Death toll expected to rise after partial building collapse near Miami Beach

Officials say responders rescued dozens of people after a 12-story condo building partially collapsed overnight.

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50 thoughts on “Death toll expected to rise after partial building collapse near Miami Beach

  1. News outlets have claimed this building collapse was caused by a sink hole, however if you look at pictures of the collapse and the after math then compare those to pictures of buildings that were actually destroyed by sink holes you can clearly see that a sinkhole isn't present and was not the cause of the collapse. If you watch videos of the building collapse you can see coordinated flashes go off on each floor, compare these to controlled demolition videos and they are almost identical. Look up images of the Oklahoma bombing and you can see that the damages are eerily similar. Other witnesses reported hearing bangs not thunder. This was a planned event caused by explosives', not a natural accident caused by a sink hole.

  2. It’s super strange to see inside people’s condos like that! It’s terrifying to know that as they slept they had no idea of what was about to happen & their lives would end so horribly in a blink of an eye 😢 And it’s eerie & heartbreaking 💔 to be able to see their furnishings and personal belongings in the place where those people once lived and called home! It’s an extremely difficult scene to look at and process 😢 TRAGIC!

  3. There are hundreds of buildings of that size or larger from the bottom to the top of Miami Beach. It's called the condo canyon. Quite spectacular the first time you drive down through it and realise how many people ate richer than you are!!

  4. In 24 hours to only to find a few bodies with 120+ missing?

    I've never seen 1st responders acting so slow and calmed. There's more to this that is not being said. It's as if they're letting the people die to save themselves liabilities.

  5. Partial building collapse? Saw this yesterday and thought a few balconies fell. Saw the video of it collapsing and it looked like 3/4 of the building from top to bottom fell. A bit more than a partial collapse ABC.

  6. terrible, awful, those poor folks, can you imagine being in bed and having this building collapse at 2 am? this should not happen, 40 years for a concrete building is not that old , i don't care what they say….. not too mention the rent these people must pay to live there. i would hate to be the owner of that building..

  7. I’m in tears I had a patient in that building years ago I spread my moms near. I have lots of feelings for surf side where I go to the beach my heart has broken it does remind me of 911 it triggered my anxiety.. I feel bad for children that were and are under the rumble

  8. Y'all prob won't be alive me but it's okay because it just a conspiracy theory. But the Gov did it. John McAfee know supposedly dead, said he had left 31tb of important files in his condo in that address, if something were to happen to him. LoL know that building is destroyed 😂. Not funny for those who are hurt. But hopefully it was decoy and those fucking pricks did not get any of those files

  9. Where are all the rescuers?? Yes its dangerous, but thats what the
    FD/PD get paid to do. Every minute that goes by, people trapped below
    are dying…. Remember all the fireman on the pile at the WTC after
    9/11? They should be doing the same thing here…. Get on that pile and do your job guys,
    every minute counts!! Florida 🙁

  10. This collapse appears quite obvious as to cause. It is a 40 year old building supported on steel reinforced concrete columns that have been under constant assault from corrosive salt, sand and wind for 40 years.
    Scheduled structural inspections of these RC columns should be mandatory but in actual practise buildings do not receive this sort of mandated engineering oversight. Instead they are routinely given cosmetic refinishing to cover signs of erosion, deformation and deterioration without performing any testing of the actual degraded live load capacity of the structure.

    Given the location and age of this building I find this collapse horrifically tragic but investigation will likely show it was inevitable, and yet, ignored by the building owner. Note: this sort of inadequate technical oversight of building infrastructure is especially rampant in condominiumized buildings as these are operated by a consortium of unit owners who very rarely have ANY professional expertise in facility maintenance and engineering

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