Shrinking Salmon, Fewer Clams: Climate Change Devastating Seafood Industry

Warming waters are impacting the seafood industry from coast to coast. Restaurant owners are receiving smaller salmon portions, and clammers are seeing a major decrease in their harvests. Biologists in Seattle are sounding the alarm about the impact of warming waters on salmon in the region by limiting the size of the population.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


37 thoughts on “Shrinking Salmon, Fewer Clams: Climate Change Devastating Seafood Industry

  1. Has nothing to do with climate change. Has everything to do with that crap they spray in your sky. The rain stopped when they started spraying the rain clouds with that contrail spray. Haven't you noticed that the fluffy poofy building clouds turn into a big white fuzzy haze after they spray that s*** in front of it? Put your sheep suit on and prepare to wake up.

  2. Seriously, let's get one thing straight, its climatic perturbations causing the shifts in climatic anomalies or deviations from the normal seasonal conditions we are accustomed to, and the actor is nature.
    How so?
    Nibiru means crossing and a planetary body comes to Earth's solar orbit every 3,600 years. HERCOLUBUS and entourage is now in its ecliptical orbit and is near Earth which is now set at 23 degree tilt due to the precession of the equinoxes which occurs every 26,000 years. Its is alleged to cause the polar shifts. The perturbations or shake up is expected to last 20 years and when Hercolubus and entourage of celestial body completes the eclipt and travels back into deep space.
    During the solar cyclical cosmic crossover (or con-junction), of the planetary body, there will be PERTURBATIONS with varied degree of disorders followed by a lack of order or lack of predictability where entropy reign supreme.
    Waves of charged plasmatic energy system and the flow of energy may disrupt the core flows of the Earth and trigger catastrophic changes in Earth's climate. The natural forces inducing the anomalies are extreme shifts in climate or weather affecting all the elements such as temperatures, precipitations, water levels, wind, tectonic ground conditions and soil stability, underground as well as surface volcanic activities, polar shifts affecting Ice and Glacial activities etc, but the most challenging problem comes from epidemics caused by viruses unleash from melting Ice or glaciers and from tectonic shitfs.
    Climate change is just a term to describe the degradation of the environment as the result from consumption of materials. Its really good to tidy up and give consideration to the living habits in consuming materials to pursue economic wealth but the mitigation to achieve carbon neutrality can result in improved living conditions. The option is to develop dispersed township located properly in most suitable terrain to avoid low lying densely populated regions.
    Can anyone stop this natural progression?

  3. I am a Historian…I KNOW from the historical record that every few centuries our planet goes through serious climate change cycles… and few died or were seriously effected by the change…when the sea level rose 20 feet, they just moved!!!
    From about 900AD uintil 1340AD there was a huge global warming event flooding coastal areas so people moved from Holland to England for example…Newfoundland had a warm climate seldom even had frost in the winter time… the Norse could sail the North Atlantic in open boats with no problem!!! The English grew better wine grapes than the french! Global Temps were several degrees warmer than today!!! The between 1340-1350 global temps plunged into an Ice Age, London's Thames river froze a couple feet thick ice for months in winter… it was not until the late 19th century that temps warmed up…
    This global warming hype is %95 POLITICAL so the crazy people can run our lives… Nothing bad happened during the last global warming and the same will happen this time!
    Ancient Egypt all of North Africa, the Sinai, Israel, was watered fertile and had large forests 2000 years ago! That is what the historians say!!! So stop being so silly delusional foolish!!!

  4. So, how do you control a country? On October 17, 1979 President Carter signed a bill creating the Department of Education. This gave the federal government control of our children's education to the federal government. By controlling the education system, you control what children learn. By controlling what and how they learn, you control how they think. Next you need to control what people see, hear, and how they communicate, through the media, do that, you now control their opinions. Finally, control their freedom of movement, by controlling
    there access to fossil fuels under the guise of climate change.

  5. Actually this is a propagated lie. Global warming’s cause is from multiple factors including natural events , carbon emissions and pollutions. Also ozone depletion as we continue to punch holes in our ozone sending wealthy Astro hacks into orbit.
    The facts are swept under the rug like, a volcanos eruption puts more carbon in the air than all the humans do in several decades combined.
    The earth won’t be swayed by humans much. We push and it pushes back. With the depletion of trees the earth has an ace in its pocket. The Arctic circle has a treasure trove of diatoms that produce more oxygen than all the forest combined times ten. These organisms literally produce oxygen by dying when exposed from the ice melting.
    The earth is smarter and better designed than we know. It has backups to backup plans embedded into its design.
    The fish depletion is caused by overfishing from overpopulation. Humans point everywhere but at themselves to avoid blame.
    NBC is a muppet news org designed to deceive as all other news sources. This is within their design.

  6. Here in the Columbia River basin, salmon own the lowest rung on the ladder. Everything humans do on and to the land effects them. Money in politics drives it all. Salmon supporters don't have much money and they often work against each other. Divide and conquer anyone?

  7. You guys only have yourself to blame you literally just told us that your family has been doing this for Generations so we know where to point the finger. I still find it amazing that God's judgment is being called climate change. The Gentiles will get their just deserts for everything that they have done on this Earth

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