ABC News Prime: US set to miss vaccination goals; Major NCAA Supreme Court ruling; Tips on travel

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47 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: US set to miss vaccination goals; Major NCAA Supreme Court ruling; Tips on travel

  1. Look, this is simple. More people voting = existential threat to



    That means there is no bipartisan compromise available on voting rights in the Senate.

    There are only 2 options now. A partisan effort to stop an autocratic takeover. Or, a bipartisan effort to enable it.

  2. The Democratic Party, mainstream media, social media, and big tech are destroying America. With their lies , misinformation and censorship. They don't give a damn about America and the American people. All they care about is themselves. Their power and putting as much money as they can in their pockets. They are disgusting little parasites.

  3. The US, Brazil, India, Mexico and Peru accounted for almost half of the global C-19 deaths.

    The UK, Italy, Russia, France and Columbia rounded out the top ten leaders in C-19 deaths.

    These TOP TEN accounted for almost TWO-THIRDS of the global C-19 deaths.

    What is their special talent? Or is it just crappy healthcare?

    Densely populated Japan has less than 14,000 C-19 deaths. What do they know and do the rest of the world does not?

    How is that a widespread, contagious, lethal pandemic?

    Is China is lying by undercounting its 4,600 deaths?

    Or are the US and Fauci lying by overcounting and conflating comorbidities?

    Government + MSM = lying.

    Almost 30% of C-19 deaths occurred in residence, hospice or nursing/eldercare facilities.

    86.4% of C-19 CASES were among those UNDER 65.

    80% of C-19 DEATHS occurred among those OVER 65+ who are only 16% of the population!

    30% of C-19 DEATHS were among those OVER 85 with only 2% of the population.

    Over the past 18 months there were 4,670,000 DEATHS from ALL causes. At 583,000 C-19 deaths were only 12.5%.

    Over 70% of ALL deaths involved those OVER 65 years of age.


    Mother Nature and her good buddy Grim Reaper were just doing their duty, culling the herd of the too many, too old, too sick, too crammed together as Medicare/Medicaid cash cows in badly run (BLUE) elder care facilities.

    Version 1.0 062221

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  7. Captain Obvious says: The human trials for these experimental injections end in early 2023 and are NOT FDA approved. NO long term data what so ever. Here are other "cures" that had NO long term data at the time:
    – Heroin cures colds.
    – Mercury treats Syphilis.
    – Don't need anaesthesia for baby operations, as they don't feel pain
    – Thalidomide cures morning sickness for pregnant mothers
    – DDT is perfectly safe and effective
    – In 1976 Gerald Ford Took Swift Action with an experimental vaccine with "excellent data"

    Thanks for the PROMOTIONAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN to promote these experimental injections using scare tactics but I want to be part of the control group in this GRAND experiment. Good Luck with the FEAR campaign ! BTW there is a terrible pandemic in the world that is causing even MORE deaths – it is called STARVATION!!!!! I have an amazing surefire cure that doesn't need human testing: FOOD!!!

    BTW: People also don't know about their own medical insurance in how it would cover a bad reaction with an experimental drug trial? The drug companies are certainly NOT liable 🙁

    BTW #2: Why do we not hear about PROVEN EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE: Ivermectin? OH….it doesn't make money for the too big to fail pharma multinational companies.

  8. How will side effects and mutations in the Corona Virus 19 experiment be resolved ?

    Also, who is responsible ?

    Can you handle it ?! /…/status/1284154350617624576/photo/1 The University Central Hospital “Nënë Tereza” in #Tirana is now ready to open a new lab which will test for #COVID__19 all patients admitted in hospital /

    The vaccine for'Corona Virus 19' ;

    Murderers of South korean and American must be disclosed. Also, must be brutally and openly punish all crimes of them. Naturally all families of them, too. by Prophet Yi /

    ABC and TBN stations, the dens of the murderers. /

    Victoria's virus numbers have skyrocketed to a disastrous daily record – 428 new cases. Tragically, there have been three more deaths, including a resident of Menarock Aged Care. /

    Next two weeks critical for California as coronavirus rages unchecked around state / Corona virus 19 will not go away until these things are released. Murderers of South korean and American must be disclosed. Also, must be brutally and openly punish all crimes of them. Naturally all families of them, too. by Prophet Yi / From Continue /

    The vaccine for'Corona Virus 19' ;

    Murderers of South korean and American must be disclosed. Also, must be brutally and openly punish all crimes of them. Naturally all families of them, too. by Prophet Yi /

    NBC and TBN stations, the dens of the murderers

    Coronavirus cases in Florida's nursing homes have soared 74% in the past month. Gov. Ron DeSantis' plan to isolate the ill elderly isn't stopping the spread.


    Park Ji-won, the head of the National Intelligence Service, is a criminal in the abuse of torture and murder in South Korea. TV and radio stations were committed to committing falsehoods and manipulations, and President Kim Dae-jung was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The murderer Park Ji-won repeats the torture of murder and abuse in a 24-hour turn commit to GOD's servant, Prophet Yi and his family. Self-proclaimed 'Mang-Won' criminals are committing torture and crimes on TV and radio stations, They doing crime 24-hour shift'. These crimes are the cause of GOD's punishment.

    Therefore, 'corona viruses 19' and 'mutations' that transcend imagination, The punishment of GOD ( JESUS ) are spreading rapidly in South korea, the United States, and all countries.

