Harris delivers message in Guatemala | WNT

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke about illegal immigration and the “dangerous trek” to the U.S.-Mexico border. This year, more than 96,000 migrants have come from Guatemala.




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  3. She is right on this one. Although she criticized Trump for doing the same thing. Not sure is she just realized it or what but I give her points for doing what is right. People need to understand the dangers of human trafficking, sex slavery and such atrocities. Please pray for our leaders so they can be enlightened to do the right thing, even if you don't like them.

  4. In 1933 a Christian minister who held healing meetings was given a vision from God which predicted a future female President. Many divine healings took place at these meetings .
    There is a video under "PERRY STONE" which tells of this "vision." In U-tube William Branham said that if this vision of a future female President never came to pass he said that he would not be considered to be a "Man of God."
    There is a video in U-tube where Timothy Dixon predicted that Kamala Harris would become President but when the Democrats try to frame her for the stolen 2020 Presidential Election she is going to reveal the secrets about the stealing of the 2020 Election and this should pave the road for Donald Trump to be elected as President again for a Second Term. Also a prophet has predicted that Kamala Harris will be elected President in November 29th, 2021. We will see if this is a fakse prophecy or possibly a true prophecy come November 29th, 2021

  5. "Kamala not welcome" was my favorite sign from the video you won't show. You know what video don't you? The one where citizens of guatemala protested telling her Trump won and to go home. Lol Oh oh AND what about the interview afterward? The part where she says she's been to the border (US and Mexico border), then is told she hasn't. Her response to that… “And I haven’t been to Europe,” she responded, laughing. “I don’t understand the point you’re making." Oh yeah… that's a winner right there. She should get a trophy for being the first female pathological liar in US history! Way to represent the US. Isn't it hilarious how these people still think this administration is the best thing to ever happen?? I guess people enjoy being manipulated and lied to. To each their own, I guess.

  6. What happened when she was running for the Democrat nomination for President and she said FREE healthcare and FREE education to illegals? This woman wants illegals to over-run our border. Who the hell is she kidding? Giggle giggle. Incompetent.

  7. She's clueless and in over her head. Her doubly clueless boss knows the problem he caused can't be fixed so he sends her to Guatemala to tell them don't come after telling them to come here. I'm not a Republican but the Democrats are ruining this country.

  8. If you want to talk about root causes, you should be talking about the population growth rate in Guatemala. Population has increased to the point where the country simply does not have the resources to support it's population. For some reason, none of our politicians and news outlets (including ABC) will even mention population growth as a major driver of the immigration crisis.

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