Rescue efforts take toll on first responders: ‘Your soul will hurt’

Certified emergency manager Dr. Michael Fagel discusses whether the rescue effort may be near an end, and the physical and mental health toll of the ongoing search in Surfside, Florida.

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45 thoughts on “Rescue efforts take toll on first responders: ‘Your soul will hurt’

  1. I was just thinking about the black Police Officer who tried to report another Officer for abuse of power and got blacklisted by the whole Police Force. He turned everywhere for help and not one person tried to listen to him. Why do we do this to people. Why do we leave people on a Island and force them to survive. I posted something on Youtube that was very true about Twitter and when I went back my Twitter page it was suspended. Nothing I can do on this Island just like every other situation in my life. Why do we do this to people? Anyway this is what I posted….

    Question… How come when you flag a hardcore porn page on Twitter that has over 5000 followers Twitter will refuse to take it down even though porn clearly violates Twitter rules and regulations.

    Not to mention Twitter is a app. with mostly children and teenagers. And why do other apps. try to protect them by removing comments like this when you try to bring it to the social media attention.

    You can test what I'm saying to see if it's true or not. Have we become so depraved that nothing is off limits now. Do anybody care that the monitors at Twitter is allowing the corruption of children and is getting paid to do so. Do anybody care about anything anymore? …………… GRIM

  2. Your soul? On that note, where was God? Where was anybody's god? If you're going to invoke religion, the glaring lack of any gods enters the discussion. Would YOU have prevented this, if you were a god? Be honest…


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  4. You guys are finding the terror in Israel but a taste of your own medicine but it’s sad for all those family. It’s sad to see how the ignorant when it was due for repair but ignored it

  5. I have a friend who's a paramedic and EMT and he did this work for years I watched him breakdown after having to rescue a small baby from the freezing Lake in Anchorage Alaska after that you develop some serious problems so my heart goes out to those who are looking for bodies and exhausted but they're still Heroes they're still here because I couldn't do that type of work I will be crying through the rubble because it's unnecessary that these people had to go through this because of bad building contracts Alaska has the same type of problems with contractors and just glue Building Together patch him up and then there's no one to report them to because they're all friends and this is the first page that I have read with a comment with positive May the most high God bless each and every hard on here that is praying for those who are doing this type of work and the families who wait poor answers I know that many of us have the hope that everybody will be found okay but we have to take a Rosy color glasses off the most high God knows all things one may say who can serve a God who allowed this to happen this was never his will yet we must continue to pray

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  8. Its the Floridian politicians that want to use this Disaster as a political pawn. Biden should demand these Floridians clean up this mess and recover the victims ASAP or loose all government funding. These Floridians should have hundreds of people with buckets cleaning up this mess. Biden needs to give them a 30 day deadline.

  9. Wait. I thought the use of asbestos on the WTC is what made the air of the Ground Zero of that toxic for everyone and including First responders?

    But this building wasn't the same as that building right? And they don't necessarily have the need to wear a mask? Or was that a wrong assumption.

    I would love to be proven wrong and challenged on my curious query here.

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  12. This is outrageous, the owners need to get prison time. So many people died and many more can die. First responders will end up dying because the protection they have is not enough. Also, the ones that aren't using anything do not know how horrific their death they will have.

  13. I live in Iceland and been following this tragedy since it happened, my heart aches for the families that have lost their loved ones and for that dear firefighter who lost his little girl <3
    This is just beyond horrible and I am thinking about you over there and sending prayers and light and love from Iceland to you all <3

  14. Sorry, but….Really?…. the entire time the search teams have been working on that pulverized concrete rubble is not going to ever be a rescue mission. All those people died when the falling building crushed them. It will be TWENTY years on 9-11 the WTC collapsed. Trained search and recovery workers now have double filtered respirator masks and other PPE they didn't have 2 decades ago although hazmat have had them for some time already. Nobody understood the health effects of such collapse and the inherent materials mixed in the debris including asbestos in the clouds of dust from digging through rubble in NYC. There's been so much rain in Florida rescue teams were already sliding down the rubble pile. Don't see much in the way of dust clouds in Surfside for several day's now. They showed the M-D fire and rescue attempting to locate a woman calling out from behind rubble in the flooded parking garage. Yeah most weren't wearing a respirator. If you noticed it was clear and no toxic dust was whirling around their heads! Jeepers. Miami area has daily tropical rain showers keeping the dust saturated. The wetness is what's causing most issues. Not toxic dust. All the rain has done is almost turning the pulverized material into a muddy slurry. I'm sure they put the masks on if they need to. Firefighters at a fire scene don't walk around in SCBA all the time either , unless they are directly in smoke filled rooms.

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