Florida bans critical race theory in public schools | ABC News

Florida becomes the latest state to ban schools from teaching about systemic racism as debate on the subject heats up across the country.

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47 thoughts on “Florida bans critical race theory in public schools | ABC News

  1. My 7 yr. old grand daughter came home from school singing God Bless America. We live in Suffolk County on Long Island. No critical race bullshit in her school. Thankful that my parents had the foresight to take us out of the NYC cesspool way back in 1958.

  2. lots of poor white kids in florida who have no power. so i dont think its a great idea to teach them that they have power over others, especially when they dont, and try to blame poor whyts kids for what the rich whyte elites have done. Poor and rich whytes are two different breeds of people. Why should the poor ones get blame for what the rich ones in power have done? If you want to teach anything, teach them about the CLASS system and how people in power ruin it for everyone.

  3. Because only the forebears of white people have blood on their hands? Right. Why then is this focused only on white people? Why not talk about the genocides and slavery that the ancestors of black Americans have been perpetrating on each other in Africa for centuries? Hmmm?

  4. Of course Florida is jumping on the bandwagon. DeSantis has to keep Trump happy. Even though CRT isn’t being taught in K-12 schools anywhere. Remember a couple decades ago when Republicans pushed for an anti flag burning amendment, even though that wasn’t really a problem? Or a few years ago when several red states passed laws banning the use of Sharia law by the courts, even though no one was suggesting or proposing using Sharia law in state courts? Republicans are very good at coming up with solutions to problems that don’t exist. Why not pass a law banning dogs from driving motorcycles? As if I needed another reason to stay away from Florida.

  5. CRT being taught in school….a 6 year old girl in Loudoun County was taught that she was EVIL because she was born white…this is despicable…CRT is teaching racism to try to limit Racism!!!!
    How damaged is this child and what does that say to all children! This is a socialist agenda only put there to divide us. Shameful disgusting socialist agenda!

  6. If equity is the goal then why are Democrat politicians so vehemently opposed to Charter schools in failing school districts? All evidence points to significantly better outcomes for the children they serve. That's the question blue voters need to be asking their elected officials bc it appears like they AREN'T interested in better outcomes but greater control for themselves

  7. Schools should stay out of politics and stick to just teaching reading, writing, math, and respect for one another no matter what race or color they are. Critical race theory is racist because it teaches kids that it is perfectly fine to murder all white people because the white people are to blame for pre civil war slavery. Critical race theory does not teach and foster inclusion and diversity.

  8. Because CRT is racist. "This race is privileged, that race is victim, this race is oppressive, that race is blameless and innocent. Race this race that race here race there, race race race is all we think about, let's fixate on race and teach race to kids so they know about their social caste."

  9. () is a body of legal scholarship and an academic movement of US civil-rights scholars and activists who seek to critically examine the intersection of race and US law and to challenge mainstream American liberal approaches to racial justice. CRT examines social, cultural, and legal issues primarily as they relate to race and racism in the US. A tenet of CRT is that racism and disparate racial outcomes are the result of complex, changing, and often subtle social and institutional dynamics, rather than explicit and intentional prejudices of individuals.

  10. Banning history..hmm sounds like a good idea. Just another way to silence a certain population. It's horrible. White victimization wins yet again and blackness gets demonized once again after 400 years of demonization. Black people have been taught to hate their skin since the beginning of time but now while parents are sooooo scared that their feelings will also get hurt??

  11. The ultraliberal fearmongers, particularly the sensation feeding media love to keep the race $#!+ stired. It keeps them in the spotlight. But we, the people, vast majority of us are SICK OF IT. Everyone has chance to be decent, peace loving, respectful human being. Color is not what makes a person, its character. But if racism is flourishing , it is being created by those extreeme groups who bennefit of it. Enough is ENOUGH! And just keep this garbage out of our schools.

  12. CRT is intellectually connected to the 1924 German “Institute for Social Research” also known as the Frankfurt School. “Critical Theory” and “Cultural Marxism” and Political Correctness and neo Marxism were developed there.

    CRT operates within the Leftist Ideology. CRT, Intersectionality, BLM, Postmodern Neo Marxism, Totalitarianism are all intermixed and compatible with one another.

    Critical Theory functions to make people “continually criticize”. See the history here https://youtu.be/EjaBpVzOohs

    CRT is not critical thinking or objective thinking. . It rejects the use of reasoning and replaces reasoning with a story. It has no theory, just a negative subjective bias to fuel an obsessive criticism of America, whites and Christians; and it creates ever growing resentment as it moves on.


    (Socialism is a theft scheme)

    Understand the role of social resentment here: https://youtu.be/9SUccB5xitg

    CRT seeks to refight the past. This leads to demoralization and hatred of America. History never seems to let go.
    Example of obsessions with the past, or “CRT is just teaching history” discussion: https://youtu.be/dwgsbZ1MsAE
    The past is used as a “nagging stick” over any white person. It is racism. This leads to a predictable reaction from the White Guy, namely impatience and conflict. Marxism seeks to create endless social conflict. It regards conflict as necessary to manage or improve the society in the same manner as Darwin’s Theory describes evolution and the “fittest survive”. Conflict is used to weed out the weakest. Marx honored evolution theory. CRT fuels this conflict with its call to racial obsession and Equity obsession and nagging on Whites (Asians).

    CRT never solves or intends to solve racism, rather it perpetuates racism as a method to continue conflict. Marxists want forever conflict.

