India healthcare system on the brink of collapse as COVID crisis worsens l GMA

As the country surpasses 200,000 people dead from coronavirus and battles a crippling oxygen shortage, other countries are stepping in to send supplies and ventilators to help.

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46 thoughts on “India healthcare system on the brink of collapse as COVID crisis worsens l GMA

  1. India can handle this situation much better and I hope USA takes care of itself and if this kind of variant comes into USA the death toll would be 10 times more than Indian death toll. India had very less toll with the first wave where the strains where similar and this seems to spread more faster. If this mutation is a planted one or one coming from spread , both ways USA has to take care once it opens up. People have to take care for next few years as I feel anything can happen with variants

  2. Habere inter se rationem, o caelum. Ex Europa et America, Asia sunt ex Africa. Et invenietis illos qui sciebant quod dixerunt. Reperio quod illi sciebant, qui nihil fecerunt. Find prodest eis, qui quaerebant de morte, angustia et dolores tenuerunt ut aliorum exempla eorum. Ipsasque occidunt. Exsculpere oculos suos pernumerare scindendi, auditum exsculpere et manus amputauit. Hoc exemplum Magistri ante mundi vanas eorum Deus. Terra autem in aeternum auferret. Possint ostendere matris abscondi. Et non abscondam a magister est. , Et nocere non possunt esse actiones et cogitationes suas deserant circumda modo se. Sic fiat.

  3. Awful funny our President Cryptkeeper has dragged his feet banning flights from India…..Bill Gates and his cronies WANT this India variant to spread to the rest of the World…..they have a few more million or so humans to cull from this planet…

  4. To INDIA Please know your people need to take vitamin D. The vitamin prevents and reduces the severity of viral and bacterial lung infections. Many people are deficient. There are two You Tube videos by Dr. John Campbell: 1. Vitamin D deficiency in India, 2. Vitamin D and immunity. I am from the US. I am taking vitamin D to protect me. I also take a multivitamin. Many have been taking the vitamin D for protection. A study was done to compare patients with covid that did well to patients who did worse. – The patients who did worse had blood test levels low in vitamin D. The ones who had better outcomes had good blood levels of vitamin D. I heard it takes 10 days to be effective. Also zinc was found to protect from covid. Also, Vitamin D is fat soluble – so it will not absorb unless you have a fat from food in your stomach at the same time. Fat soluble vitamins are A. D, E, K. I saw older research studies that showed face masks worked to protect from the flu, so it also helps protect from covid. The social distancing ( not gathering) for events is important to stop the spread of the virus. Here they say to stay 6 feet from each other. I listened to a doctor from France , and she said they found 13 feet is needed. The virus can linger in the air, I believe I heard for 4 hours. At a doctor apointment I was in a room alone and I took off my mask. The doctor said I needed to keep it on , because you don't know if the person in the room before me had covid. I have been praying to God for your country every day and know God will help. My faith is christian. I am so sorry for the loss of loved ones from this virus. We will all be reunited again in heaven. Things will get better.

  5. Before i suffer like that id use a bike or car air compressor, nebulizer or even an outlet from a small shop vacuum with a filter of course there are many way to get forced oxygen without tanks I used my 20 dollar nebulizer when i caught covid without the mouth piece or a portable oxygen concentrator. Anything is better than nothing.

  6. Ban AC use for 2 months to stop Covid19 spread

    How AC cools home

    By taking out hot air outside your home

    If still don't believe

    Ask your science teacher or Google it

    If an asymptomatic patients is there in home ( which is 85-90% of total cases )

    It will put airborne virus in community

    Will infect 1000

    10+ can be serious or die

    Out of 135 CR populations it's 1.35 CR populations which can die

    It's increasingly turning idiotic society

    Instead rooting for LOCKDOWN or strict Containment zones people creating mess for vaccine shot which can only be effective in max 30-40% , 6-8 weeks after 2nd dose only , so good 10-14 weeks after 1st dose

    But crowding for vaccine can put one in ICU in 48-72 hrs only

  7. After all this, India and Brazil leaders need to invest in birth control and family planning. Everyone thinks they need to have kids to be human. Animals could easily have kids too but they are raped in the wild (no choice), but humans could decide to have kids or not. Come on people.

  8. ….here you have your next subject for a video…..There is a guy from Canada collecting money for Covid in India on you tube with a fake org in the name of "project hope", using their logo…. the name of the channel is "Yes Finders", and the guy behind have another channel called "Daddy Spectacular", it is the same voices. in the video asking for donations have all the links to the Streamlabs charity page…..take care of India,….good luck

  9. Why it's too tough to understand in pandemic airborne infections with O2 scarcity , vaccine scarcity , Remdesivir scarcity , ICU scarcity

    Only thing that can save us all is to cut the chain

    For which we need TOTAL LOCKDOWN ( BEST) + treat symptomatic positives in hospitals

    To give government the support to arrange necessities in next 14d – 28 d

    Even 1-2 months

    That's need of hour

    If we can't do it now , no one will be able to save us

    Penalise all PUBLIC GATHERING / SPORTS / Without MASK with steepest fines ( 10k-1lakh )

    Stop using AC in house / office , unless absolutely necessary ( laboratories ) next 1-2 month as from asymptomatic ( 85% patients ) A.C. air can infect 1000 in surroundings in community in no time

    Anything else won't do good

    Vaccines only effective 6-8 weeks after second dose

    So stay at home


  10. I have a hard time believing this , especially coming from news outlets that are liberals such as ABC NBC
    They blamed everything on President Trump and only made matters worse especially when the riots broke out all over the country.
    Their reporting is biased and only tells what is good for them.
    Whatever happened to good Reporting?!

  11. In 2020 Namaste Trump meet by Modi ,lakhs of gathering , outsiders n foreign officials came with corona. But Media turned the blame on to d Tableegi jamat.
    In 2021 . Lakhs of gathering in elections rallies of PM Modi n Mamta, Kumbh Mela . Still the Indian Media licking the ass of Govt . Blaming Kejriwal CM of Delhi for their work in Delhi but not raising a single questions against Modi.

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