President Joe Biden is set to unveil actions today to combat gun violence | ABC News

President Joe Biden is set to unveil actions today to combat gun violence across the country. Part of his plan includes the deployment of federal “strike forces” to crack down on illegal gun sales in five cities.

Plus, as some states report new COVID-19 cases, concerns are growing over the more contagious Delta variant and a mutation.

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44 thoughts on “President Joe Biden is set to unveil actions today to combat gun violence | ABC News

  1. No law can be enforced if the armed citizens do not comply and any action against armed citizens will spark the deaths of those who would enforce the. Remember WE The People are an armed force of over 100 million. Those in Washington are less than 0.0001% of that.

  2. Yep that's true gun violence is increasing, I guess that means you're going to have to start funding the police again and ask for your police officers to come back. I find it interesting all the cities they cited in their little diagram above that they flashed on the screen are all the cities that defunded their own police force.

  3. Chicago has the highest gun control in the country, and the highest deaths, because the only people with guns are the criminals, about they call the three police, since they defending of the police force, Good people can not defend themselves or there families. Joes plan is for the whole country to be under his Dictatorship. Socialism is a bit##.

  4. Have you seen Kensington ave. Philadelphia mr president.?? Poverty is a bigger problem. Can believe Philadelphia is United States this what our country is becoming because politicians in denial of reality. Heroin a bigger problem. Education a bigger problem.

  5. For some 20 years, the New York City police department’s fix was hundreds of plain clothed cops trained to identify and arrest guys with guns before they started shooting. It worked, until the units were declared illegal or disbanded. The city lived in peace. No longer.
    Waking up at last, president Joe Biden gave a policy speech on crime Wednesday, essentially ordering various federal bureaucracies to do something about guns. He’s taking the battle to inanimate objects, not the people choosing to commit acts of violence.
    We’ve run the experiment across America: Progressive governance is an oxymoron. Their politicians do not know how to govern. Their ideas, in our era, exist in an over-the-rainbow dream world with no relation to the pedestrian realities to governing, much less protecting life. – Daniel Henninger WSJ

  6. Joe Biden to Remove guns from legal owner who have never committed a crime in order to fight gun crimes…….but he will do absolutely nothing about the gangs who caused the majority of gun violence. It makes perfect sense. We will stop violence by disarming those who have never broken the law…. Fucking genius. Makes absolutely no sense but let's start this civil war already. We're here to take your guns. Oh you don't want you vaccine to bad you have no guns. Now get into the oven.
    Democrat socialism any different that
    The German socialist party that Hitler headed. They seem to be one in the same.

  7. The driver is liberal run mayor's and prosecuting attorney's. Defund the police turn murders loose what the hell you think going to happen. Stupidity. Just as pimp news trying to force dangerous vaccine s on people who don't need them. You are young and strong take this vaccine and you may develop heart problems. Where do we sign up to get them. Stupidity

  8. Ya'll make sure Ya'll social distance from the dirty test tent contaminated stadium parking lot pimping vaccine sights are Hot Spots super spreader events and you might catch the virus if you go over there and don't open your door to strangers who show up maybe showing up with the virus so social distance instead and stay away from the hospital unless it's a absolute emergency it's a hot spot and get back to nature's remedies for healing

  9. Are they doing background checks on the people hopping the fence at the border before they give them asylum in our neighborhoods and speaking of background checks tell Obama and Biden and the cheating Mala to bring their birth certificates and testify under oathe that they were born to American citizens in order to qualify for the highest office of the land

  10. David Rockefeller Jr. is buying up everything! Reset begins! B. Gates buying up all Farm land in America. Dr Fauci FUNDED WUHAN RESEARCH LAB!!!!!!!! You think he is God,No he is giving shots that are experimental & harm people,who cares????? Your only cattle,& must have nothing,own nothing & be controlled. While you watch media,they will control all. They own Media! If I were you,I would start praying for God to reveal the truth to all the people.

  11. I read a few days ago where liberal democrats held a secret meeting and decided to divert the attention on GUNS, as the cause in the rise in violence. Instead of the fact they had defunded the police. Looks like the article was right.. PS– ABC really suxs

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