Biden holds press conference after meeting with Vladimir Putin

President Biden remarked on his first summit with the Russian president.


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47 thoughts on “Biden holds press conference after meeting with Vladimir Putin

  1. LOL you cannot be serious President Biden, just gave a list of the most imprtant infrastructure to President Putin, stating these are the most 16 things you should not hack, yeah Sure President Biden no stress, hands off the list to the hackers and downs American infrastructure, wtf is happening in America, seriously why would any one do that, by the way here are the keys to America take what you want… Fail

  2. Biden seems to be a good president, but it is not fair or wise to let people work for so long in high positions. Expirience, yes, but the PM in Finland, for example, was 34 when she took office. A young woman but grew into a leader very fast.

  3. STOP BLAMING RUSSIA FOR CYBER ATTACKS when you know it is pimply US college kids.

    Do you wash in oil? eat or drink oil? When was the last time you ate bullets and missiles?

    Cyber attacks don't use weapons, vehicles, planes or ships. Scrap metal?


    Thousands of rioters are arrested in Russia. 550 American rioters are arrested because they made selfie videos.

    550 US rioters arrested means an arrest for each of the 550 congress staffers who were put in danger on Jan 6.

    140 Capitol cops were injured with 5 deaths. 35 Capitol cops were found to have helped the rioters.

  5. UYGHUR GENOCIDE IS WESTERN PROPAGANDA. Forced sterilisation happened at Traitor Trump's wall.

    Wang Yi travels the world arranging cooperation and collaboration with countries. Pompeo travelled spreading hate.

    Who do you trust? China that NEVER bombed a Muslim country or the US who has bombed 14 Muslim countries:

    Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen.

  6. Military response for cyber attacks?? Whats in the head of this insane women? One or 2 hackers did the attack and the response should be military? To affect many people and to risk the start of the war, including nuclear war??! These cyber attacks are about money and military is about lives, if you want to die, go and deal with this personally, no need in engage others to die for some bilioners money! who cares about these cyberattacks apart from the reach owners who lost a few $$ out of their billions pool? Never compare $$ with peoples lives.

  7. How does the media allow going to get away with saying Capitol rioters killed an officer? Oh yeah because they’re there ones who came up with that lie. I wonder how many people reading this are unaware that there was only one person killed that day. And it was an unarmed veteran gunned down by a mysterious government official. I’ve heard the same guy who shot Ashley B. was also at the softball shooting of Scalise. Can anyone confirm that for me?

  8. so Biden you gave Putin a list of 17 of our most crucial infrastructure in detail, and told him not to mess with them, are you braindead? you just made it easier for him to bring us down. why dont you just set off our nukes in our silos.

  9. Sweet – Biden ends his press conference by avoiding a good question and insulting the reporter. He doesn't like hard questions thrown his way. At least Trump would have answered to the point. He'd probably say that the reporter was right, but that we need to give it time for changes to be made.

  10. This guy doesn’t do it for me either 🤦🏾‍♀️ him nor Kamala. It seems so phony. Calm but phony! As a previous democrat (Thank God I am gone) I am not a republican either. But, this guy did more for Gays and Asians than he did for anybody else. Especially the hard working people that work and doing what they have to do. What about our rights? I am from Baltimore, it looks terrible and most of these vacant homes are owned by the city. It’s a shame what they have this city looking like and have the nerve to sell condemn homes to people. I see what the Democratic officials do and the police is just as corrupt as the criminals here in Baltimore. Look it up! Education and crime in the inner cities are the biggest problem. I live in the inner city work in the inner city am educated in the inner city and been seeing the same 💩 for years. The Democratic Party talk a good game but ain’t about 💩. BLM y’all hooting and hollering for only police brutality and not when our brothers and sisters in my communities are killing each other left and right and killing our kids and old people. If that’s ok with y’all and you are able to turn the cheek for that than F you! I can hoot and holler on my own but hoot and holler in these BLACK communities for the killing of black on black crime too. F that! Live y’all truth don’t turn the other cheek from that.

  11. FAKE NEWS – Biden is still perpetuating lies concerning Jan 6. The cop was not killed. That's been proven. The police allowed and encouraged people to enter into the capital. There are videos that clearly show this. An unarmed woman was shot dead (there is video of that) and yet the government has not brought anyone to justice for her murder. They arrested hundreds of civilians and yet can not figure out which police office or government security's gun shot that woman. Putin is more justified than Biden and his administration!

  12. I wish Putin was our president.
    I wish Biden was prez of Russia.
    I wish the next election hurry up
    and get here.
    I wish I didn't click on this clip.
    I wish everyone a good day
    and please vote more maturely
    next time.

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