Creators of Netflix documentary ‘Pray Away’ talk about importance of the film

Filmmakers Kristine Stolakis and Jessica Devaney talk about their groundbreaking documentary about the dangerous practice of conversion therapy.


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  1. If one assumes the female role, is how I am interpreting these relationships – and one assumes the male role, at least how it appears in the video clip, then is their heart actually leaning towards a male/female relatiosnhip? It seems that even in this sort of relationship that is the overriding impulse. It just never appears as two purely effimnate women, or 2 masculine men.

  2. Heard testimonies from gays and ex gays who said that this movie was a lie. The creator was paid millions to lie to people. If we really cared about gay people, we would tell and share the truth, not propaganda.

  3. It’s not about change (you can’t change your sinful nature, God gives you His alongside) it’s about sacrifice. Before Genesis 1:1 the Lord Jesus Christ knew that to love YOU was going to cost Him His life and He willingly gave it up for You, justifying € sanctifying you in His Resurrection. Why can’t you be a living sacrifice to His glory & honor , out of true pure love?! Yes, He accepts you as you are today but He loves you too much to leave you that way , so He gives you the power and grace and Word to reflect His image, and not be dominated by sin, so to enter His Kingdom by grace. Whoever is faithful till the end will receive the crown of Life. Why be/live what the Devil and others have caused us to become? When we can be born again/from above/ of God? Our true identity is in Christ and His Spirit makes manifest our true self/being/ IDENTITY❣️ Get on your knees and ask Him if this is true or false – He shall reveal it to you💜
    We have been FORGIVEN by Him and believing it is powerful to change & transform. PLEASE let’s not believe a deleterious lie, deception & nemesis🙏🏽May the Lord embrace you, kiss you & smile upon you🌹🕊🌿

  4. Die Arte-Doku zum Thema ( hat mich tief erschüttert. Homosexualität ist keine Krankheit und braucht keine Heilung. Bei bestimmten Ausprägungen von Religiosität bin ich mir da nicht so sicher…

    Edit: Since the documentary I relate to is only available in German and French, I decided to write my comment in German. Gay conversion "therapy" is also a problem outside of the US, and I was deeply shaken by the documentary I mention above. When I watched "PRAY AWAY" on Netflix, at first I thought it was pro-conversion, but since I know Netflix isn't like that, I somehow made it though the first part. Well, you know, I'm not anti-religions, but it is just so wrong to tell a religious LGBTQ person that god doesn't love them the way they are!!! I mean, what god could possibly reject one of his creations for doing something that makes them happy while doing no harm at all to other people?
    As a heterosexual woman, I wouldn't want anyone in the world to try and "convert" me into being gay, and I guess that what feels wrong to me must feel just as wrong to anyone else regardless of their sexual orientation. LOVE IS LOVE, and it's the most prescious thing in the world. So if you find someone you love and who loves you back, thank the Lord, thank the Universe or whatever you think brought you together, and ENJOY the presence of each other because hey, life is pretty short and hardships are waiting around the corner. So if God exists, I believe that He wants all of his children to be happy with the one(s) they love while they can.

  5. God's Word calls for all people everywhere to repent and believe in Christ. That means we are called to repent from everything God calls "sin". For me at age 13, that meant repenting from lust(including my viewing of pornography), anger, and pride. Could my struggle with sin cause fear, self-hatred, or trauma? Maybe. But does God, who created us, know best or not? For the person who is tempted by same-sex attraction, they are called to repent of that because God calls it "sin". Sure, you can find some scholars who will insist that the Bible doesn't call homosexuality a sin. But their interpretation of the text is suspect. This comes down to an issue of authority. Is God's Word true? Is it reliable? Is it inspired? Is it inerrant? Does it carry God's authority on this issue and others? If you reject the Bible as being false, then you have no reason to even have this discussion. This discussion is for those who still wish to claim faith in Christ. Do we question the narrative that homosexuality is absolutely fixed and that repentance from homosexuality is bad for people, or do we question God's word, and two thousand years of study and Christian reflection upon the text?

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