US troops leave key Afghan base after nearly 2 decades

The U.S. military has vacated its biggest airfield in Afghanistan and is advancing a final withdrawal that will be completed by the end of August, the Pentagon said Friday.


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29 thoughts on “US troops leave key Afghan base after nearly 2 decades

  1. This is going to be the last one of the US troops that are on Afghanistan and the last of helicopter ride but you know what everyone sometimes that our people have to be take very seriously of a government and other things are very important that for the people of Afghanistan of a better future but that better future is already destroy because thanks to that that radical ex-president Trump he did a big mistake ever and it's going to get something even worse everyone but thanks to the 4-3 people of embarrassing that pump are Nikki Haley and Trump those people are the worst one ever in history the worst of ever but now the future is already destroyed but you know what everyone let's see what's going to happen next anyway for the future of had Gala stand that well many woman's going to dig under stay right there but it's going to be I have no idea of what those women than younger teenagers that what's going to happen next

  2. What was the point of the US ever being in Afghanistan in the first place if we are going to leave now just to see the Taliban take over? I realize most people in the US don't want a forever war but isn't it a good idea to hold those terrorist groups in that region in check so they can't build up strength and get ideas about causing more problems? What's the point of our military sitting at home and having to wait for things to get worse before taking action? I'm sure there are several ways of explaining all this but I'm guessing none of it will make any sense.

  3. Finally US, NATO forces leaving disgracefully after receiving worst defeat from Taliban. History is evident that US has always been war hungry. No matter how many millions of innocent people including children, women, old people in Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. so many useless historical wars, have been killed and wounded. In fact, US, UK, nato etc. allies have destroyed many peaceful nations without any genuine reason blindly and always being the worst enemy of humanity seeking the unjustified help of his own and other terrorist army comprised of merciless, cruel, criminal, brutal, draconian, worst soldiers who deserve millions of shame, disgrace, dishonor especially for their dirty deeds wearing dirty uniform and have brought always discredit on their so called civilized countries.
    How can one imagine that Taliban has beaten / defeated NATO, US, etc?
    In fact, it was the war between truth and false and once again truth has defeated false (US, nato, etc)
    Also still so many questions about 9/11conspiration theories have remained unanswered.

  4. This is a very disgraceful chapter of US involvement in Afghanistan. It's like handing lock stock and barrel to the Talibans which Americans once hated to the core. A perfect, well built base for Talibans to get stronger. Look at the countless movies made on this conflict. Or are they comedies? Bagram base is huge by any standards; the equipment, housing left behind are certainly incredible. Not counting how many hundreds of millions of US $ involved thrown to the wind. Just make US look very much smaller in the world's eyes. Perception is everything as they say.

  5. Best pullback streadgy.
    The real fact is that American & NATO didn't win hearts of Afghan people during their long stay.
    America and NATO countries must have to accept defeat with dignity.
    Still there is a chance to apologise and support PEACE and not try to support civil war.

  6. There won't be much of civil war as the Taliban will win after a month. Also don't listen to these generals as they don't actually have to fight. They graduate out of military academy and go straight to military office work. Even if the US stayed nothing would improve. Beside once these general retire they make even more money shilling for the military industrial complex as lobbyist.

  7. Believe US is prepping the US soldiers to be deployed in the Asian Seas to confront and show a mass force for China. No news from Officials but likely the reason Afghan is now on the back burner of things to come due to escalation of China invading Taiwan and other US related Countries over there as even the Philippines is a target China may want to take over if they needed to.

  8. We only talk about the Americans withdrawal from Afghanistan. American invasion over 20 years and they just walk way and all is forgiven ? Why not the Taliban doing a reverse invasion on the United States ?

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