    CRT supporters using deception:
    The black man lies when he says schools do not teach CRT today at 05:22

    It isnt what CRT is, a biased negative discussion filter, that is ultimately important, it is where it goes that matters. CRT has an underlying power consciousness. It requires obsessions to power structures and stereotypes. Thus, it sits adjacent to Intersectionality. Both CRT and Intersectionality positions WHITES (ASIANS) on the bottom power rung.

    It seeks to take property away from Whites, then this is given it to a socialist state. The social state then keeps both whites and blacks equally poor forevermore. This is equity.

    CRT is fueled by history which cannot be changed. CRT has a backward view that uses psychological obsessions and guilt with history to ignite today’s resentment. It traps people with stereotypes and labels that cannot be shrugged off. This labeling was also used in Maoist China in the 70s. As a result, the 5 million Chinese privileged landowners were executed by 15 year old “Red Guards.” to make China more “equitable” and Woke. Yes, the Chinese used the word “Woke”.

    CRT creates these labels:

    Privileged Whites (Asians)
    Racist (anyone who uses logic, reasoning)
    White Supremist

    RESENTMENT is the first goal. DESTRUCTION of Free Market America is the next goal.
    REDISTRIBUTION OF PROPERTY known as EQUITY, is the next goal.

    CRT points to the implementation of totalitarian socialism as the answer to racism. CRT says that capitalism is racist. So, by a process of student elimination, socialism and thought control with punishments and shaming becomes the only answer to “racist capitalism”.

    CRT leads to:

    Reduced Trust
    Continuous tribal conflict
    Shaming for sins not committed
    Elimination of meritocracy or excellence
    Elimination of reason, logic and objectivity
    Calling objectivity racist
    An all powerful 4th branch of Govt
    Increase of authoritarianism
    Use of “oppression matrix”
    “White abolition” training
    Fear of disagreeing, grades reduced
    1st graders deconstructing their gender
    Political Correctness
    Race Obsession, Racism
    Collective Guilt
    Obsessive materialism/atheism
    Demonizing Whites for being born
    Pits students against one another
    Anti Capitalism
    Decrease of individualism
    Decrease of hard work habits
    A race to the bottom
    Using a false history
    Disregarding of world history
    Destruction of all institutions.
    Negative, demoralized thinking
    Support of Cancel Culture
    Godless lifestyle
    A reduction in empathy
    State Communism not (religious) charity
    Elimination of the middle class
    Classroom Surveys that allow CRT managers to track Christians, Whites, Asians for future rejection, discrimination, punishment.
    Large scale land redistribution

    CRT creates activists that mirror the Red Guards of China during the Cultural Revolution.
    CRT seeks to “resolve problems” by the total destruction of all institutions in the USA.
    CRT subverts family unity.
    CRT finds racism in mathematics!
    CRT supports limiting high achievers from college admissions at Elite schools.
    CRT supports racist stereotyping, victimizing Intersectionality Ideology
    CRT is a supporting leg of socialist revolution. It resembles Maoism while operating in the school or institution.

    CRT causes good teachers to resign

    CRT declares overtly and covertly it is the only ideology relevant and useful to work with racial issues. It is aligned with Maoist Political Correctness disciplines.

    CRT establishes an authoritarian link between the Federal Govt/State and all student learning in the classroom. It is a power grab.
    CRT is Thought Control which limits individual Critical Thinking by reducing diversity of opinion.

    LEFTISM encourages “snitching” on anyone who does not follow the Leftist CRT party line.

    CRT is Maoist Political Correctness which was used in the 70s in China with one change. That change was the replacement of landowners to the present demonizing of Whites and Asians in the USA.

    Teacher to CRT:

    Hot speaker to school board

    CRT is associated to Leftist Antifa activist training

    $ Millions to support CRT

    CRT recent history – hard work is “white”


    Speaker Loudin County – Lack of Transparency, anti parent sentiments
    – silencing – intimidation by Leftists

    Ty Smith, father

    School Boards fight against parents

    Crtitical Race Theory is deceptively renamed:
    Equity Education
    Anti Racism training
    Ethnic Studies
    Racial Ethics


    DESCRIPTION 2 Lindsay


  13. All the comments about equality and not hating people for their race seem to come from those OPPOSED to this dogma, why aren't any supporters of CRT also opposed to judging people based on their race? Why are there no comments with the message 'I believe CRT will help end hatred and promote equality' or 'I believ in CRT andI believ people should not be judged based on skin color'? Do supporters of CRT believe these things?

  14. WOKE CRT indoctrination means that children are told they don’t really need to think critically and understand why they believe what they do. They just need to have the right viewpoint and force others to conform like they’ve been forced to conform. They pressure instead of persuade.
    This, in turn, leads to tribalism—groups of people united in their share identity be it gay, lesbian, transgender or black, but not in reason and truth. The lack of thought in turn is immune to criticism based upon their perceived moral supremacy based upon a collective shared belief in a history and legacies of oppression. Hence empirical data that is in conflict with CRT WOKE mantra is ignored and those whom disagree disparaged as racist or homophobic and taken as proof of their guilt, racism and intolerance. It is called a fallacy trap and has no place in public discourse as a matter of civics in our pluralistic diverse modern republic that once upon a time became a color blind society. WOKE CRT have torn down that society and working to replace it with something more akin to primitive racial tribalism rather than a republic based upon higher laws.

  15. America is finally coming to the realization that Blacks in the U.S and minorities like China are no longer just going to sit back and settle for the status quo of white supremacy/privilege. People of color have learned from U.S bully mentality around the globe that you simply have to take what you want and don't expect a hand-out.

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