COVID-19 Delta variant found in all 50 states

Officials are warning that COVID-19 cases will rise in areas with low vaccination rates. The highly contagious Delta variant is now behind 1 in 4 new COVID-19 cases.


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  1. Next month when the hyperole for this 'delta variant' begins to lose its steam a new 'variant' will be 'discovered' and 'cases' will magically 'rise' again.

    Where a case can be anything, for example people who tested positive one week and negative another would be two different cases just because the test was performed.

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  3. "Many of the lab rats that were tested back when sars broke out and back when this shot was 1st invented… many of those test rats died once they were exposed to the sars virus. What do you think will happen this coming Fall and winter when many of those vaccinated get exposed to Covid19?" Heard someone say that.

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    States with low COVID-19 vaccine rates see cases rise as variants spread

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    Delta-plus COVID-19 variant found now in 10 countries

    Vietnam discovers new Covid-19 strain, hybrid of Indian and British vari…



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  5. Fk Fauci and his Minions with all their BS lies and fear mongering! Delta Variant my Ass! I'm 65yrs and I have and won't take this Poison BS since 6 of my neighbors are gone in the span of 4 months after the 2nd vaccine. Can they explain why that happened and cut the BS of underlying medical conditions. They had none!

  6. "A new Variant thats sure to give us reason to run the very last stragglers out of business." We must never give in to lockdowns again. It was only to destroy civilization as we know it. 200 years of sweet and sour sniffles couldnt jave done this damage. Global Grift. Great Reset. Neo Marxist Globalist Coup USA

  7. Literally every time covid starts to go away China just comes in wit their bio weapons and their new variants and just start spraying it down everywhere on us wit rapid fire attachment thinkin this is cod bo2 or sum shi like wtf

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