Trump Facebook ban upheld

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, discusses his reaction to former President Trump’s Facebook ban being upheld and his possible return to the platform.


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30 thoughts on “Trump Facebook ban upheld

  1. People need to go back and watch Trumps speech again and see if he actually used the words violence or riot like a lot of Trump haters are saying he used. I dare you go listen to it. Dont let so called news people to tell it to you. They will tell you lies. BLM caused heck lot more violence but nothing happened to them. They are trying to crucify a innocent man just like they did to Jesus Christ. I have been on fakebook for 11 years but no more!!!

  2. Here We Go Again People now in may 13 2021 mark my words that the Muller investigation 2 years ago of what there talking about here is that Trump was wrong from the start Lieing from day one in this investigation and now the federal judge is about to bring this investigation back into the spotlight worldwide again to finally lit the match to bring down citizen trump once and for all specially with mcgahns testimony in may 2021 to start the long awaited indictments of citizen trump and put this murderous Wallstreet Swamp Tyrant away for eternity and help start tearing down his Criminal empire from the inside out because of Barr and mcgahns testimony with the FBi and Attorney General Garland it's finally starting to come together in full circle even Robert Muller knew Trump was guilty in 2019 and 2018 when he had the ammunition to take him out but one thing stopped all that unfortunately Trump still had his presidental shield protecting him and anybody connected to it but those days are long gone and citizen trump has no power and no protection this time and Garland and the Federal Judge know it and now's the time to get everybody and everything to go after citizen trump and put him behind bars once and for all

  3. This was the biggest mistake for the Nazi GOP Party to make and unfortunately it needed to happen because now everybody knows there no more hope for the Old GOP and it can't be saved and it's time to take them down and make a new GOP like what already is happening now because of this catastrophic move they just made that just sealed there fate forever the new GOP that consist of 100 Republicans are about to turn there world upside down and take away all there power once and for all specially in 2022 it will be the end of the kevin mccarthys and linsey Graham's who have been bleeding this country dry for years now and robbing the poor to feed the rich like george carlin says the game was rigged by them so the people at the top get everything and the middle and poor starve and barley make it but what he also said was that these GOP Wallstreet Swamp Tyrants are scared of the new generation thats smart educated and doesn't buy there bullshit and knows what's really going on and won't stand no more it's time to push the old white racist and hateful and stuck in there ways out for good and replace them with the new generation of Republicans that are diverse in every way and believe in fairness and justice and equality for everybody the real American dream that was built by immigrants from all over and helped make America the greatest place on earth where everybody is welcome and can become us no matter what

  4. Trump will bring down the Republican Nazi GOP Party because just like Hitler did to germany in the 1930s he was there downfall and why they lost same similarities here everytime Trump interferes and opens his fat lieing mouth it's a monumental catastrophic mess for everybody to clean up in the end only this time it won't be Biden cleaning up the mess again it will be whatever is left of the GOP Nazi Party in disbelief again scratching there heads why did we do this again to ourselves

  5. Trump is a loser with no power no more he can't even stay on facebook or twitter what a pathetic waste of existence he truly is trump will go down in history as the worst president to ever step foot 👣 on Earth who caused the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless Crisis in Modern History and got the USA banned from the entire world in only 5 months then held are Country hostage during the second wave of coronavirus that hit are holiday traditional life like a Tsunami and pushed are medical care and resources to the breaking point on catastrophic levels never seen before in are Lifetimes and sent us to great depression levels almost that hasn't been seen in 120 years all because Trump rather cry and have temper tantrum's every day until he leaves office because he can't be a responsible mature adult and shake the next presidents hand like every other president in history for a peaceful transition of power no he wants to make up a story that's been beaten and debunked in every court room in the usa abunch of times and more so as the world moved on with there New president like the rest of america with a brain and has common sense and knows right from wrong and won't argue against you about if the sky is blue because Trump said it wasn't so he has to cause the most cowardly and disgraceful act in history the insurrection and kill more Americans to add to his body count at Half Million Dead and are life forever changed because of it and left the new president the most catastrophic mess to clean up in us history because Trump rather kill America it's people and way of life than admit when he was wrong

  6. Liberals feel they need to censor conservatives because they're afraid our message will gain strength and more voters will come over to our side and render the liberal cause irrelevant. Conservatives on the other hand, don't need to censor liberals; we just let them keep talking until they make total fools of themselves!

  7. Politicians will NEVER break up Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc or remove their Censorship Protection because they received so much CASH from these Big Tech Sources. If they had any intention of doing so they would have done it long ago. Politicians are mostly all Adam Bull-Schiffers!

  8. This clearly shows that the same rules do not apply to everyone. Double standards. There's plenty of slander on fb… just depends on who it's slandering. There's tons of violence advocated on fb… just depends on who the violence is against.

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