Battle over how to teach race and racism in America’s schools

ABC News’ Terry Moran takes an in-depth look at the new anti-racism curriculum in some schools across the country, and the backlash to these changes.


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41 thoughts on “Battle over how to teach race and racism in America’s schools

  1. Patriotic teaching, would also be indoctrination.
    This is because children are being presented with an ideology.
    Give them the information and let them decide whether it was good or bad without teachers expressing their
    Opinions on the subjects.
    I believe that our children already have integrity and know right from wrong.

  2. How has not teaching racism helped so far? Not teaching it doesn't mean it doesn't exist or students don't experience it. The people who are against this are mostly those whose lives have never been impacted by racism. How it is that is ok to highlight problems and find solutions in other areas of the classroom but issue of racism is suppose to be muted? It is only through education that we can remove can ignorance and hate; not through brushing it aside or pretending it is not a reality.

  3. Racism in America is similar to apartheid in South Africa, it is right in your face. There is a preacher I know of who said he would rather go to hell than go to heaven with white people. This is a tragedy for a preacher to be able to say that and mean it. This book unravels the mystery of the joint hatred of the Nation’s against black people. This is not a new thing you can see it in Psalm 83 they are still upholding this agreement they made amongst themselves today, so we understand   Hebrew Israelites doctrine, but it is still wrong, and we will not subscribe to it. Neither do we subscribe to the resurrecting of the law given to Moses. The children of Israel were not able to keep the laws when they had it then, it is ridiculous for anyone to think they can actually still manage to keep all those laws now. They cannot, and they deceive themselves and others pretending they can. The apostle Paul explains it best in Romans Chapter @ to 25 he is speaking of the difficulty of the law because of the pre-existing law of sin already in his body. It is the being baptized into Christ the anointed one that destroys the law of sin and brings change.                  Hebrews Chapter 7: 11,12, 21 & 22 speaks of Jesus being the more excellent way, Romans Chapter 8 He is the fulfillment of Old Testament Writings everything clearly points directly straight to him. In Mathew Chapter 11:28 Jesus said “come unto me all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” Jesus Christ is the new sabbath! He is everything and everything is in him, (Selah) 
    Our father who art in heaven is not Jesus’s prayer Jesus’s prayer is St John Chapter 17 the apostolic doctrine derives from verse:20 – (do read well) Yes, we know Jesus is not his real Hebrew name Deuteronomy 28 speaks of calamity and disaster that would happen to the people, slavery caused changing of language, names, and everything. What we know as Hebrew language today is not the same Hebrew our forefathers spoke that is gone, now we have to accept the Hebrew Esau has presented to us as we do not know any better. At this point you should already understand from the previous pages how, and why everything has been the way it is, that is why this book is such a magnificent tool that everybody needs, also the reason we had such a hard fight and push back from the powers that be trying to stop us getting this book out to the public. Nothing is new, they used to burn bibles, they used to burn people. As we get closer towards the tribulation, we shall all see for ourselves who the true remnant is. Those of us who are in Christ according to the written word, will operate in the supernatural as the early disciples and apostles did in the New Testament

  4. For all the people who says this shouldn’t be taught your racist That’s erasing history my people were seen as 3/5 of a man and you want that to be erased we were brought here on slave ships tortured by white people and then when we were free had to go through segregation but it’s ok to learn about Christopher Columbus who genocied a whole race? You ideology makes no sense they should be learning these lesson so they want repeat them.

  5. Critical Race Theory should not be taught in public schools. Our history has plenty of evidence that inclusiveness has been tried and instituted. Gradually, society has come along toward civil concord. The racist tone of the Obama Administration has tried to influence our society away from the historical trend toward civil society. Critical race theory should not be indoctrinated into our children with this pernicious so-called "theory."

  6. are white liberals pretending like they don't know what this actually is & really believe it's just "teaching history"
    or is this a lie that democrats just can't afford to turn against?
    if they tell the public the trurth they know the public will freak out forcing them to make a statement in either support or against.
    If they go against it this will no doubt cost them the next election, if they openly support it after public knows what it actually is then they will lose the center and cost them next election.
    id love to just call them idiots & that they just don't get it but unfortunately they do & since they'll all be dead soon they'd rather take the safe route even if it does mean the future for america & its citizens is now at greater risk

  7. You guys have become too socialist. This is happening in europe too. When the state has too much money. They will start funding social theory proffessors to divide the country. Through the use of marxism. Had it not been for this socialism, these guys would just have been working for mcdonalds or something, where they couldn’t harm anyone.

  8. Half of Our kids arent reading at their grade level so let’s teach them that everything is racist and that they don’t have a chance to succeed in such an oppressive society .. sounds like a good idea 😂😂😂

  9. Teach by biblical standard not by man idealology like one man made a book of white supremacy Did God day one race was superior over the other ? No What did Jesus say? Let the past stay in the past,tomorrow has enough worries ,live for today! Living off other people ideas and what they think man's ideas is WRONG to begin with learn truths !I'm not gonna listen to some person who talks about white supremacy that not even in the Father word would God be happy if we were teaching man idealology not truths ? NO start teaching right go back to biblical standards which we should've NEVER fell away from it! You can't force man's ideas on other people that what man think that NOT what God says ! How do you expect the father to accept you if your teaching man idealology!

  10. Hopefully they will teach how just as racist other countries have been and are. In Latin America racism is quite normal and accepted. I have experienced more racism in Guatemala and Mexico than in the United states and I'm latino. I think we all need common sense

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