Justice Department investigates Louisville Metro Police Department

ABC News’ Rachel Scott reports on the Justice Department’s new “pattern or practice” investigation of the Louisville, Kentucky police department, one year after the death of Breonna Taylor.


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  1. I was forced to take an implant at 316 east chestnut st Louisville ky in July of 2012 at the ccc jail. I've been a test subject for the last 5 years, receiving voice to skull and remote Neural Monitoring. I have an x ray showing the chip in Louisville. I moved out of ky to avoid being set up by the Louisville Metro Police Department. If your from Louisville you know what I'm talking about….fake cia training center. I know the name of the tech that updated the system in the basement(braingate system) help me put a stop to this inhumane testing and torture. I have the chip, I have an x ray. I eyewitnesseed the braingate system being used. My family and friends as well as councilors believe me. I have called the police departments. (LMPD and Sheriff) as well as the ombudsman. They all know what I'm talking about, but it's out of their jurisdiction. It's corrections jurisdiction.They never answer the phone. Ever.

  2. I'll never forget the first night of the riots last May I was out skateboarding totally unaware of what was going on until some people came out of the apartment complex behind us and showed us the live streams they were really excited about it. As we talked with them we saw the helicopter shining the light and a whole bunch of cars speeding down the road had no idea why until all the cops drove by then we realized they looted the mall down the road and I watched as every person around me changed in to this violent mob mentality I watched as anarchy took over it was so gnarly and scary to see people seriously screaming kill cops like crazy stuff and actually start openly committing crimes filming themselves doing it and being crazy in general. I honestly think because I had my skateboard they thought I would be down and that's what saved me cause I was not close to home. It reminded me of the old thunder over Louisville days being in that crowd of 750,000 people seeing all kinds of nasty stuff people getting beat with bats knife fights people getting jumped and robbed as soon as one fight starts everyone started fighting people having sex on cars drugs everywhere it really was lawlessness and that's what this past year reminded me of but instead of it being one day it hasn't stopped

  3. Hey how about you investigate who is carjacking everyone in my neighborhood ? 7 carjackings in 5 days just in my neighborhood and 44 carjackings in 4 days across the rest of the city. Louisville only had 80 carjackings in the whole county for the whole year of 2019 we had over 200 in 2020. How about you investigate the 100+ murders that went unsolved last year in Louisville. 6 of those were in my neighborhood that's more than the last 10 years combined. How about you investigate who brought in that U-haul truck full of weapons and shields and passed them out on live t.v when the grand jury announced it's decision. Yall want to hold the police accountable and not hold the community accountable too ? Jesus Christ himself could be a cop and it won't change anything because all my peers strive to be the plug everyone wants to be a thug and use violence to achieve success as long as we allow criminals to be the representatives of our culture and community not a thing will change. Metro Govt you have failed your citizens the city is far more dangerous than it ever has been murders and carjackings happening in places they never had before and it was never acceptable when they did happen but now places are dangerous that never were before and yall have the nerve to keep pushing ads saying downtown is safe. My neighborhood is under siege and I'm in the suburbs. Why don't you investigate who came out to my neighborhood and looted all the electronic stores looted the pharmacies robbed the gas stations. Investigate who robbed hungary pelican and forced 2 year olds on the floor at gun point roughed up the customers and tried to kidnap a 16 year old server. Before you continue to divide my community demoralize the police and embolden criminals. I had my hours cut at work by 4 hours each day because of the community curfew and state of emergency I lost money and had my neighborhood terrorized that was so degrading and violating watching the helicopter circle my house hearing the sirens just like when I was robbed on the sidewalk as a kid I felt degraded and violated. Do your effing jobs I have to do mine or I will be fired stop empowering the hardcore and dangerous people in our city. Never again will I vote democrat after watching how they betrayed me and divided my city

  4. When the hell are people going to admit to themselves and everyone else that there's good people and bad people, being a shitty person has nothing to do with race. If a cop isn't justified for shooting yeah….they deserve punishment. But black people….wake up. Do you not see this is a form of control and racism in itself. Did you trust the government 10-15 years ago, if you answered no….then why trust them now. That being said, what would martin luther king think of you judging ALL white people as racist, by the color of our skin. Not the characteristics of our personality. Now judge your race by personality, and really ask yourself were these people in the wrong. Individuality is at stake here folks, for us all no matter the color of our skin. The categorizing of political views, color of skin, or sex is racism…And let me finish with this….Dr. Kings dream would of never came true without a vast majority of white folks standing beside you. Remember that

  5. I just can’t understand why a white man like Bernard Mathew who killed his 1 year old and wife ran from police and attacked a citizen while he was RUNNING still end in a peaceful arrest. But we keep seeing mess like this?

  6. Going after police to fix our broken system is like trying to end drug use by going after street dealers.
    We gotta work on the problem and the symptoms may go away. Try to fix the symptoms without changing the system us a bandaid at best.
    It’s likely to just be a huge waste of tons altogether

  7. Plz look at Daniel Cameron too!
    He grossly mishandled this case on purpose and got his way!
    They charged 1 cop in that case, and not with wreck less dangerousness cuz he shot thru a window and a wall and hit the neighbors house.
    The just didn’t even know what case they were involved in.
    This system is sick!
    LPD has had problems like this for at least 50 years.
    They are famously racist and brutal, they’ve expelled gangs from their force a couple times now

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