Putin holds press conference following meeting with President Biden

The Russian president gives his take on the highly anticipated summit.


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22 thoughts on “Putin holds press conference following meeting with President Biden

  1. Putin is a Fucking Master. God forbid a true no holds barred debate with Old Nit Wit Sleepy Joe.

    American & Globalist reporters : Mister President why did you murder 20,000,000 people?

    Putin: Well according to the laws of such and such .. Proceeds to dismantle the reporter like a boss.

  2. In 2000-2019. during the reign of putin, the number of hospitals in Russia decreased by half – from 10.7 thousand to 5.2 thousand, the number of medical personnel decreased by 3 times, the number of schools decreased by 50%, 85,000 factories stopped working, the number of large agricultural enterprises decreased by 4 times, the natural decline in the population of Russia amounted to about 8.8 million people.

  3. putin is the biggest liar. Navalny and his team have never taught how to make Molotov cocktails. putin lies already 20 years. He must say that 100 of his friends have 40% of wealth of Russia and 60% of the population of Russia is poor.

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  5. Putin rubbing his hands and grining, I HAVE THE LIST, 👹good job sloppy Joe, he just gave Putin a list of what is most vulnerable for a cyber attack, there should have been one word on his list of No Go for cyber attacks. AMERICA This idiot needs to be stopped.
    Cognative test needs to be done imediatly

  6. Biden is the most stupidest idiot president this country ever elected. He clear has speech problem since before the election. But he was still the best the liberals could find! He was asked what he will do to stop Russia’s “malign activities.” He then began rambling about Libya.. or is it Syria? This is the man that represents America on the world stage and he doesn’t even know what country he’s talking about! The speech took place at the G7 Summit in Cornwall, UK. This is what we’re sending to other nations to speak on our behalf. Incoherent, rambling speech from a stupid idiot.

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