaking on non racist people.Im speaking on racist prejudice people,You suck.I also don't like These me too jerks that cry and and are a bunch of howling wolves.You are a bunch of predators in make up.You don't care about innocence or guilt you just want to convict men period.You are all liars out to destroy men by any means.

  3. And another why do I have to humble down to my Enemy's their the ones that tried to hurt me. The Bible said God will make your Enemies your footstool. I don't Owe them Nothing. A conversation or nothing. But I Forgive them there's a difference. Give been attack and destroyed by everybody and their waiting on me to kiss their but. I will do without and lose Everything I've been to much ID rather have a piece of mind.

  4. Bill Cosby is free which is Great, bc the statue of limitations was over a long time ago, why all of sudden they complaining now, why they didn't complain about it then; These women came to his house on there own free will, and why?during that time hippies using psychotic drugs to get high and women was wildling out, and they hollowing rape ,that's BC

  5. concerning the civil trial mentioned, he only admitted to those crimes in the civil trial and did not mind losing because at the time he knew it would not be used against him to go forward with a criminal trial that would have put him behind bars. the DA at that time made the deal. but the current DA through it out and used it against him and they went forward with an illegal criminal trial and the supreme court agreed that the criminal trial should not have gone forward and freed him. end of story, case closed.

  6. The hierarchies in hollywood are trying to frame bill cosby all because he wants to purchase NBC.

    A black man owning a major hollywood company that was always owned by whites

  7. Remember that one of lying accusers had a daughter that was convicted for trying to extort Dr. Cosby back in 1997…..Autumn Jackson…..A public lynching and an absolute abuse of the legal system has been exposed…..The lying women and the law firm that enlisted them to tell these audacious lies should all be sued and the judge and prosecutor disbarred.

  8. Not that I want to advocate for a sexual assault but these idiots at ABC can't even get the facts right. When the DA said he would not be prosecuted for this crime Bill Cosby was then compelled in in a civil lawsuit to testify under oath and could not refuse to answer questions under the 5th amendment. The plaintiff ended up winning a several million dollars judgement. If the deal had not made he would never had been compelled to testify and there would never been that evidence to convicy. The crazy lady that they interviewed does not under how law works. There are reasons why you can let people get let people testify who are simple accusers. If these people had gone to police when sexual assault occurred they would have physical evidence and they would not suffer from demenished credibility. Now I am going to editoriallize if you want to be believed the most important thing you can do is to report sexual assault when it happens. It is the people who report sexual assault years after it happens that are the ones who do the disservice to the credibility of sexual assault victims.

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