Fatal shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.

Andrew Brown Jr.’s family was allowed to watch redacted police bodycam footage of the deadly shooting.


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29 thoughts on “Fatal shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.

  1. I was once pulled over by law enforcement. got arrested handcuffed and put in the back seat. during the process I thought about fleeing and resisting arrest. but something told me to calm down and do as I was told. thankfully I did and I am alive today. now before anyone criticizes, I know this is not the case for everyone, but I believe in most cases, if you do as you are told you may very well live to see another day.

  2. Wake up America he was a Meth Dealer destroying our communities other countries just kill them because they know the damage these drug dealers do
    This country is going backwards people actually defending a Meth Dealer im so happy i don't have kids on this f up backwards planet

  3. So it’s wrong they killed a scumbag that was out poisoning other people with drugs.
    Here is a lesson to be learned. Get out and make an honest living. If you choose to be a criminal, when cops initiate a stop COMPLY. Oh he was just trying to get away. Maybe the scumbag decided he wasn’t going to jail and he would try to take others out with him. Oh he was trying to get away, maybe he goes down the street and kills innocent people.


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  5. If BROWN fled in CAR, it would've been an UGLY CAR CHASE. Many INNOCENT PEOPLE would've been HURT or KILLED. Now what. Those INNOCENT PEOPLE deserve to get HURT or DIE because they got in the way of a FLEEING CRIMINAL? If CHAUVIN was ACQUITED, the RAGE it might've caused can have AMERICA'S hands tied DOMESTICALLY and cannot RESPOND to CHINA'S INVASION of TAIWAN. FAKE NEWS MEDIA at the forefront of INSTIGATING & INCITING RACIAL DIVISIVENESS are all compromised by CHINA, the OUTLAW OF THE WORLD. CHINA wants a TOTAL BREAKDOWN of LAW & ORDER in AMERICA to DEFLECT WORLD ATTENTION from it's HEGEMONIC GOALS.

  6. 42 father of seven wanted in drug charges a career criminal and people are crying how bout the 7 year black girl killed in a drive thru another fake narrative fake news story don’t do bad things and commit crimes and u will be ok in life be a career criminal and u will end up dead or in prison he chose this life I don’t feel bad for him

  7. This was in direct response of the Derek Chauvin verdict, executed by the judge in North Carolina who signed that warrant to execute Andrew Brown Jr. This Systemic racist judicial system was embarrassed to the world seeing one of their great officer being convicted of all 3 counts of murder.
    Why Homeland security or government not going after the domestic terrorist swat team who executed Andrew Brown Jr. In Elizabeth, NC? My bad, I keep forgetting" White supremacy is only a domestic terrorist threat when their targeting their own systemic racist system.

  8. Extremism in the police and military ranks maybe why US troops are still stationed in Germany?

    Are they writing travel logs? Learning to be Nazis? Elvis was stationed there 60 years ago.

    How much has the US spent on the 76 years extremist training holiday since GI Blues?

    Let's hope the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act is followed through.

  9. Courage, Pride, Honesty, and Love ..Must prevail! ..if we are to recover and heal, from ..Our Broken Society! My Prayers and condolences go out to Mr. Brown, his family and loved ones, during their time of grief and mourning.
    And, may God grant us the wisdom and discernment, to get it right, this time! Hope, may be all we have, but its’ enough, ..to let God in! ♥️🙏🏼🇺🇸

  10. His son "that's not right. He was trying to leave" well dont try to leave and follow police commands and u won't get shot. Better yet dont sell meth, cocaine, crack and heroin. Just another outstanding citizen
    Piece of trash!!

  11. Whether our people resist or not, we are still being killed by the police. I have seen videos of white people attacking the police with all kinds of weapons and not being shot at, but instead, they end up killing the police or end up getting away. Believe it or not, I am starting to see less of us killing each other and more of police killing us.

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