Officials give update on Surfside apartment building collapse

The death toll currently remains at nine with an additional four victims positively identified.


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  2. It's a given families are suffering. It's a given they need support. It's a given the workers know what they're doing. We don't need to hear a presser talking about the emotions of the poor families. We well know the grief they are facing. A presser should be to update the public of details of the search, show what they're doing, talk about process and progress, talk about possible scenarios, talk about what they've found at the bottom level. That's what a presser should be about. DETAILS NOT EMOTIONS. Cut the crap. It's disrespectful of reality.

    The failure to protect and serve the public by Florida blatant. New York requires building imspections EVERY 5 YEARSi in a city built on rock.

    The people posturing before the cameras are the succesors to those who created this horror.

    While they clamor for "witnesses" we saw and heard that beautiful young woman "Honey, the pool is sinking" and her dying scream.

    We know the cumulative result of politicians who failed the people, contractors whose work should not have passed inspection. and innocent people who trusted in corrupt municipal officials for the basic protection of the roofs over our heads.

  4. Honestly. Too often these tragedies are preceded by facts forewarning of calamity. Mass shootings, bombings, building failures, aircraft disasters, etc. is being PROACTIVE too costly and those in authority ignore and deny the omens? In 2018 engineers report issues yet here families stand waiting for word while rescuers (hoping) dig through rubble. To act on data prior to the catastrophe is costly and unpopular but to what extent are details ignored? Over and over again.

  5. I see these ‘first responders’ sitting around in lounge chairs around the pile walking their dogs and the cranes are going up and down with nothing on them… at this point anyone who would have survived is now dead.

    Even in 3rd would country’s they form bucket brigades from day one and human chains.

    At this point they are just milking this ‘job’…..

    The his woman continues to come out here and have to defend these ‘first responders’ because everyone knows they aren’t doing their job.

    In 9/11 people drove from hundreds of miles away to take part in a bucket brigade and pull people out.

  6. Notice she didn't mention jack about both the building owner and the city's blatant mishandling of making sure it was safe to live in. It must be fun to have a disaster that's your fault happen in your city and take none of the responsibility for it.

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