Department of Justice announces an investigation into Louisville Metro Police

Attorney General Merrick Garland said the DOJ will launch a “pattern or practice” probe into the department.


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35 thoughts on “Department of Justice announces an investigation into Louisville Metro Police

  1. I have a degree in Criminal Justice administration….sad to say its probably useless. I think that local and state Police departments that won't participate in federal government oversight programs should not be eligible for federal grant and assistance programs. furthermore, they should also be prohibited from using federal "asset forfeiture" to fund their respective police departments. As a last measure individual officers from States and local police departments that don't participate in these programs should not be eligible to join and federal agencies and that said non participating state and local police agencies should be in a database to prohibit them from accessing these resources until compliance is assured.

  2. Extremism within the police and military ranks maybe why US troops are still stationed in Germany?

    Are they writing travel logs? Learning to be Nazis? Elvis was stationed there 60 years ago.

    How much has the US spent on the 76 years extremist training holiday since GI Blues?

    Let's hope the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act is followed through.

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  4. These police raids like the one on Breanna Taylor serve a larger function in these communities in regards to instability within the community. According to Maslow's pyramid of psychological need a person needs three things before they can start thinking about things like love 💘, politics, or community. These items are food, shelter, and a sense of safety that need to be in place before a person can alieviate basic needs and start thinking about higher social functions like love 💘, politics, and a sense of community. Interrupt any part of this process in undermining any of these categories and people cannot focus on larger social functions like love, politics, or a sense of community. These random unpredictable raids like the no knock warrant undermine a communities sense of safety. Thereby short circuiting a communities sense of safety as the police may break down any door and persecute any person based on spurious data such as Breonna's connection to illicit drug activity through an ex boyfriend in police minds that warrants breaking into ancillary connections like Breonna's home without real proof. Thus removing any sense of safety in that community. So long as they continue engaging in this type of activity these actions destabilization the community and prevent them from interest in higher social functions like politics as the basic human needs of a sense of safety are never present. It indicates a larger psychological plan to purposely destabilize these communities in oder to disenfranchise the local people so they don't have time to think about these higher social issues. It is insidious in design and serves to weaken areas under this random threat. Systemic racism on a deep level. Using "drugs 💉" as the excuse to persecute this psychological and political action. The levels of racism are deeper than they appear on the surface.

  5. 'No knock warrants' are necessary when it's drug related. When the police knock on their door without force entry, it gives the criminals time to throw the drugs out the window or have time to think of ways to…you get the point.

  6. Brionna Taylor died because her boyfriend pulled a gun and used her as a shield. She died because she was involved with the wrong people and was in the drug trade! Tell the truth, do not is police as scapegoats. They want to go home to their families too!

  7. I figure if the police were much nicer to the criminals like please sir will you put your hands behind your back without a struggle so that I make gently put the handcuffs on you thank you you fine sir and we'll try not to write you up to Big today. But if we have any questions like I said we can always call LeBron and I'm sure the criminals will be glad to oblige and there will be no more resisting arrest isn't that wonderful see how easily we worked all that out you fucking idiots

  8. First thing comes to my mind when I hear Louisville pd; Office Crawford who's under multiple investigation but in the middle of those investigation he was able to move on to the state of Indiana to another police department with acceptance.

  9. Yes the LMPD uses unlawful practices against civilians. They have for decades. And the Democrat mayors always cover for them. It’s fuckd up.

  10. Here's a question for your "expert". Should the police not return fire after being blindly fired upon first? They did have a no knock warrant however, they announced themselves repeatedly to which the neighbors were aware. Will this be a part of the investigation? Will the MSM stop race baiting people with loose narratives? ABC?

  11. The “no knock “ policies are little more than criminal shakedowns, a chance to make a quick buck from those least likely to rat on them. That’s how these stories always play out.

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