Supreme Court declines case pitting LGBTQ rights vs. religious liberty

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer discusses the Supreme Court declining to hear an appeal of a Washington state court ruling on a florist who refused services for a gay couple’s wedding.

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38 thoughts on “Supreme Court declines case pitting LGBTQ rights vs. religious liberty

  1. So, Trumps judges aren't as bad as Democrats thought huh😂😂😂
    Gorsuch already supported Gay rights.

    They didn't even completely oppose the voting rights bill. It was just a provision for out of precent voting they didn't like

    They even ruled against Trump and his tax returns so there

  2. I was just thinking about the black Police Officer who tried to report another Officer for abuse of power and got blacklisted by the whole Police Force. He turned everywhere for help and not one person tried to listen to him. Why do we do this to people. Why do we leave people on a Island and force them to survive. I posted something on Youtube that was very true about Twitter and when I went back my Twitter page it was suspended. Nothing I can do on this Island just like every other situation in my life. Why do we do this to people? Anyway this is what I posted….

    Question… How come when you flag a hardcore porn page on Twitter that has over 5000 followers Twitter will refuse to take it down even though porn clearly violates Twitter rules and regulations.

    Not to mention Twitter is a app. with mostly children and teenagers. And why do other apps. try to protect them by removing comments like this when you try to bring it to the social media attention.

    You can test what I'm saying to see if it's true or not. Have we become so depraved that nothing is off limits now. Do anybody care that the monitors at Twitter is allowing the corruption of children and is getting paid to do so. Do anybody care about anything anymore? …………… GRIM

  3. The florist was more than happy to take this couple's dollars in exchange for flowers in general but link the supply to religion and that changes abruptly. Not exactly a christian in my opinion – making money from people but refusing to treat them with dignity.

  4. So annoying to see people going into businesses that they know won't cater to their ideology in the hope of suing. It's like if a MAGA dude walked into a gay person's tailor shop, asked to have a MAGA hat made, then sued when they said it violated their ethics to do so. The freedom to do business or associate with those you wish is core to free speech. If the shops are "hateful", then protest them by not giving them business. Hurt their wallets. But, honest question: Do you think that suing your political opposition and forcing them to bend to your will by full force of the law is actually going to change how they feel about you?

  5. This isn't about all gay people being kept out of all florists and never served. This woman had served them before, but just didn't want to be party to a gay wedding because she is Christian. It was just this particular instance. They could go to other shops, and as explained, she had served them before, it was just the specifics about selling for a gay wedding.
    This is not gay people being denied service everywhere or being made to sit in the back of the bus.
    Sexual preference does not supercede religious freedom.
    Her rights do not end at their feelings.

    This isn't the first time a gay couple has targeted the one Christian florist or bakery in their town in order to make a political statement.

  6. Uh no it's more like a temporal win for the alphabet community. They didn't hear the case now does not mean they won't hear similar cases in the future. The SC thinks they can keep kicking the can down the road but sooner or later they will have to decide. A similar case with Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop that the court already decided few years back is working its way to the High Court again. Battle is far from over!

  7. Go to a different florist, you want us to respect you but you don't respect our religious beliefs. You hurt good people who work hard for a living because you are hateful to Christianity ✝️. Flower shops on every corner. Respect us and we will respect you.

  8. Sadly, such people talk endlessly about "accepting them as they are", yet they refuse to "accept beliefs that don't agree with supporting a lifestyle that is unnatural". This is the very definition of hypocrisy!!!

  9. these idiots all giddy about some 200 year old Crypt Keeper that might decide to stop being a judge someday. But till such time as we get control of our media people on both sides. We will continue to get just the stupid idiot reports about this dumb stupid bullcrap.

  10. A lot of conservatives behaving this way. A lot of conservative business owners take money from people they hate. And they can't wait to vote for Donald Trump. A lot of these conservatives if it wasn't for brown people and black people and people that are marginalized these idiots would have no income. Yet they hate your freaking guts at the end of the day.

  11. I've been telling people that for years. And that's what this entire conservative fight is about. They leave the house in the morning and they want to keep all their tax dollars and they want your tax dollars also. their world they get all their tax dollars and they get all your tax dollars you get nothing your potholes don't get filled and your kids will never receive that education. To them that's what they mean when they say freedom.

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