White House: US to fall short of President Biden’s July 4 vaccination goal

Plus, Indiana University students sue over the vaccine requirement and concerns grow over the delta variant.

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42 thoughts on “White House: US to fall short of President Biden’s July 4 vaccination goal

  1. Today, the White House announced that the administration will fall short if its goal! to have 70 percent vaxxed. But, However it has reached 70 percent with people aged 30 and up.. To me 68 per cent vaxxed for age 18 and up with 11 days to go is pretty damned close. ABC news is being alarmist instead of giving credit where credit is due. Sixty eight percent when rounded off is not 60 percent. It is 70 percent is my book. Thank You President Biden, the one and only duly elected President in the United States. The Communist Republican Party and Trump stole the 2016 election and tried to steal the 2020 election. Even Bush knew that Trump stole the 2016 election. Bt Sworn to defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Out USN Retired

  2. What a Fraud China Joe is 2022 The Treasonous Blue will fail BLM = BIDEN LOSES MEANING – DEMS = Go W@KE Go BR@KE US DEMS are now the Socialist party lead by the BLM with the motto of -"By any means with extreme prejudice" They should be wearing Brown Shirts. WOW – The DEMS are so Anti-TRUMP they voted for a brain dead ZOMBIE – and a Marxist Atifia Puppet – WOW……. – VOTE EM OUT 2022 TRUMP2024-2032

  3. Ya'll make sure Ya'll social distance from the dirty test tent contaminated stadium vaccine sights are Hot Spots super spreader events and you might catch the virus if you go over there and don't open your door to strangers who show up maybe showing up with the virus so social distance instead and stay away from the hospital unless it's a absolute emergency it's a hot spot and get back to nature's remedies for healing

  4. If you are reading this and you are unvaccinated. Congratulations you are not just another mindless experimental sheep. But you are fighting back the government and putting your foot down saying no!! We say what goes on!! Not You.

  5. If you don't count the idiots that are refusing to be vaccinated, the goal probably would be met. Why do we have to "pay" people to be vaccinated? Let their medical insurance have the option to cover them or not if they get Covid after refusing to get vaccinated. We are mostly over the medical resource concerns at this point. I suspect if they are given a choice of free vaccine or no medical coverage, they will be getting the shots.

  6. Does anyone realize that the death count for Covid in the last 6 months is almost Equal to Covid deaths in all of 2020!! How come this is not being reported 😬

  7. I didn’t sign up for a vaccine to enter a friggin rat race to boost anyone’s political ego! Stop the invasion of Americans personal rights to their own health decisions. BUTT OUT!

  8. If you believe these fools I have a fake gold chain for sale for 1 million dollars,,push those stimulus checks with the same energy you pushing your Russian roulette vaccine 🤨👍🤬🤬

  9. Check out the newswoman from CBS that just whistleblew about what her network was forcing her to cover/not cover on Project Veritas. Propaganda nation

  10. "Mindset of you can't tell me what to do"… did this man lose his mind. It's one thing to follow laws such as do not steal and do no commit murder. Even if we weren't told by laws to not do those things we just know that we should not do those things. But as he says "the reality is" that getting a vaccine is not required by law IT IS A CHOICE!!! You can't force people to get something they have no idea how it will affect them! And it's highly problematic that you refer to people who do not choose to get the vaccine as having a mindset of "you can't tell me what to do". RIDICULOUS!

  11. Maybe they should just provide ivermectin? No that would make to much sense. Has to much real world results. India, Mexico. Here in the us. It could literally end COVID if everyone used it as a preventive measure. Cost almost nothing. And has 40 years of no major ill side effects. Instead we are spending millions, billions? Un non fda approved rushed vaccines that have major potential risks. While the virus has time to make new variants.

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