Guiliani raid ‘a very serious turn in this investigation,’ prosecutor says

Former federal prosecutor Robert Mintz discusses how prosecutors may approach the investigation into former President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani after a raid on his home and office.


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39 thoughts on “Guiliani raid ‘a very serious turn in this investigation,’ prosecutor says

  1. If we had trust in the democrats and are justice dept we could believe in no abuse of power by the democrats. But watching them for the last 5 years my bet would be on abuse of power and retaliating against Guiliana. Just more wasted tax payers money on witch hunts. Typical democrat move.

  2. What a coincidence, Mary McCord – who was the Democrat Party’s lead in covering up the illegal use of FISA (that’s “FOREIGN” Intelligence Surveillance Act intended to stop Terrorist acts and leave all other investigations to the 4th Amendment protected privacy civil right requiring charges, evidence and WARENTS for ALL other criminal investigations) – has been brought in to advise the FISA court again 🤔 why? Has the FBI been getting FISAs on Rudy Giuliani to SPY on him for exposing the fact that the FBI had opened an International Money Laundering case 272d-ba-3065729 on the Bidens then SAT ON IT for over a year (concerned Trump could win re-election) and now the FBI needs to whole Biden Crackhead laptop and illegal use of FISAing go away??? 🧐 again???

  3. Wish I could commit a crime..get away with it. Like I go out dancing/ have some drinks once a year and someone calls my job about illegal party goods. Next I m the most UA person and rumors. When I did nothing wrong. Yup wish I had their protection. Its like the budget. Whose is counting, yet don't make over 50 dollars on Disability you will lose some medical and food help. Tired of different tiers with lies.

  4. When will the Email issue be brought forth and questioning Ms. H Clinton? And the issue with Jr Biden lap top? None of that is being done with justice. This raid does not surprise many.

  5. If Giuliani turns on Trump he would be doing so with the blessings of the Republican Party. The old stalwarts there have long concluded that the best way to wrestle control of the GOP from Trump is to allow for his criminal prosecution. And McConnell told us as much when he said “President Trump is still liable for everything he did while he was in office. Didn't get away with anything yet."

  6. Total witch hunt. The left is in panic mode because of the audits. Yes, more than one. New Hampshire found way too many abnormalities to just let it go. They are choosing their audit team now.

  7. People choose to believe what they want to believe with little regard for the truth if it helps their side, whether left or right. Most people are too immature and too uneducated to be objective. They have no intention of being objective. Trump says things they agree with, that’s all his supporters care about. It’s all about white identity politics and the fact that he holds nothing back. It matters little that he’s a reckless horrible human being.

  8. ABC has sure taken a nose dive big time recently and that's really saying something considering they had to apologize for showing 2017 Kentucky gun show footage and claiming it was the 2019 " Slaughter of the Kurds"
    Really think they're getting worse than cnn and msnbc – at least everyone knows those are just theater.

  9. "We the People" went to the polls to elect a president who would get things done. Trump and his clones are still out and about. So far just a lot about nothing, no "Police Reform, Trump and his kids are still breathing, domestic terrorists are amongst US acting like they've done nothing wrong. hiding in our military and local police departments.

  10. Giuliani and NY knows he should have registered as lobbyist and " hired hand" representing the interests of Communist Block Countries. Why did it take years before Giuliani was stopped from indermining Democracy and USA. He is working for the only enemy of our country an enemy that has never been a country seeking better for it's people and only for a handful of "#thePutinSovietkkkreeps"

  11. I voted straight Democratic in all the previous elections and even I see the irony here. How many bellowed about Trump going after Obama? Talking about a president going after his predecessor yet here is Biden going full steam ahead prosecuting Trump and anyone related to him. Where are those people now? Pushing for the previous administration to be prosecuted. Does no one else see this?

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