President Biden announces plan to fight gun violence

In his speech, President Joe Biden called this moment an “opportunity to come together” for both Democrats and Republicans.

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48 thoughts on “President Biden announces plan to fight gun violence

  1. President Biden might need to go back and reread his second amendment because the second amendment gives the militia a right to bear arms to protect themselves from a trainees government and the people when you read it have access to the same weaponry as our military we are able to exedra on cannons and duh duh by our second amendment is called the right to bear arms for the militias to rise up against the tyrannical government at the time of need and in that it does stay clearly clearly state that we have the right to access any weaponry our military has

  2. every aware American knows "executive orders ' are not law. these Leftists violate the oath of office they took to uphold the Constitution… ' executive orders ' are Dictator order's being they bypass the root cause for the penning of the US Constitution, which is, that real laws come from We the People through the legal process via the Legislative Branch of the Government, then finally the Executive Branch. All very binding and legal else scarp the the Constitution and make this Leftist the Dictatorial Despot of my beloved country instead… ( is it not this way, now? ) But these commie Leftists go unabated by the Republican members of Congress who do not begin impeachment proceedings against this Leftist for passing ' laws ' without Congress. I will not waste my time voting in a Presidential election being We the People do not ever elect a President… the Electorial College does… try to get a Leftist in an Electorial College to cast their vote for a Republican.

  3. Biden's plan: take civilian weapons from US citizens; give military weapons to the GD Taliban.

    We now know that Biden is the biggest "rogue weapon dealer" of all of them.

  4. President Joe Biden, a Democrat obsessed with gun control, ended up giving billions of dollars of American weapons to the Islamist fanatics who helped perpetrate 9/11.

    Only a month ago, Biden was bragging about the terrific quality of the modern “tools, training, and equipment” sent to the Afghan military at the expense of U.S. taxpayers over the past two decades.

  5. Some people are just evil and all criminal violence comes from such people. Guns do not engage in any activity. Guns do not engage in acts of violence. All violence comes from people. Guns do not kill. People use guns to kill either legally are illegally.

    Keep criminals who use guns off our street deal harshly with them.

    The root cause of crime is evil. Put people who engage in evil crime keep them off our streets.

    God bless us all.

  6. We the people should vote on such laws, not our useless politicians that pretends to be our parents. This is a free nation after all and we should expel anti freedom groups from our nation. Our gov is here to defend the free citizens and prevent crime.

    We are the 5th or 6th freest nation on this planet tho at one time we were the most free far ahead of any nation and now we are dropping on this list, and fast. Our gun rights and freedom of speech is what kept us at #5 on this list but after this and all the freedom of speech limitations we are facing and people being discriminated and being punished based on their free choice on what politics they follow will make us near #10 if not more. We need to stop it… In a correct way.

  7. Biden: We need to ban guns or least limit them so we can make blackmarket guns sales rise and crime to boot!! Men with guns stalks and kills(kills is a fraction of 57) 57 innocent crazy ex GF's per year, we need to stop this man on women crimes!!! Its gots to stop!!!! We need less guns on the streets and only muskets being legal so our criminals can have 50 round AR's and drum mag glocks!!!!

    Men do not report stalking by women at a high percent while women report it at a high percent which will make statistics inaccurate. Just saying….

    I like how he blames all the wrong things, like the above and how he states the rise of gun violence in the last year but fails to put it on all the riots caused by democrats and supported by democrats when terrorist protesters were rioting burning buildings down, robbing and killing innocent people/children. Guns laws no matter how steep would of not prevented that and logically would increase it. A gun can easily be hidden till its required by the criminal and no gun law no matter how steep will decrease or prevent that.

  8. Joe Biden isn’t Interested in taking Ghost Guns off the street ! His war isn’t with the Cartels or Street thugs ! His war is with Legal Guns ! Those ppl who have Registered and Legal Guns ! His War is with “White Supremacists” whoever they maybe ? He still hasn’t Clarified THAT ? DemoRats want Complete Control with No Push back ! No Resistance ! Complete Compliance for a Takeover ! This is All he wants to do !
    I mean if this Demented Puppet was interested in taking Guns off the Street He Would Close the Southern Border where Ghost Guns are Coming from ! He would not let the Cartel bring them in ! He would Go to Chicago where they wind up ! But Like I said They Aren’t the main Target ! Like Eduardo saver in says Commenting below ! Hunter Lies on a permit and Throws the Gun into a Dumpster Near a School ! And Crickets from the Press or Puppetman ! Fight For our Freedoms ! The Constitution Protects us all From The Oppressors ! Oh ! If Joe Biden wants to see The True “White Supremacist” He should Look in his Mirror and Say Hello !

  9. Some people have cigarette addictions. Others have drug addictions. Americans collectively have a GUN addiction. And you people can’t even recognize it. I feel sad for you.

