Michael Cohen: ‘Donald Trump signed every check’

ABC News’ Kyra Phillips speaks with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen about the criminal charges against the Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg.

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50 thoughts on “Michael Cohen: ‘Donald Trump signed every check’

  1. Look, Trump, like all large business owners have men like Cohen who advise him. There is a board under Trump who's business is to profit. This is capitalism. Do you think no other large businesses look for ways to increase their profits? This is how the game is played by big business. What people don't realize is that Trump doesn't make these decisions himself. That's what the board is for. If someone like Cohen says at a board meeting that he just saved X amount of money on this contract or that tax loophole, of course he would get a bonus. Especially after being there for so many years. If he doesn't pay the taxes on those bonuses or cars or apartments, who's fault is that? Not Trumps.

    I worked for a private contractor after I got paralyzed. I created a business for a couple who had the funds to start it up. It became extremely lucrative in a short time. I got a great bonus every year. But I had to pay taxes on it. I could have taken that check, cashed it and taken a vacation or bought a car. Or any manner of things, but I didn't.

    Cohen got himself in a jam. And now he's all over the networks and liberal, late night talk shows blowing his big mouth off. And the democrats, who can never let a good crisis go to waste, is trying to bring it back to Trump. He put his faith in people like Cohen and now Weisselberg, who appears to have taken funds from the Trump organization and never played taxes on it. They were supposed to do their jobs according to the law and it looks like they didn't.

    But of course the headlines and MSM shout TRUMP, (and his organization) are under indictment for tax fraud. When the truth is Trump has nothing to do with it. Cohen is a liar and is now profiting off of it. And it looks like Weisselberg has some explaining to do for himself. Just read the frigging indictment.

    They want to get Trump so bad, they hired a special assistant DA just to work on this case. Amazingly the Biden family International money cabal is getting away with financial murder. They have found a way to launder money and support Hunter's drug habit with his million dollar "paintings". Meanwhile, the FBI is still in possession of Hunter's laptops, but are in fear of their lives to investigate THAT situation. Probably because they are hired democrats in that organization that don't care.

    These people are going to hound Trump until his last days. And the kicker is, no one can tell you exactly why they hate him so much. Almost every prediction Trump made on the run-up to the 2020 election came true. Gas, food, taxes, housing, utilities etc. all increased under this administration. It ain't my fault. I didn't vote for Biden.

  2. Former compromized legal COUNSEL to Trump, manipulated by the authorities. Now, continuing pressimistic tale bearer, tattle tale role model, instead of projecting optimistic advice and progress. This nation doesn't need more pessimism now?

  3. Trump only knows how to make people upset and that’s why the economy was booming because he upset a lot of people so people went and spent more money because sad people spend more money so that’s what led to more jobs. He’s worthless he only makes ppl upset.

  4. Pres. Biden,VP Harris,Democrats, FBI,Jan 6 Committee,DOJ(Vance,James,Garland),everyone that is striving for justice. "Your adversary(trump,followers) seeketh whom to devour(false accuse,destroy,distract,) daily". Please,Please stay focused. trump is holding rallies,phone calls to stir up his followers to continue to be loyal to him. AMERICA has great issues on the table. VOTER SUPPRESSION, GUN CONTROL, POLICING ACT,VIRUS,HACKING,ETC. As long as the adversary can keep you distracted from the truth with LIES,you can't clearly focus on him/them. As long as adversary can keep you distracted from standing up strong and keep dragging feet. I have actually read of Jan 6 rioters attending events with gop,a rioter actually said he wanted to run for office. You have not made an example of them,therefore I think they will try something else. Several platforms have been taken away from trump,but MEDIA still air trump lies. WHY,WHY! "GOD IS NOT MOCKED,WHATSOEVER A PERSON SOW,THAT SHALL HE REAP."Just let trump,sons,gop continue to talk; they are simply incriminating themselves. BURN THE MIDNIGHT OIL AND DILIGENTLY PASS THOSE BILLS,INVESTIGATE,JUST KEEP GOING, GOD FAVORS BIDEN/HARRIS ADMINISTRATION,

  5. Just so everyone knows Donald Trump won the election & whoever wants evidence go on channel. Click on the top where it says video & then click where it says sort by & once you've done that click on most popular.

    For those of you who want to mention Barr & Krebs saying that there was no evidence & Sidney Powell saying that no reasonable person would believe her.

    1. Barr and Krebs never looked at the evidence. There was plenty that was presented and ignored. Go on NTD news & search for the hearings in Georgia and Michigan.

    2. The statement about isn't true. Axios edited the statement.

    This is was her actual statement

    In light of all the circumstances surrounding the statements, their context, and the availability of the facts on which the statements were based, it was clear to reasonable persons that Powell’s claims were her opinions and legal theories on a matter of utmost public concern. Those members of the public who were interested in the controversy were free to, and did, review that evidence and reached their own conclusions — or awaited resolution of the matter by the courts before making up their minds. Even assuming, arguendo, that each of the statements alleged in the complaint could be proved true or false, no reasonable person would conclude that the statements were truly statements of fact.

    Washington Examiner

    P.S The lawsuits were thrown out on standing & no, it wasn't 60 because The Trump Team never filed that many cases.

  6. Another stupid political distraction to keep the masses pointing fingers while corporations and gov officials continue to vacuum up all the money. You would think after 5 years of fake news and millions in investigation coming up dry people would cop a clue that this is a distraction for the masses but it works every time. Most people dont have anymore sense than Charlie Brown trying to kick a football

  7. I think Cohen is wrong. Hair Furor would not diss Weiselberg like he dissed him. The reason being Hair Furor TRUSTS Weiselberg, but he was not as close to Cohen. Weiselberg also knows where Hair Furor’s bodies are buried whereas Cohen really only has info that raises suspicion but no solid evidence that incriminates him. Therefore, Hair Furor will try to keep Weiselberg happy to prevent him from talking.

  8. What a Fraud China Joe is – 2022 The Treasonous Blue will fail – BLM = BIDEN LOSES MEANING – DEMS = Dirty Elections Made Simple – DNC = Democrats Now Communists – Go W@KE Go BR@KE – US DEMS are now the Socialist party lead by the BLM – with the motto of -"By any means with extreme prejudice" – They should be wearing Brown Shirts. WOW – The DEMS are so Anti-TRUMP they voted for a brain dead ZOMBIE – and a Marxist Atifia Puppet – WOW……. – 🗽 VOTE EM OUT 2022 TRUMP2024-2032 🗽

  9. 1.) 1-5 Billions of money job Payments every month for all Politicians and Government workers. Duplicators of
    Real Money from the Government cannot ask a favor to our Politicians and Government workers to do illegal Transactions.

  10. 1.) 1-5 Billions of money job Payments every month for all Politicians and Government workers. Duplicators of
    Real Money from the Government cannot ask a favor to our Politicians and Government workers to do illegal Transactions.

  11. 1.) 1-5 Billions of money job Payments every month for all Politicians and Government workers. Duplicators of
    Real Money from the Government cannot ask a favor to our Politicians and Government workers to do illegal Transactions.

  12. Let’s try this again: since I got rudely personally attacked….

    Inside a Democrats mind:

    Step 1: democrats hated Michael Cohen

    Step 2: Cohen backstabs trump

    Step 3: Cohen goes to jail

    Step 4: all of sudden, Cohen is hailed as some liberal hero…

  13. Cohen is a felon and also the one person who predicted just about everything correct including Trump calling the election a fraud and said there would never be a peaceful transition of power over 2 years ago. Keep speaking truth my friend.

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