Oversight board upholds Trump Facebook ban

Former President Donald Trump will remain banned on Facebook for now, the Facebook Oversight Board announced Wednesday.

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49 thoughts on “Oversight board upholds Trump Facebook ban

  1. Trump will bring down the Republican Nazi GOP Party because just like Hitler did to germany in the 1930s he was there downfall and why they lost same similarities here everytime Trump interferes and opens his fat lieing mouth it's a monumental catastrophic mess for everybody to clean up in the end only this time it won't be Biden cleaning up the mess again it will be whatever is left of the GOP Nazi Party in disbelief again scratching there heads why did we do this again to ourselves

  2. And the fifth angel poured out the vial upon the seat of the Beast and darkness came into his kingdom; the people gnawed their tongues for pain. REV 16:10
    :surprised that this prophecy has not come true yet, but it will. One solar flare or an EMP and the whole house of cards comes down. The kingdom of nothingness (internet/ world wide web) that we have built our economy and lives on will crumble. Chaos will rule.

  3. I can't wait till Mr Trump turns Facebook Twitter and YouTube and any other oh yeah and any other stupid talk site I hope he makes them all the laughing stock of America because they took his rights away and he has every right to fight them for what they did to him I hope he sues that you know what out of them you can't take people's rights away this is America if he does become president I hope he shuts them all down

  4. I have never had more than ZERO interest in Facebook or Twitter, because of their minute-to-minute coverage of Donnie-Dirty-Diaper's insidious toxic lies. If Twitter had kept his combative lies off in 2016, the thinking world (outside NYC) would have never have heard of his silly ass.
    Since the double-impeached Tangerine Turd at long-last MAY be permanently gone, I will make it a point to join my many friends on both cyber-net websites. I may even consider sending $$ to any entity that keeps his filthy mouth away from ALL microphones.
    Since I was born just a few weeks after Agent Orange, I have every incentive to remain healthy enough to urinate on his grave.

  5. FB allow other countries' President to use FB and ban US President in FB? He did nothing wrong! We have free speech here! Stop the revenge and hatred because FB listens only to democrats and leftists. Instead, FB should initiate Unity and not divide us farther! FB should LEAD, to stop hatred n revenge.

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  7. He’s a horrible President who allowed them to do this kind of thing with impunity. He really hurt the office that he did nothing to enforce the laws. Ann Coulter said he didn’t even need Congressional approval to build and fund the wall, it was a no brainer. Trump refused to put up a real wall only 12 miles did he do! He could have taxed money Mexicans send back to their families to fund the wall.

  8. Who cares, Trump has his own site now, "From the desk of Donald Trump." Facebook’s own board even admits this is based on nothing, not even their own rules allow for it, but they extended it six more months. And with that, it becomes apparent that Facebook has less scruples than even a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall, sure those have had their share of scandals, but at least they go by their own rules. It’s very obvious that Facebook is working with the intelligence agencies, illegally, to spy on and censor, Americans. Who wants that? Not me. That’s not a force for freedom. It’s how freedom dies and a Westchester brat zucks his way to Zillionare. Websites need to make a comeback. I’m glad trump’s got his own, and I’ll view it often, because he is our real, elected, president. Of course the left disputes that. Fine, have hearings and throw him in jail for lying. And they never will. And it’s because they know that if he and Giuliani, we’re able to do discovery and prove their case in nationally televised hearings, they’d prove it, he’d win, and he’d be back in the White House and Biden would be where he belongs in prison. Not only will they never have hearings on the evidence, they’re out to censor anyone one of us that dares speak the truth, even the real, elected, president. Also, the president that actually gave the stimulus checks. Under biden, the homeless, the disabled, the elderly, and veterans, still haven’t gotten the checks yet, even though the bill that became law, guaranteed they would, some stimulus.

  9. Twitter's Bird watch gives the general public the ability to fact check Misinformation and stop online Hate speech.

    People that think Facebook and Twitter are trust-worthy and reliable news sources require sympathy.

    China's Huawei 5G and TikTok or the US old WWII 5 eyes spy network, Google, Facebook and Twitter?

    Misinformation and conspiracies from Fox, Sky, Parler, NewsMax and OANN also need public fact checking.

  10. Censorship is UN-AMERICAN and horrendous. On what planet does it make sense to allow a company that has become a communication utility to become judge and jury of the laws of the land? I am so done with Facebook. They are hypocrits. They didn't ban other individuals who who used similar language including MANY PEOPLE IN CONGRESS. CROOKS!

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