    Btw, I live in Canada, where we enjoy a distinct lack of excessive gun violence thanks to strict gun control laws that actually do work. You should be more like us.

  10. Im happy to see all these positive comments. Myself and my family are stuck in once beautiful massachusetts where in 1775 good men an woman the 3% started our beautiful way of life. But now i feel like a prisoner under a Communist regime. In my other comment i keep posting that youtube keeps taking down though no policies have been broken. speaks of my dislike of the tyrant in office and partly of a cuban family that are refugees that got the citizenship the right way under my president of the united states mr president Trump. Its a long one but important. I will call them the smiths to protect their identity. They have lived through communism. They are cuban who ended up living in Venezuela for the fathers work with oil. Back breaking work little pay communist goverment rich with forced labor and death squads. The goverment for no reason no crime took all his guns away and almost beat him to death so he made a safe wall. They had to go back to cuba for family to get there other children before comming to the united states as refugees and finaly after many years they received citizenship under trump and i have never seen the american dream so true and so beleived in. They beat death with nothing on there backs and not even shoes on there feet when they arrived. They took classes used aid privided. Got work paid taxes it was such a beautiful thing to see. I helped there children learn how to read and right english. I helped educate them on our history of america as there communist countries Completely lied to them.×w The smiths had hidden for 3 weeks behind a false wall with there neighbors in Venezuela. They heard the deisle truck and they piled in just in time. only a shoulders with wide and had to deficate in buckets. The night the secret police that would come take people away for forced labor or arrests for false crimes came and kicked in there house looking for the father who worked on the oil drills. They posted up in the small hosienda for 3 days 2 gaurds waited for his return and the neigjbor. He watched as they pissed in the corner of his home smashed his belongings through a tiny screw hole in the wall he held his two children at the time about 6 and 7 so they would not make a peep. His only photo of him and his bride on the bero he watched tjem smash everything even thi picture and urinate on it. The police grabbed a neigbor woman off the street walking by tied her up and interogated her. Someone had ratted on him that he was to betray his government by fleeing once he did not show for work. His other neighbors in a wall only feet away in the other false wall as well. Only thing that separated them was a thin board and a beam they could pass items back and forth. Or block incase one family was found the other wouldnt. Their boat was late so thats why they hid in the wall. They new 3 weeks night fall to swim a mile out to catch there boat where the uncle would bring them back to cuba.
    His 2 children and wife had to sit and sweat cramped in pain for the first 3 nights at they beat the woman neighbor and took turns rapeing her over and over. After 3 days they assumed he was gone in a rage the exicuted the young woman putting bullets through her into the wall killing the male neighbor instantly and wounding his wife. Shot it the calf she never made a sound. He said she clutched her dead husband with herface in his chest and did not make a sound until hours after they left. Before leaving the soldiers posed The seen of the woman with a ratty old pistol and made her dead hand shoot it so they coverd it up. There only survival was this prebuilt safe room. He even had a rain catch that supplied them water. Every few nights he would sneek out and climb the tallest tree where he had set up a wire anteni from center of the tree almost to the top to not bee seen to check on the boat. For 2 and half weeks they hid in the wall two where flies where so thick from the bodies you could not hear nore see. The only thing that saved the womans life from the leg wound was the maggets off her dead husband. That female body as it rotted kept other soldiers from comming in the house. They did not remove it or did csi stuff. Finaly one night they escaped from the wall made it to the boat to cuba. Than made another dairing escape on a wooden flatbed truck made to a boat with foamm filled barrels and tubes. They risked everything to get here. Now he is building a secret wall in his house and he is afraid. He said each day since biden something else changes and its just like the communism and socialism he was forced to grow up to and they are realy scared like i see in his eyes he fears for his life scared. And our country is not even close to that yet i told him. He said that's what you think wait and see.
    Moral of the story is this american dream american sucvess story is now trying to flee america in fear.

  11. What a bunch of BS buying guns back that's not going to fix a damn thing they all think they can just throw our money at it and that will fix it… We need to fight our oldest enemy the oldest terrorist GROUPS we've been fighting since the mid 70's right in our own back yard who are trafficking these guns and drugs over our boarders. Because Mexico, Panama, and South America are to incompetent and to corrupt to do it them selves. I Bet our service men and women who are coming home from Afghanistan and many many others already here would jump at the chance to go down there and kick the crap out of them in a heart beat. We need to stop it at the source. We fight the cartel we stop the drugs we stop the guns coming here which drops the the massacres in our city streets each year……Period. At 47yrs old I'll reenlist just to free America from their destruction and greed just to poison our youth. I've had enough with politician who have no freaking idea for years (Since president Reagan who sent us to fight the cartel) what's going on in the population because they don't live, work or even visit anywhere near it high atop their palace in the sky. They don't see $hit!

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