Calls to investigate Wuhan lab grow in search for answers on COVID-19 origins

Most scientists say they believe the virus emerged naturally, but U.S. intelligence says secret research may have taken place at the lab.

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49 thoughts on “Calls to investigate Wuhan lab grow in search for answers on COVID-19 origins

  1. Researchers used data from virus genomes sampled from across the world between 24 December 2019 and 4 March 2020. The research revealed three distinct "variants" of COVID-19, consisting of clusters of closely related lineages, which they label 'A', 'B' and 'C'.

         Geneticist Dr Peter Forster, lead author from the University of Cambridge and colleagues found that the closest type of COVID-19 to the one discovered in bats — type 'A', the "original human virus genome" — was present in Wuhan, but surprisingly was not the city's predominant virus type.
         Mutated versions of 'A' were seen in Americans reported to have lived in Wuhan, and a large number of A-type viruses were found in patients from the US and Australia.
         Wuhan's major virus type, 'B', was prevalent in patients from across East Asia.
         The 'C' variant is the major European type, found in early patients from France, Italy, Sweden and England. It is absent from the study's Chinese mainland sample, but seen in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.
         Variant 'A', most closely related to the virus found in both bats and pangolins, is described as "the root of the outbreak" by researchers. Type 'B' is derived from 'A', separated by two mutations, then 'C' is in turn a "daughter" of 'B'.
    Disclaimer: The analysis was not designed to investigate rumours suggesting the virus came from outside China. It is a misinterpretation to suggest that the novel coronavirus originated outside China.

  2. Took from Winnipeg lab to Wuhan Lab because they pissed off a Chinese Virologist and stole her ebola vaccine formula, kicked her out of Canada and put a man's name on her vaccine. So this was her Karma. What a mess. Media's so slow.. I worked this out last January last year.

  3. According to the Daily Bastards, Spy Chief Dong Jing Wei is still a loyal Chinese Communist Partier… but one has to remember that our Government Agencies; CIA, FBI, Just-us Dept are so deep in collusion with the CCP (and our Mefia Apparatchiks get paid $$$ to parrot the CCP with the approval of our “government” that this could 1.) be a joint effort to smoke him out from the Defense Dept’s Intel protection or 2.) He was turned over – back – to the CCP because our government is equally neck deep in the development and dissemination or the Man-Made killer virus 🦠 the Mefia eagerly awaits its talking points!

  4. Who cares where it came from. I suspect, I guess, I think? Give us proof and clarify how will it change the present otherwise wasting everyone's time! Focus on the variant. Look! We are a nation of self! Me myself and I so it's a miracle we had this many people took vaccines. We don't care about others especially passing COVID to our children and the sick. That's our Christian way! Wait… that doesn't sound right. I thought as a Christian nation, we should think of others 1st as the foundation of our country? Aye… this will never end until we (you fill in the blank).

    I think Lex Luther flew to Wuhan and attended the World Military game that was just few miles from the wet market… hey it's the perfect way to hit China (Wuhan is it's education and industry center), it looks like everything is working as I intended. 🙂

    I think… I think…perhaps…

  5. Investigate Fort Detrick, Lab 257, Dugway Proving Ground and the other 200+ US bio-labs around the world.

    "The US Army regularly produces deadly viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN Convention on the prohibition of Biological Weapons.
    Hundreds of thousands of unwitting people are systematically exposed to dangerous pathogens and other incurable diseases. Bio warfare scientists using
    diplomatic cover test man-made viruses at Pentagon bio laboratories in 25 countries across the world. These US bio-laboratories are funded by the
    Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program – Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP) – and are located in
    former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa." – GeoEngineering Watch

  6. why American is afraid of science? Chinese will not blame USA in case found the COVID-19 origin was in USA! Instead we appreciate it and people round the world appreciate it! It can help to prevent next pandemic!

  7. Australia is championing an independent investigation against the origin of the Coronavirus, so the world could learn from it to avoid future recurrence.

    The scope of the investigation and the frame of reference I hope should not be limited to China geographically but includes any other relevant countries. Which may include the US and some relevant European countries as appropriate.

    In order to determine the origin of the Coronavirus, it is necessary to dig into the pathology of all patients in each infected country to confirm when Covid19 started and how it was spreading in each. Since in this day and age aided by the ease of global travel, it is not difficult to wrongly pinpoint the country of origin of the Coronavirus.

    In the US, it was confirmed by the CDC Dr Robert Redfield during the House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing that the US has not in the early stage of the pandemic performed any Covid19 test on patients or during their post-mortem examination, which has left the Covid19 undetected in the US.

    Not surprisingly, there are alleged new cases of Covid19 that have been uncovered only recently in the US, France and Italy with the timing of occurrence that preceded those cases in Wuhan (see links below).

    So the independent investigation shall re-visit all those patients’ pathology (alive or dead and on the face of it had contracted flu, bronchitis or pneumonia) from as early as August/September 2019 including those from Wuhan, the US, France, Italy and any other relevant countries to find out the earliest true case of Covid19 to determine and confirm ‘Patient 0’. Only by undergoing this investigation could we be able to identify the origin of the pandemic. Neither the US nor China nor France nor Italy nor any other relevant countries should be embarrassed by the outcome of this investigation as it is a result of science.


