Prosecutors unseal indictments against the Trump organization and its CFO

CFO Allen Weisselberg has been charged with tax fraud and tax crimes


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41 thoughts on “Prosecutors unseal indictments against the Trump organization and its CFO

  1. if so company officials of the Trump organisation (and their family members) were receiving money off the books and other perks then we know who should be in handcuffs.
    Prosecutors should not wait for Allen Weisselberg to lead them the way and do their work for them and make him carry the entire burden!
    Prosecutors and everyone of us already know what happened……….its just they are afraid to point to donald trump because of the political power he still wields that may hurt
    their careers in the future.

  2. So it’s a disgrace that your cfo was lead to court in handcuffs but it’s not a disgrace that you orange buffoon has declared war on the country’s democracy? You haven’t seen anything yet

  3. First of all… A court works on facts. If you can prove what you are alleging, the suspect will be found guilty. Otherwise he will not.
    Second, drawing the "going after opponents" card about a scheme almost already admitted to by Trump and his kids, is a bit much coming from the guy who tried to use tax payer money to extort a foreign ally to "go after his opponent". Something even GOP members said was a proven fact, they just didn't think it was worthy of impeachment, which in itself sets a very strange bar for future presidents.

  4. Corporations have handled problems related to ancillary income streams to regular full-time employees and the resulting impacts on reported income. The former President would often visit construction sites for his newly built projects more often than golf courses. It would be at locations like these where T** would witness first hand as engineering & construction firms' employees would daily utilize company cars and trucks and have an expense account on top of all of that. From the contractor's perspective; NONE of this would result in increased 1040 income for project employees who were all on temporary assignment away from their corporate headquarters on this current job and this micro-fact apparently stuck in the former President's brain. T** of course; would see this as his contractor's "getting by" with charging off company cars and expenses to his jobs and the people never paying income taxes on what looked to him to be ostensible direct income. The I RS tax liability rules have, however, been very clear for more than fifty years on these issues.

  5. OMG this is frustrating. The court of public opinion, who are not MAGA zealots, will NOT think “there should be a higher standard for former presidents” but that ALL those who use these schemes – and so many others, including “philanthropic donations”, off-shoring and self-dealing like stock buy backs – should be prosecuted AS WELL. 🤦‍♀️🤬

  6. Just wondering…
    What is the statue of limitations on this type of criminal charge which is being referred to as tax evasion?

    My goodness, I will be totally honest. I had absolutely no idea that this type of bookkeeping would be considered a crime. However, in praying that the statue of limitations is at least 20 years, I think that I/we would be ok.

    I was the accounting manager in the home office for a nationwide chain of retail stores. I was instructed by my bosses (the couple who were the only owners of the incorporated company) to pay pretty much ALL up there personal bills out of the main account for the corporation…
    The rent and utilities for their personal residence, the monthly payments and insurance for their vehicles, all of their personal credit card bills, helk, even the vet bills for the family dog.

    Granted, that was pretty much in my younger years but I'm not sure that I would realize it was criminal even now

  7. The Orange Pumpkin has over 50 years of crimes that he should be prosecuted for, however in an attempt to cut through the chase and bring him to justice it is Very Befitting that the New York City District Attorney's Office recently filed charges against his Family Real Estate Business that should lead to Racketeering Charges against him.

  8. Trump LOST the Popular Vote in 2016 by just under 3 Million but won the Electoral College.
    Trump LOST the Popular Vote in 2020 by just over 7 Million and the Electoral College by the EXACT same number that he won it by in 2016.
    2016 was based on anticipating what he would do if he was elected.
    2020 was a reaction to what he actually DID do after getting Elected.
    It's pretty obvious what's going to happen if he runs again, experience is the best teacher and he got his @$$ kicked in 2020, it'll be even harder the next time.

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