Judge delays public release of police bodycam video of Andrew Brown Jr. shooting

Though some say releasing the bodycam video is of public interest, the judge ruled otherwise but allowed the video to be released to the Brown family.

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28 thoughts on “Judge delays public release of police bodycam video of Andrew Brown Jr. shooting

  1. What's up with the judge after seeing the video, if the family seen that Andrew Brown didn't hit any officers he had to see the same thing. That means they lied in his court. So the judge should release the video. Maybe he has some other interest in the case.

  2. American laws on how the media can report and talk about active criminal cases is disgraceful, broken and needs changing. That woman says he was murdered, without any evidence, any kbowlage of the case anything. Yet she's on national news stating he was murdered… Now if the cops were in the wrong and it wasn't a lawful shooting, she's just jepodised the whole case because she's stated that!!!. Here in the UK the public, the media anyone and everyone is not allowed to make any comment about an active criminal investigation!.. apart from confirming a suspects name and age that's it!!. They can't express views in if they think the person's guilty or innocent, they cannot disclose any evidence or information relating to the case or investigation until it's been heard in court and a verdict has been reached. If you did what she just did here in the UK YOUD be put in court from contempt of court, perverting the course of justice and purjery!!!. America needs to sort it's stupid flawex justice system and media out.

  3. 20 seconds speaks alone, the Lawyer saw it & said it was a Execution & THATS why plus the Judge don’t want Riots or Protests he don’t care was inside yet was 7hrs late had them waiting outside & for 20 seconds?!? The disrespect

  4. This will be worse for the police since they will lose all trust from the public we are learning that if the police do something wrong they will lie and they won't be accountable or transparent to the people for what they do… But if the public does something they will treat us with no mercy and a boot on our necks! 🤡👮

  5. If it was a cop being shot at or their family member it would have already been released video this is a double standard situation they want us to be truthful and honest and don’t hide anything but yet they do it to American Taxpayers the system is F’d up

  6. Okay. They haven't released the video yet. Kool. But isn't there a police report? And if yes what does that report say? I've watched so many different newsreels of this whole affair, but not a single one asks for the police report. Or maybe l missed it.

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  8. If it had anything that would calm the people the would have showed it by now..he wants it to stay calm as much as possible. BUT THERE IS REASON FOR NOT RELEASING THIS FOOTAGE. man was getting shot up while answering questions hands on wheel. IV seen mass murderers come out better then this.

  9. Sure I understand the judge's decision. If the eventual jury sees the video in the courtroom then it would be different than those jury members seeing it right now. Now all we need to do is find the social psychologists that can explain why it would be different

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