Britney Spears compares conservatorship to sex trafficking in court hearing

Celebrities applauded Spears’ strength after she asked a judge for an end to the conservatorship.

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35 thoughts on “Britney Spears compares conservatorship to sex trafficking in court hearing

  1. If Michael Jackson, or Scott Weiland, or Kurt Cobain, or Layne Staley, or Prince, or any of the countless other musicians with mental health problems had had a conservatorship, they would all be alive today and their children would have their parents. Ask Chris Cornell’s kids if they’d rather have their dad back and have him required to be monitored, or be left to his own devices as he was. I hope for the best, but I imagine Christmas 2022 will be a sad one for Britney’s sons.

  2. God given rights. The Ninth Amendment recognizes rights retained by the People, rights like our God given right to think for ourselves and make our own decisions. The Ninth Amendment also says that the enumerated rights in our Constitution shall not be construed to deny or disparage our God given rights, rights that we retain from before the Constitution was written. Ninth Amendment: The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
    Britney Spear's conservatorship is the doings of mental health and the psychiatrist. Play it safe. Stay free. Say "No" to mental health and psychiatry.

  3. It is awful that Britney is not "allowed" to remove her birth control.. It would be different if men were forced to have vasectomies… It is totally playing God. I had a nurse and doctor at a sexual health clinic whom coerced me into not being able to remove my contraceptive implant several years ago at age 18/19. Rightfully, I had it removed after one year. It goes to show how supposed "professionals" try to override another's right to bodily autonomy. Obviously, Britney's situation is on a much worse scale and I have much empathy for her.

  4. The woman didn’t seem to know that the mental evaluation she was referring to is for determining capacity and that is related to both the cship of person and of estate. 
    The reason Britney doesn't want an evaluation is because it is already clear that she has mental capacity — so she doesn’t need one. Also, she knows that those that administer the evaluations can be very dishonest and side with the conservators even when the conservatee or prospective conservatee obviously has capacity. 
    It's an extremely corrupt system that has ruined countless people's lives.

  5. I'm calling BS on Britney's whole family and conservatorship team. And an even BIGGER BS on Justin that vulture and all the other celebrities who didn't speak up for her for 13 years. Britney's fans who fought for her freedom for more than a decade are her true family and support system. #FreeBritney

  6. The conservatorship was planned well in advance, has been alleged in some reporting. .There was a history by one person PRIOR allegedly. Courtney Love an Michael Lohan have addressed the topic in the media..In high profile cases of undue influence it is not unusual to see dummy companies, money laundering, fraud, misappropriation and offshore accounts dicovered in forensic accounting. Not sur.about this case but eyes open.
    Her estate is shocking low given performances, products, music and endorsements. That part is factual. It is human labour trafficking.given her court statements. Whose name has recently been deleted from documents is where I would look. When and how did the resignations occur? How did a person with a temper, history of drug and alcohol abuse, history of restraining orders and bankruptcy gain control over millions? The law is supposed to appoint a RESPONSIBLE PERSON. Judges, probate court must be scrutinized especially Goetz It is a known fact most cases of undue influence and abuse are by family members and those closest to the victim. Probate court knows that. Lots of corruprion to go around one can infer. Get rid of conservatorships and create public watchdogs . POA can be expanded. There are other options. They went to the most restrictive place quickly. That speaks volumes as well as micromanaging and intimidation. The IUD is a human rights abuse and performing an indignity to a body. Drugs given like lithium and perhaps performance enhancing drugs by doctors should be queried by a panel. Any inappropriate drugs are wrong and can affect her fetility for starters.

    Her sister is trustee of her estate. Trusts are to protect the conservatee and their children. How did that happen and who assisted Jamie Lynn? Federline and his lawyer did not press assault charges. Interesting! An assault record violates being a conservator . What can you infer? The status quo and generous child support money would be reviewed without Jamie in the picture. When Britney says she feels ganged up upon and bullied, never a more intelligent, perceptive and honest statement was made. Still people out there who are silent. Some of the team will turn against each other if and when facing jail time no doubt. Jason Trawick knows a lot I would think. I hope he speaks up. One of her lawyers said years ago she was denied due process and it fell on deaf ears so that judge should be disciplined or jailed.
    Britney faced a lot of bias because of her celebrity in a mysoginisyic culture. GREED power, grandiosity, entitlement , MEDIA SHAMING, flawed LEGALsystem entrapped this human being in 13 year nightmare. Britney's did not need the conservatorship but it sure needed her.#Free Britney's.

  7. Ms. Spears' request (in her 6/23/21 public statement to the court) that she does not want to be psychiatrically evaluated, should be immediately granted by the court. The psychiatric standards of care that would allow (and especially for over ten years) such sinful treatment of Ms. Spears are simply bad science and bad medicine as scientifically and ethically proven in my 8/16/18 public comment at the following URL:

    Accordingly, Ms. Spears should not be forced into any psychiatric evaluation or treatment, and should not have to prove that she deserves all of her U.S. civil rights and all of her God-given rights. The full burden of proof of any allegations that Ms. Spears is not worthy of her U.S. civil rights (and all God-given rights to freedom) should be entirely placed upon (including entirely financially paid for by) those making such allegations and those who are using the bad science and bad medicine of psychiatry to so sinfully rob Ms. Spears of her God-given rights including her God-given right to mind freedom.

    Thomas Steven Roth, MBA, MD
    Christian Minister for Biblical Medical Ethics, and therefore, Scientific and Religious Refugee from the Clinical Practice of Psychiatric Standards of Care

  8. I beg to differ on California's enforcement of conservator & fiduciary laws. It's a joke, as I am experiencing dead-end, don't care, mind-numbing bureaucracy on behalf of many severely disabled military veterans. Me being reminded this is under California guise, I am very concerned about further corruption, control, and sadistic intentions. Pray for this woman. She's a person!

  9. Everyone has problems in their life. She didn’t need a conservatorship she needed a family that supported her and loved her. Not won the profits from her and controls her. She is almost 40 years old and she never supposed to marry again have children. She post to quietly grow into an old maid and die? That conservatorship has lasted too long / goes way overboard. I admire her for not losing her damn mind completely while enduring the 13 yrs it’s been in effect. Her Dad hasn’t spoken with her in a year, how would he know what her needs today are anyway.There are also many professionals from mental health, lawyers etc./ family not to mention , profiteering off this young beautiful woman. So of course they are going to want to hold onto that money by saying there is a need for all this. It’s ridiculous!!

  10. Somebody please help her be free from this ands lets keep in mind that she has children … She may have to also regain custody this is also negativity affecting her children … Set her free Jesus Christ…. 🙏🏽

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