Legal analyst predicts 20- to 25-year sentence for Derek Chauvin

Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd previews the upcoming sentencing of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd.

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42 thoughts on “Legal analyst predicts 20- to 25-year sentence for Derek Chauvin

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  2. He did nothing wrong, the detriment to society died because he was high as a kite on fentanyl and had a heart attack, The only reason he got the sentence is because the judge and ever other person linked to this case is afraid of the repercussions if they found him not guilty

  3. This is one tool used to divide our country . Racism, gender, illegal immigration etc, etc. to eliminate our unity as a country. Soros is fulfilling his plan by dividing this country to achieve his goal of socialism. It’s been coming for years. The blacks are being used as a tool , gender identification BS, illegals flooding our country wake up this is our country we are allowing to be distorted.

  4. And in other news POS career criminals like George Floyd are still going in and out of the prison and jail doors with just a slap on the wrist!!! What a joke!!!!! And what else would you expect from this POS Biden administration, this fraud never ever praised or offered comfort to the families of over the 120 officers killed in the line of duty so far this year!!!Just another criminal defending a criminal!!!!

  5. unintentional murder wtf?? so manslaughter? as murder = planned, premeditated, that is what the word murder means, any other ending of life is manslaughter….so did they find plans and notes in his home that Derek was gonna end floyd ?? Or is is this just political mob justice, someone scream witch and lets hang weights on them and see if they are innocent and sink and end….
    I have not followed this, i dont care one way or other about derek or floyd, but I do care about "unintentional murder"….what? why not just say he was sentenced to 22 years for manslaughter?

  6. Chauvin will forever have a lesser sentence than all the people that will FOREVER have that video play out in their minds…over and over again.

  7. It makes me sick. Imagine you've been a police and waiting a first response to come to help a guy who is high on drugs and can't breath. Idiots filming and making it like you are killing him.

    Then get imprisoned for the man taking a overdose and you actually just doing your job.

  8. Yes put them all in jail for not following protocol. I was a 16 yr old runaway and officers did the same to me, not for 9 min tho. I don’t believe it had anything to do with race, it was lack of training or pure ignorance. It was a unintentional murder. This man didn’t maliciously kill George with beating or a weapon. This is sad on both sides. It’s sick how the victims family only wants to capitalize and get money. Not for charity, not for addiction treatment or for police training? What about the man who was shot at the border with his baby in his arms? Come on ppl stop the divide

  9. So sad as George Floyd's brother is speaking, now. He said he'd like to ask Chauvin what he was thnking when he had his knee on his brothers neck. What were you thinking, and why didn't you let up when you knew he was in pain. Why didn't you get up?!

  10. Can we find an island for Chauvin, Casey Anthony, Chris Watts and the like and just let em loose there with every deadly entity we can conjure.. They have to use their "skills" to stay alive. 🤣🤞

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