GOP House leader caught on hot mic blasting Cheney l GMA

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy was overheard saying he has “lost confidence” in Congresswoman Liz Cheney, who is the third-highest ranking Republican in the House.

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37 thoughts on “GOP House leader caught on hot mic blasting Cheney l GMA

  1. Biden is now showing the world and India now how to run a country like a champ and a real president not the pretend one we suffered under in the most catastrophic ways never seen before in are Lifetimes and made are country the national embarrassment and Failure of the planet until Biden came along and brought America back from the brink of extinction and got more stuff done in 100 days than Trump did in his whole presidentcy and now can help others do the same with using safety guidelines first no matter what and making sure they don't come into America until fully vaccinated and virus free because that's how you stop the catastrophic spread from other countries just like after 911 there was guidelines for safety now we add covid-19 to that list thank God

  2. Thank God Biden is president now and running are country now the right way and giving us a shield to stop from going to instant death for most people now but stopping the spread is the next big hurdle unfortunately specially in disrespectful spring breakers that almost started another wave of Covid cases like in November and winter but Biden is a real president not a pretend one so he had a back up plan first curfews and fines to people who don't want to follow the rules like everybody else then mega vaccine rollout.that changed the ball game forever and gave us finally a head start against covid-19 this time instead of last year's catastrophic disaster that brought America to the brink of extinction under Trump who would have wiped the American People off the map this time definitely if he was still in power and India's new Covid mutations hit us like a Tsunami again like last year and caused the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless and World Crisis in Modern History and got the whole USA banned from almost the entire planet in only 5 months since memorial day of 2020 when Trump unleashed Pandora's Box on America in catastrophic ways never seen before in are Lifetimes and even his own CDC and doctors warned him countless times not to open the country in the middle of a Pandemic or it would be suicide for America as a whole in the next 6 months unlike we've ever thought possible

  3. Unfortunately Liz you waited to long to see the light even though I admire your turn around and going after the evil Nazi party GOP that's trying to turn America into Nazi Germany for the first time in history and take away are voting rights then are constitutional law and Bill of Rights like george carlin talked about warning us about a modern day hitler dictatorship that would happen in 2016 and end America as we know it with hostage takeover of are government and democracy through violence and political hate that will do everything in there power to keep turning the usa against each other while trump and his murderous Wallstreet Swamp Tyrants walkway with all are money and way of life and then change what are four fathers fought for the declaration of independence and all the amendments that were put in place for a reason law and order on potential dictatorship take over like Adolf and Ceaser

  4. Trump will bring down the Republican Nazi GOP Party because just like Hitler did to germany in the 1930s he was there downfall and why they lost same similarities here everytime Trump interferes and opens his fat lieing mouth it's a monumental catastrophic mess for everybody to clean up in the end only this time it won't be Biden cleaning up the mess again it will be whatever is left of the GOP Nazi Party in disbelief again scratching there heads why did we do this again to ourselves

  5. Kevin McCarthy you are and will always be a coward. Evil only happens when good people do nothing. Liz Cheney told the truth. How many of you good people are going to do nothing and let her stand alone? You are being counted.

  6. YOUR FAKE NEWS IS UNBELIEVABLE THIS MORNING! WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THE CRISIS at the border causing the covid virus to spread and causing all the killings drugs and sex trafficking why are you not talking about it. A simple fix close the border

  7. If anyone needs the "boot" it's Kevin McCarthy. I think he's a dangerous man. He'll lie and conive and do anything to stay in power. Say one thing one minute, then fly down to kiss Trump's $%@. Are you Trumpsters THAT stupid?

  8. The GOP is dead.
    I saw this coming in 2016 ( over the weird worship of this con-man).
    It's why I left the Republican party in 2016, although I had been a Republican since 1987.
    I am now a registered Nonpartisan Voter in my state .
    The party of honesty, integrity, and family values is long gone.

    All that's left is this cult of personality

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  10. Kevin McCarthy continues to divide the R party with complete lack of integrity. Liz will not blindly follow and pledge her loyality to no one because that is her job. Maybe are first woman president will be a republican.

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