Law enforcement investigating new lead into unsolved 2017 murder of Indiana teens l GMA

Investigators working to solve the killings of two girls in Delphi are now looking into a kidnapping suspect in nearby Lafayette to see if there “might” be a connection, the sheriff said.

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41 thoughts on “Law enforcement investigating new lead into unsolved 2017 murder of Indiana teens l GMA

  1. I just heard about this case…. can someone explain why they were at this bridge?….. I hope they catch this sick evil pos. My heart breaks for their moms I can't imagine losing any of my kids. This is a pain no mother or father should have to feel. They obviously knew they were in danger so sad 😞 😔 😟

  2. It is really hard for young girls or anyone to think clearly when under duress and scared and give Libby credit for filming/recording but it would have been better for them to take off running in separate directions and call 911, one or both of them would still be alive and the guy likely caught. The guy needed them to stay together and control them both. They must have thought they were safer sticking together. The other thing I wonder about is if instead of filming and audio, if she would have called 911 and put the phone in her pocket, the authorities would hear/record whatever and likely locate them via GPS pretty quickly.

  3. I seriously don't understand how murders go unsolved. Or how this day in age, you can't locate the just blows my mind!!
    With all the technology & all the info & knowledge ppl have. You can't tell me murders can't be solved and you can't tell me you can't find missing ppl..I just don't believe it anymore..its 2021 for crying out loud

  4. I heard we have satellites watching basically the world but certainly all of our own country and law enforcement can for something important enough give the area and time and get satellite footage and track vehicles with it.
    Why was this not done in this case.

  5. Why are they so closed lipped with this case?? Why are the contents of Libbie’s phone not published? What are the “investigators “ hiding?? OMG!
    It’s been 4 years. I’ve listened to the podcasts of this case and it seems to me that something very big is being covered up!

  6. Genuine question….those two sketches look NOTHING alike…how does that happpen?? Are they saying that the first sketch is no longer valid and they think he looks like the second one?? Because the actual picture/video looks like the first sketch to me.

  7. Anyone actually know how long that video actually is?? Because police don't show any of it but 2 seconds so if there's video of him getting closer we need to see it I understand the family probably doesn't want anyone to hear there murder but sometimes if they show just a little more maybe he can be recognized imo he has killed before I feel and he lives near there for sure especially since these girls went to the tracks all the time out there I believe he had seen them plenty of times before and he realized they were always dropped off and they were always by themselves so he planned it imo I just can see that he was a drifter that just happened to be crossing through Indiana.
    But either way there's some strange things about this case I've kinda been thinking that it could be someone who is a cop or related to a cop

  8. Smh still sad these girls didn't deserve that they were smart enough to take video so why the police haven't caught him is weird imo I just wish one girl would of ran but I understand they were scared though that's why I tell kids if it's two of you when I'm trouble one needs to run and both run if you can because if one would of ran he would not have stayed to kill the one he would have got scared and got out of there

  9. I'm not understanding how the capture of this man was taken from a distance.. not sure how great a distance, not close enough to see him clearly, but close enough for him to give instruction for the girls to go "down the hill"…???? why let this person get that close if you feel threatened or uneasy about the circumstance? and the manner in which he said wasnt fiercely imperative but sort of quiet and coaxing..I'm thinking once hed gotten close enough, he attempted to familiarize himself with them in some way….I'm not sure how but I dont think they'd just readily give to his instruction without protest unless immediately threatened with a weapon of some kind? you don't hear fight or struggle in the audio. when did it stop recording?

  10. Mark Redwine needs to be checked out too! Mark was in the area at that time abby and libby was murdered and hes a truck driver! He was a POI in his own sons disappearance in 2012 and was arrested in july of 2017 for that murder. After looking at some footage of the Dr Phil show that Redwine appeared on about his sons disappearance it shows in some video clips of him walking and talking and he looks like he should be a POI. My gut is telling me his DNA will match.

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