Schumer Calls For Debt Limit To Be Addressed By The End Of The Week

Lawmakers are at a standstill in debating on the debt ceiling, and Sen. Schumer has warned that Congress must pass legislation raising the debt limit by the end of the week to avoid default on the nation’s debt. NBC’s Ali Vitali reports. 
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Author: phillyfinestnews


41 thoughts on “Schumer Calls For Debt Limit To Be Addressed By The End Of The Week

  1. maybe lawmaker should say – well, if the deb limit is hitting the debt ceiling, states should start increase payment to Fed gov by 25%, don't like it, then state will get 25% reduction in Fed funding, so treasury can pay off the debt

  2. Nine of the top ten states most dependent on aid from the federal government are the red states of Alaska, Mississippi, North Dakota, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona, Alabama, Montana and South Carolina. 🤔

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  4. Schumer is a Birdbrain . It's like a pack of mentally challenged idiots playing poker with a marked deck and perpetually squabbling among themselves about why they keep losing . The problem is not " the debt ceiling " , the problem is the CURRENCY ITSELF is a fraud , a marked deck of cards as it were . The "Federal Reserve Note" is a ponzi scheme based on a scam called fractional reserve Banking in which perpetual debt & homelessness are written into the system .

  5. Face it folks. Our impotent Congress is not capable of making decisions or reaching consensus on anything. Infrastructure and reconciliation packages are DOA in 2021. So sad for the people of this country to witness this gridlock.

  6. DemocRATS hate America!! Every policy that they have implemented since Biden was "elected" has been to the detriment of the nation, from spending, taxing, weakening the military, Afghanistan, energy, gasoline, race relations, whites are bad, defend the police, flooding the country with illegal aliens and making Americans pay for them, institutionalizing voter fraud, teaching our kids to hate America, crushing the free speech of those who have contrary opinion, hiring thousands of new IRS agents to monitor Americans who move more than Six Hundred Dollars in their bank accounts, eliminating the right of local towns to determine their own zoning laws so that the Federal government can determine where low income housing will be constructed (in your suburban neighborhoods – because that's "fair"), rationing your health care, etc., on and on and on!!!!

    But Trump Tweeted Too Much, Right???

  7. I'm a disabled veteran who has had to wait years to get a social security hearing. If 3.5 Trillion dollars is going to cost zero dollars, then award this disabled veteran her benefits already and stop trying to give the immigrants a free education. I on the other hand, had to serve my country for a education. No benefits before American citizens. No benefits for immigrants. Americans must come first!!!!

  8. Why is the federal government always broke. They steal daily. A collapse of the government would be great. See how many people can survive without being told how to do it. I'm sick of all there B.S. Spend money for stupid stuff and always need more money. And people want socialism. 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. See how the news media is always on Democrat side 🙄 🤣 😉 Joe Biden walks 🚶‍♂️ on 💧 wow 81 millions of votes by hiding in the basement mr potato head Biden Circus 🎪 administration show 👌 but one thing news media never tells you Joe Biden don't control the Military

  10. To claim “Mitch McConnell has said consistently he doesn't want to raise the debt ceiling" is not true. That's not what he said in 2019 when he led the Senate and needed the Democrats’ votes. To term Mitch McConnell “consistent” is ludicrous. Put him in context, please. His current stance, playing brinksmanship with the credit of the U.S. is flagrant hypocrisy and, frankly, exhausting.

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