Federal hate crime charges filed in Ahmaud Arbery case

Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd breaks down the recent federal hate crime charges filed in the Ahmaud Arbery case and what it could mean for the defendants.

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27 thoughts on “Federal hate crime charges filed in Ahmaud Arbery case

  1. What normal person doesn't hate a trespasser????
    What jogger???
    Let's see any footage of him jogging on any other day!!!! His mama claims he jogged daily!!!!!
    Let's hear from anyone not related in the neighborhood that actually saw him jogging any other time, his mama claims he jogged daily so surely some neighbors saw him some time jogging??????

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  3. So glad that are being charged with a federal hate crime that blocked him in , he was trying to get away.cant imagine how scared he was being cornered in with no way to get away he new what was going to happen .

  4. How do you plead not guilty when you shoot unarmed people. This was a hate crime had this been a white jogger they never would have tried to stop this young man. So much is racially motivated in this country. Less than 100yrs ago people we killed without provocation and the murderers would go unpunished.

  5. And so when will we see justice, served? And when will we SEE change or the withdrawal of qualified immunity from these crooked cops? I’m just saying because we colored people have been waiting, it’s been over 50 plus years since we have been in these situations and nothing has changed!

  6. I wish reporters would stop saying the Biden Administration’s Justice Dept. Do they understand about Separation of Powers. The Executive (President), Judicial (Courts and Justice Dept, and the legislative (Congress) are to remain independent.

  7. They are guilty of negligent homicide, not murder. They didn’t mean to kill him. They were profiling. They were wrong to pull a weapon on him, but Aubery tried grabbing it from the guy and the other guy naturally felt he had to shoot to protect his friend. Aubrey had no time to think and naturally felt he was in danger so that’s why he grabbed the shotgun. It was a reflex. Had they not surprised him, he probably wouldn’t have grabbed it.

  8. Tweedle dee and tweedle dumb, that’s what the father and son look like a couple of racist a holes. I hope the father and son go to jail for a long time, I don’t know about the other guy, from what I saw he wasn’t involved in the murder, the father and son are the real criminals.

  9. To the so-called "men" that take other people's lives…just know that your choice your false perception of others has consequences in the end. Now you will sit for many years thinking about how your ignorant, unjustified hate towards another ended your existence as a free Right minded individual. Fact is you were very wrong!

  10. It is unbelievable that people that cut down someone, just that alone, much less the way they did it and what they did immediately after and then year after that as though they are back in the wild wild west, that they still are not jailed for a thousand years each just for the nature of the crime. How much time later??? Even after the blatant camer footage???
    Is this the treatment the ruling culture of America have cultivated for black Americans to expect and to live in?
    What other place on this planet does this?

  11. I think the 3 who killed Mr Arbery truly don't believe what they did was motivated by race. But that is exactly what motivated them to pursue Mr Ahmaud arbery. Their own text messages and social media post prove that…

  12. "it kaus he bwlak"
    (had nothing to do with the fact that he was caught trespassing on multiple occasions and then violently attacked the men who tried to stop him)

    Certainly if the violent criminal who attacked them was white they would have handed over their guns and let him run away



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