Hong Kong on a ‘rapid path to becoming a police state’

ABC News’ Britt Clennett reports on the arrest of pro-democracy supporters in Hong Kong as China celebrates its 100th year of communism and citizens leave the territory in droves.

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25 thoughts on “Hong Kong on a ‘rapid path to becoming a police state’

  1. Hong Kong is definitely a police state now with the local TV channels always heading the news is about young Hong Kong people being arrested. No Lawyers , no witnesses trialed in front of 3 judges who have to swear allegiance to the communists who control China !
    8000 Hong Kong police being deployed today on a public holiday to see if they can arrest more Hong Kong people.

  2. A police woman on a fast police boat with two outboard engines was allegedly run into by a smugglers boat smuggling contraband between china and Hong Kong.
    She drowned in the incident when the police boat went inverted after the alleged collision.
    No Hong Kong people commemorated the death or offered condolences.
    That gives a clear indication how the Hong Kong people feel about the Hong Kong police

  3. I feel so bad for these people in HK. Hope enough of them can get to UK and find peace. The age of Chineese domination is just starting so I feel bad for all of us. Education camps, AI point system, no freedom of speech, no human rights. I can't believe I ran from eastern Europe to western, just to be going back to communist dictatorship. I mean China and Russia own London, so it is a matter of time till their will becomes a law here. Sad days for humanity.

  4. Rubbish talk.
    Truth is as follows.
    USA is tantamount to being a human failure who has gone BERSERK.
    USA has failed miserably over the past decade and out of sinister envy wants to take everyone down.
    USA will soon be beyond salvation.
    Even God cannot save USA because USA has chosen to walk the same path as Satan. Sigh

  5. Australia has banned Australians from leaving the country and,recently ,refused to allow back Indian Australians caught in the pandemic in India with threat of imprisonment and $5000 fine if they dare to return to their own country.Of course,Australia has also wiped out Tasmanian Aborigines tribe in a genocide. Yet,they are calling HK a "police state" without any shame.

  6. Sure, China has imposed the law in hk (that was one year ago) and has given more broad terms of what a strict country is because of the 2019 riots. By no means I’m going get in depth into if I’m with the Pro-democratic side or Pro-Beijing side, being because of the comment being too long for now but could explain later. But there was an incident on the same date as the China 100th anniversary date (July 1st) that they could’ve included, there was an suicidal attack (unfortunately the attacker died) on a cop critically injuring a cop at night in a busy street and later found out the attacker left a few suicidal notes citing because of a grunt on china’s national law, freedom, and a hatred towards (generally) the cops. The news could’ve also been included maybe?

  7. There wasn't any protestors but rioters…

    Hong kong police already arrested few people as terrorists.. with explosive devices.

    Also recently a random male stabbed a hong kong police and after that he killed himself. Why don't you guys report that

  8. Oooop! You got it wrong once again: Apple Daily was not as u said: Force to close" this is incorrect !!It was because unlawfully using Western fund to damaged HK, ,& FAKE News!!…… At the same time, USA Asia Hate … Black live…. Please look after your back garden mess !!! please don't think I m stupid!…. USA is doing much much more damges to the world!… Luckily.most of us waken up to see it..Have you wake up yet? Or are u still asleep?

  9. Police state? Just a couple days ago a HK "protestor" stabbed a policeman in the back, you think this will ever happen in US or Europe? Someone who tries to approach police this will be shot a million times already let along stabbing them.

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