    U.S. mayor claims that he and hundreds others in the US had Covid19 by 16 November 2019

    Covid19 in Florida by November. 2019

    COVID-19 already in France by 16 November 2019

    COVID-19 already in Italy by November 2019

    Covid19 started in Wuhan China 1 December 2019

    From the above dates of the earliest cases of Covid19, we need to accept that Wuhan China is not the origin of the pandemic. Instead of blaming China as the culprit, we should be grateful that China was involved in some of the early cases of Covid19 when China was prepared to take the bull by the horn in dealing with this new virus, unlike some other countries who failed to recognise the emerging new Covid19 cases in their country requiring them to react to it urgently as a responsible citizen of the world.

    Now, you might ask, where did the Covid19 virus come from ?
    CNN has just confirmed (15 June 2021) that researchers have found evidence by antibody tests that Covid was circulating in the US in December 2019 in
    Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, California, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington, the widespread infections in the country already during the time, patient zero in the US should have emerged weeks ago, evidencing that Wuhan is not the place of origin of the Covid 19 pandemic.

    I refer you to a development that some athletes participants at the World Military Games held in Wuhan in October 2019 might have contracted Covid19 during these games.

    As confirmed in the Lancet Report (above), the earliest confirmed case of the virus in Wuhan was recorded on 1 Dec. Therefore, the virus that was circulating during the World Military Games in October must have been brought over by the some of the participants of the Games in a cluster.

    So it is highly likely that the virus at Wuhan came from the West, which was the scenario confirmed by scientists undergoing genetical studies of the virus.

  8. Read Leonard A. Cole's book Clouds of Secrecy (1989). It explained how a "natural explanation" could be attached to any future bioweapons attack or even experiment on unwitting populations. In fact, there has been a long history of experimenting on populations without their consent for "military purposes." Tuskegee was just the tip of a dark, hidden iceberg. Time to wake up.

  9. There are a handful of major stories (often dismissed as 'right wing conspiracies') in which posters in the comments section appear to have a FAR better grasp of the facts and implications that the legacy media.
    The media are a joke – just not ha-ha funny.

  10. The problem was well discussed
    by the lady inventor who correctly
    Identified the cause as employer
    Neglect and employee greed.They
    Sold Dr Yang out 4 cash from
    IsIS to elements hostile to USA
    What is wrong with people is
    they forgot who threatened our

  11. The new leaked footage PROVES it was WEAPONIZED But the Swamp was too busy calling it a "conspiracy theory" because OrAnGe MaN BaD

    3 million people are dead and the perpetrators are free because OrAnGE MaN BaD

  12. Like Spanish flu story may be reversed! USA didn't begin COVID-19 testing until Jan 19th, 2020. The first USA imported case is Strain B/C from a Chinese. How to explain this? excerpt "According to the Daily Mail, analysis of the genetic history of SARS-CoV-2 or the novel coronavirus shows that Type A, which is the strain that came from bats and jumped to humans from pangolins, was not common in China–the origin of the outbreak.
    Instead, Type B, which is derived from Type A coronavirus via two mutations, is more prevalent in the country, specifically in ground zero: Wuhan.
    Nevertheless, the original variation has been found in over 400,000 COVID-19 cases in the United States and Australia."
    Human being doesn't have the capability to manipulate this COVID-19 Strain distribution (may be GOD can, but CCP are atheists).

  13. Class, investigations deal with & require Jurisdiction always. So any investigation of China (Region, Dynasty, Empire, the peoples Republic of etc) would have to be done by China of course, always.
    And we are concerned that such allegation(s) of Wuhan actually being the origin of the corona virus and/or the lab that engineered a bad batch of drugs that we suspect caused the virus, is/are just more School breakology tactic(s) designed to undermine our eternal 100% total cooperation, affiliation, friendship, mutual interest, & association with & regarding the so famous for clean foods, markets, & good health aroaa great peoples of China & the East, in another effort to break our good School, Universal unity, life, training, fun, & good health, & all Martial Arts aroaa, including 10 Commandment Way. So it's a Jurisdiction issue beyond USA Region's legal reach regarding any such investigation and we think it's maybe fraud that Wuhan's lab is involved at all criminally, always.

  14. Uploaded DURING pandemic!

    RaTG13, 96.1% to SARS-COV-2
    RpYN06, 94.4% to SARS-COV-2
    RmYN02, 93.3% to SARS-COV-2
    RacCS203, 91.5% to SARS-COV-2
    RshSTT200, 92.6% to SARS-COV-2
    RshSTT182, 92.6% to SARS-COV-2, 
    Pangolin SARSr-COV-GD, 91% to SARS-COV-2
    Pangolin SARSr-COV-GX, 89% to SARS-COV-2

    Good old microsoft word

  15. That’s why Fauci is not to be blamed. You don’t blame someone for basing his decision on best evidence so far, rather than guesses. Even if wild guesses turned out to be right.

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