Supreme Court rules on college athlete compensation

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of the athletes in a challenge to the NCAA.


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50 thoughts on “Supreme Court rules on college athlete compensation

  1. What keeps a college's alumni from getting involved and start sending the players money that sign up with their college team? A college with a large and rich alumni could easily change the tide of college recruiting landscape. Take someone like Penn State that has the largest alumni of all universities. Can't they start buying a players merch, etc. and then that could be used for future recruits? ' Hey, MIke C. went to Penn State and made $50,000 their first year'

  2. A multi-billionaire should make a create a league for top-tier college age kids, and have them play in the same cities and towns as the colleges.

    Maybe also offer college tuition, so those kids can attend the colleges in those cities and towns. you know, screw around with the NCAA create tension between the schools, and the NCAA.

  3. I agree pay them, but with a twist, a lot of them would never be in college, except for sports, I think they should have to pay some money for tuition, food an lodging! Not get everything free, teach them how life really works!!

  4. Many NCAA athletes are getting paid. It's called an Education, and it's expensive. I had 2 kids finish college on scholarships and both got their degrees. I can't wait for the fallout of the top athletes on full rides already, pissing off their teammates because now they're more worried about their "Brand image" than putting in the work to win a championship for their school or teammates. If you want to "pay" athletes that's fine, then have them pay for their schooling out of it also. Have them sign up for one of 2 options. Full ride scholarship OR get paid for your likeness. Not both. Welcome to the "LOOK AT ME!!!!" generation.

  5. They are getting paid, free tuition, free stipends, free tutoring, free food, free "fees"!!! I'm still paying for my student loans 12 years later!! This will ruin college sports, it will open massive corruption, it will be a nightmare for the universities to monitor it. "Come to our university, we have contacts to get you more money for……"

  6. Well, does this mean athletes have to go to class and pass the same tests as others? Maybe tax payer sponsored State Schools should only allow residents athletic scholarships. If it really is a business relationship, why should non residents get a free ride?

  7. So what about all the schools like UM, USC and SMU that received heavy sanctions for the very same thing that is now legal? As much as I follow Coach Saban, I find it hard to believe student athletes are going just for a championship within 3 years.

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  9. Just stop giving my tax dollars to the NCAA. I don't want to subsidize this scam!

    These broadcasters are leaving out a major fact. They ARE paid. It's called tuition, meals, room and board, books and everything else related to the university is ALL paid for.

  10. As the father of a college student who has had to take out huge loans to get through school – this rankles me! Major college athletes already get FREE TUITION AND ROOM AND BOARD! THEY GET TO GRADUATE WITH NO DEBT!

  11. When I was in college my roommate was a music major, full ride scholarship. He was an incredible piano player. He played at all kinds of school events including fundraisers. He also played at Carnegie Hall and did pay gigs all the time. Sold of ton of cd's to make some extra cash. Student athletes are literally the only members of a campus forbidden from making money on their talents. And it is because the NCAA and schools have no interest in sharing the vast amounts of profit they pull in. The NCAA as an entity made 1.18 billion in 2019. Most of that from the massive TV deals they have. And listening to coaches talk about amateurism when they make 5 mil a year to coach a sports team is total BS. It is a business for everyone but the players.

  12. If its amateur they shouldnt be charging people to watch making huge tv deals and marketing products. college sports are not amateur they are actually semi pro farming leagues to deny this is deceitful and disingenuous!

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