This Morning’s Top Headlines – October 4 | Morning News NOW

Johnson & Johnson is seeking FDA authorization of its Covid booster shot, California is set to require the vaccine for school children and ICU beds at a Michigan hospital have remained full since the start of the pandemic. 

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24 thoughts on “This Morning’s Top Headlines – October 4 | Morning News NOW

  1. If you quit you job because they attempt to enforce one of those eerie vaccination mandates I commend you. Each time we show strength in this way we bring The U.S. forward in the long journey of defending & enjoying our rights. Stay strong. We’ll get through this.

  2. There Is No Shortage of Energy; There Is Shortage of Normalcy

    Despite increased production of energy from renewable sources, and despite the slowdown in car manufacturing, oil prices are skyrocketing. Even though fewer power plants still burn coal, coal prices are skyrocketing, as well. Natural gas prices, too, are going through the roof, and energy demand seems to outpace supply in every country and in every form of energy. Have Earth’s energy sources dwindled so drastically in a matter of months? The answer is a resounding “No!” There is no shortage of energy; there is a serious shortage of normalcy in human relations. I hope the current crisis will put some sense into humanity’s insane consumption.
    The energy crunch indicates that we are over consuming. We are producing too much, throwing the excess production to the trash, polluting the ground, the air, and the water, and then we are complaining that we do not have enough. It is about as sane as killing one’s parents and then pleading for the court’s mercy because I’ve recently been orphaned.
    It is time we reconsider everything we produce—how we divide production, profits, and goods, which services are necessary and which are redundant, and most importantly, how we treat one another. The goal of this process should be clear to everyone: survival.
    There is no ulterior motive, no attempt to dominate or deprive anyone of power or wealth. It is simply that reality is forcing us to take all of humanity and the entire planet into consideration. If we don’t, our entire civilization will collapse like a deck of cards.
    Since we still do not understand it and insist on running things the way we have always been running them—through power games—I anticipate a very cold and gloomy winter for the northern hemisphere. The energy crunch will leave many in dark and cold houses; there will be no gas for cars, and renewable energy will not replace traditional sources since there will be little sun during the winter. I hope that at least, it will make us rethink our values. If it doesn’t, next summer will be even worse than the awful summer that just ended.
    I know that many people are counting on the promise of renewable energy to solve the energy problems of humanity. I think they are mistaken. There is plenty of energy, far more than we really need. We could cut emissions by at least half tomorrow. But the more we have, the hungrier we become, so our thirst for energy will never be satiated, and we will never stop exploiting the planet or each other until we reeducate ourselves and start being humane toward each other.
    We have been behaving like spoiled brats whose parents buy them whatever they want. Now, our parents have run out of money and our childhood is over. It is time for us to mature and conduct ourselves like responsible adults, caring for all of humanity the way a mother cares for her entire family. If we think like a family, we will achieve normalcy.

  3. Lies lies and more lies! Please just stop! There’s an agenda how in the world are you gonna justify abortions saying it’s my body and there’s a choice.but COVID JAX it’s not a choice you’re choosing for us! you’re demanding us to get this jax, or get fired! It is written so bring it on!!!

  4. America you are blinded and being lied to by the media, the government agencies and your politicians. It’s not a matter of getting the vaccine or not. Believe it or not and you’re not going to hear this from the media or your congressmen. The US is just finishing up on reaching herd immunity for the delta variant. Look at the CDC statistics for yourself. These aren’t waves, they are cycles of herd immunity to the variants. India reached herd immunity to the delta variant in 3 months without the help of the vaccine and had less deaths than the US per capita. This is a disease of the unhealthy and a good portion of the US is unhealthy. You won’t hear that on the news because the truth doesn’t fit the narrative of getting vaccinated to end the pandemic. The narrative is the lie. Please wake up and see the truth for yourself. Look at the Israeli data for a very vaccinated country.. they’ve employed boosters also. The herd immunity cycle for each viable variant is going to play out, vaccine or not. The pandemic is going to end with or without this leaky vaccine just like the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. It will become endemic soon not because of the vaccine but because of our natural immune systems. The hope is that the vaccine by reprogramming our natural innate and adaptive immune system isn’t damaging our natural immune systems ability to adapt to new variants or other viruses and bacteria. We’ve already seen this with the first of the breakthrough cases and the appearance of a killer bacteria strain that the US has never seen. Please wake up to the truth America. If you have underlying conditions which CDC reports 99.1% of the sick have, please consider getting the vaccine, but don’t force it on the healthy. We don’t know the consequences of the effects of the vaccine on healthy individuals immune systems. We don’t have that information yet…

  5. #Covid vaccine is a obstruction of covid virus to create new variant, it only able to hide the symptoms after get infected, at the same time to enhance your immunity system to against the virus temporarily like Morphine-Sulfate.

    Covid 19 is cumulative and permanently" stay at human body's T-Cell then cause it malfunction to replicate, destroy and spread even you have fully recovered from covid infection or fully vaccinated. Peoples will die in covid one day when the immunity system become weak.

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