    New international law must be put to punish South Korean murderers more than the death penalty. The new law is like this. South korean criminals deliberately commit crimes to the Prophet Yi's family and home by torture of murder, robbery, and torture in a 24-hour shift over the past 27 years. And they doing crimes of abuse by the National Security Law. Compared to this, it is to be brutally killed and brutally killed. This is a divine law and a code. The crimes of South Korean self-proclaimed 'Mang-Won' plans have been documented in the Blue House in South korea, the White House in the United States, and the National Intelligence Service and the CIA. And it is owned by broadcasters and organizations of the Christian (Anti-Christian). It is also recorded on all TV and radio stations in South korea and the United States, as well as on entertainer agencies. It is also documented in the Department of Defense of South korea and the United States. They are all criminals. 'Park Ji-won' and the National Intelligence Service's murderers are must kill in the most brutal abuses. They have must be pain and crime more cruel than the crimes committed against "JESUS" , "Prophet YI" and he's families. Even in the Hell. Amen. If South korean and American criminals are not punished, they will commit more evil crimes. Also, worse crimes will spread to the nation and society. by Prophet Yi /

    Criminal Park Ji-won, Candidate of the National Intelligence Service of South korea. 'False manipulation of college degrees' and 'Misrepresentation of military service' at the hearing advisory group meeting. In the den of criminal South korea 2020. news /…/status/1283656967530196994/photo/1

    COVID-19: a week of NEW cases July 9 – 15:

    US: 442,100+ cases/5,000+ deaths

    Brazil: 258,200+/7,300+

    India: 193,700+/3,600+

    South Africa: 86,300+/850+

    Russia: 45,500+/1,100+

    Mexico: 43,400+/4,300+ /

    Corona virus 19 will not go away until these things are released.

    Murderers of South korean and American must be disclosed.

    Also, must be brutally and openly punish all crimes of them.

    Naturally all families of them, too. by Prophet Yi /

    From Continue

    Gruesome way bubonic plague killed 50million as teen dies of horrific infection…/status/1283034009895723008/photo/1

    From / Coninue /

    Cause of the disaster, Murderers in South korea and the United States are deliberately committing a crime beyond imagination to JESUS and his servant Prophet Yi and his family by abusing the National Security Law and abuse of authority. For their crime concealment, the power and money of the crime. For over 27 years, they have been committing crimes with a 24-hour shift. (Criminals, Mang-Won) What can you do in this situation? by Prophet Yi Jung-Yon ( David of JESUS )

    From and Continue

    South korea and United States are destroy by cruel punishment and all calamities and retaliation that are incomparable to Sodom and Gomorrah. The reason for the destruction is because of all the crimes that murderers of South korean and American have committed against JESUS and his servant, prophet Yi and Prophet Yi's family, for over 27 years. Even now. Amen. by Prophet Yi Jung-Yon ( David of JESUS ) Aug 30, 2020.

    Jay Leno, a murderer at NBC in the United States, has committed murderous murders on a 24-hour shift, along with South korean murderers, against to JESUS and JESUS' servant "Prophet Yi" and his family. 'Jay Leno' has robbed "JESUS servant Prophet Yi" and used it wickedly in the broadcast of his crimes. 'Jay Leno' has been making money for profit by committing a crime beyond imagination. Kill the vicious murderer 'Jay Leno' and his family and kill them cruelly in pain. Kill him in the pain of cruel massacre and abuse, incomparable to his crimes. Rob and destroy everything that he and his family is holding. The cause of all the calamities of punishment is Jay Leno's crime. by Prophet Yi Jung-Yon ( David of JESUS ) Sep 15, 2020…/status/1307615483382755331/photo/1 They are well aware of the incident of this crime. Of course. About the 'National Security Law's Crime Broadcasting' and crimes that began in 1993 and 1994. Watching JESUS servant "Prophet Yi" 24 hours a day for a crime, they knows where the calamity of punishment comes from.

    He doesn't want panic.

    So he keeps committing the same crimes with the same criminals. Only for the sake of concealing the crime and the benefit of the crime.

    He knew that the people die more cruelly by punishment of GOD. And he knew that the country is destroying more cruelly than Sodom and Gomorrah. He said that the calamity of God's punishment will soon pass again.

    The abomination of lies is accompanied by more cruel punishment.

    Murderers in the United States and South korea die by they crimes in pain. More than they crimes. They doing crime committed against to JESUS and servant of JESUS "Prophet Yi" and his families.

    Murderers in the United States and South korea die in divine punishment according to the crimes committed against to JESUS and servant of JESUS "Prophet Yi" and his families.

    Not only South Korea and the United States, but also the criminals of all countries who have been committed to committing crimes even though they know the truth are also destroyed in cruel pains and abused to die.

    Not even compared to their crimes.

    24 hours a day without rest or equality.

    Make public and punish criminals of murder and massacre in South korea and United States. Punish them (Mang Won) so that they are incomparable to the crimes that have been committed against to "JESUS" and "Prophet Yi" and his families for over 27 years. by Prophet Yi Jung-Yon ( David of JESUS ) Aug 25, 2020


    U.S. experiencing worst week of coronavirus pandemic as infections peak nationwide. 2020. 11. 1. news / They are well aware of the incident of this crime. Of course. About the 'National Security Law's Crime Broadcasting' and crimes that began in 1993 and 1994. Watching JESUS servant "Prophet Yi" 24 hours a day for a crime, they knows where the calamity of punishment comes from. Kill the murderous robbers, American death rower 'Jay Leno' and 'Broadcasters of NBC' and 'CNN' homicide robbers and slaughters in brutal pain. Kill them by slaughter and abuse more cruel than their crimes. by Prophet Yi Jung-Yon ( David of JESUS )


  10. Wow. Just watched this joke of a newscast. First time I’ve listen to mainstream news in over nine months. It just happened to come on after one of my podcast and I listened out of curiosity.I’m dying laughing and shaking my head in disgust.You psychos are the biggest liars on the planet.Keep pushing that deadly vaccine,You’re all going to burn in hell one day.

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