Dr. Ashish Jha discusses India’s COVID crisis, new travel restrictions

Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, discusses India’s COVID-19 crisis, and new restrictions imposed by the U.S. on travel from India.


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21 thoughts on “Dr. Ashish Jha discusses India’s COVID crisis, new travel restrictions

  1. Lady do you really need to be so gleeful talking about our plight and especially talking to the poor man about the hardships of his native land? Do you really need to compare India with USA? Totally tasteless.

  2. It’s a lie.. Please look into their government of giving Water Shots to their people and not the actual vaccine. They are lying to their people & my friends there are not getting the right treatment unless they have money.

  3. 1918 pandemic survivor believes home remedy saved her family. See You Tube video '1918 influenza pandemic survivor: Mrs. Edna Boone interviewed 2008'. from Alabama Department of Archives and History. She said her mother gave her 1/2 teaspoon soda in a glass of water in the morning. The only soda I know of is a kitchen ingredient called baking soda. Baking soda also called sodium bicarbonate does have side effects. It is high in sodium which can raise blood pressure, even cause brain bleed, gastro intestinal bleeding, body pH imbalance that can be fatal. There is a warning on the box not to exceed the amount and time period they state. I am not a doctor. Disclaimer alert – Get approval and guidance from your own health care provider before using baking soda.

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  4. Habere inter se rationem, o caelum. Ex Europa et America, Asia sunt ex Africa. Et invenietis illos qui sciebant quod dixerunt. Reperio quod illi sciebant, qui nihil fecerunt. Find prodest eis, qui quaerebant de morte, angustia et dolores tenuerunt ut aliorum exempla eorum. Ipsasque occidunt. Exsculpere oculos suos pernumerare scindendi, auditum exsculpere et manus amputauit. Hoc exemplum Magistri ante mundi vanas eorum Deus. Terra autem in aeternum auferret. Possint ostendere matris abscondi. Et non abscondam a magister est. , Et nocere non possunt esse actiones et cogitationes suas deserant circumda modo se. Sic fiat.

  5. USA extending a "helping hand" comes a little to late. The Harris/Biden govt. banned export of vaccine raw materials to India – delaying the vaccination drive. Bill Gates denies sharing vaccine "patent" with the world. Mercenary?

  6. Half the world is dying of Covid and the other half thinks its over. India thought is was over and now they have people dying by the thousands. Chile also thought it was over and opened rapidly and right now Chile is reporting rapid increasing spread of the virus and increasing numbers of deaths even from large numbers of people AFTER THEY HAVE RECEIVED ONE OR BOTH OF THEIR COVID VACCINE SHOTS. You cant say your safe if half of your house is on fire and right now HALF THE WORLD IN STILL ON FIRE.

  7. This is a lesson for countries NOT to over populate.. there is NO control in India and because of the masses.. people are dying. COVID has been around since end 2019.. Don't these countries realise that all precautions MUST be taken at all times. This is life as we know it now.. masking, sanitation, social distancing (a little hard in India given its population and housing etc0. . Don't people use their common sense. This is an eye opener for ALL countries.. whether numbers of cases or deaths drop – one has to be very careful. COVID may be gone but we do not know what is around the corner.. India has a ton of wealthy people – why can they not all get together and clean up that country once and for all. Sometimes, sadly, this is natures way of reducing the world populations – as heartless as that may sound, it is a fact. Country so carelessly get over crowded causing – mayhem in various forms. It is sad to see so many lives lost and heartbreaking to see how helpess they are but people need to sit up and pay attention… use your common sense!!!. Situations like these can be avoided and Govt and the people need to work together instead of placing blame. It is to point a finger once the damage is all done but it is about working together if you value the lives of loved ones and yourself.

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