Police shooting of Andrew Brown

Elizabeth City, North Carolina, under state of emergency ahead of the possible release of body camera footage in fatal police shooting of Andrew Brown.

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35 thoughts on “Police shooting of Andrew Brown

  1. People this is NEVER going to stop! So this is what really needs to start NOW!!! >>>> The government destroyed the American flag, By letting Cops get away with what they do to all Americans and mostly Black Americans!' With all the riots going on they STILL don't get the picture!! But they will when cops start hitting the ground and wonder what is going on! And they have NO ONE to blame except themselves!!! So there is no sense for them to start crying because they couldn't hear the cry's of the people they tormented with their gun and badge! So the tables are turning soon….They just don't know when to stop fucking with people!!! >>>> Hey when cops start getting killed, They only have there self to blame!!! NO one told them to act this way!!! ….. And believe me it will definitely STOP!!!!

  2. What a load of bull with the deceased Mr Brown and the families his fine attorney Ben crump.
    "My deceased loved one who disobeyed the police and got shot and killed is worth something. I need a payout from city council now. Listen to my attorney!"
    Everyone knows that if you want to die just disobey the police.
    We cannot have a system where the police say; "Oh well, they're not complying. I guess we'll try some other day."
    The police are not like Ghostbusters, where they get a spray the slime on them step on a pedal and you get sucked into a little box.
    Billy clubs and tasers often don't work. Guns are about the only way to stop somebody's out of control and threatening behavior.
    We can't expect the police to be like empathetic counselors, begging and cajoling them, that they'll get an ice cream in a pony if they just listen and get in the handcuffs and go to jail.
    Now if you want to look at all that law enforcement showing up because he's selling drugs, then let's talk about making all drugs legal where you can pick them up either at the dispensary or perhaps the county methadone clinic.
    Yes the methadone clinic where you get to use all the heroin and meth you want and watch everybody else in your group dying around you.
    Maybe if you decide you want to get help and get sober then we'll move you over into a different room and talk about recovery.
    But in the meantime if you want to kill yourself with drugs we will Grease the skids for you baby.
    "Where's my bottle? I'm a baby who needs my drugs and alcohol. Where's my bottle!"
    More and more I'm an advocate for global suicide centers.
    Just like the movie Soylent Green. Then we'll make their body into protein chips to feed the hogs.
    It's a win-win.
    The planet will have less stress on it, people will be nicer with each other when they realize how many people are disappearing due to elective suicide.
    The overcrowding on the planet reminds me of the science experiment where you keep dropping mice into a cage and when it gets so crowded they all start fighting with each other.

  3. There is one very common denominator in every single one of these cases ( actually two). 1. Don’t be a criminal !!
    2. Don’t resist & and comply with the orders of law enforcement!!!
    If everyone of these people did either one of those two things they would still be alive today!!!!!!

  4. They are editing the film as we speak. never trust the terroristic criminal police. You should always fear for your life around these terroristic criminal police as they are not our friends. Always film the police as they are not really police there are organized criminal sets that are set up by the sheriff or police chief. Their charter is escalate for maximum extortion rate💯 and if you don’t cooperate you may not make it home.. they are not involved in real policing activity post 9/11

  5. "A Lot of people waiting to see that video" but not you. You all will release what you want to be the 'facts' before you know them. Well, today the facts came out…Justified Shooting! Let's report on the actual facts now ABC. A father of 7 was selling crack and meth and when confronted, acted aggressively towards officers with a deadly weapon and on two occasions, hitting an officer with said weapon. He forfeited his life when he did this.

  6. https://youtu.be/2CLHQ81prrE
    Attention to those looking to understand more info related to the community of Elizabeth City, NC. https://youtu.be/2CLHQ81prrE Watch school board meetings segregated and then at the hour time stamp 2:00 and on, you’ll see a concerned mother who got a permission slip to sign away her right to the school, Elizabeth County Public School System to allow ECPD (Elizabeth County Police Department) force to harass the students!! https://youtu.be/2CLHQ81prrE Then they hear the mother and apparently it’s ok in a public meeting to shut it all down for a private meeting discussion. It’s informs us of the racial, unjust, inhumane, system that exists in ELIZABETH CITY, NC!! https://youtu.be/2CLHQ81prrE

  7. This notion that cops need to wrestle with somebody to get them to comply is a load of BS.
    It's like there's a society of these selfish indulgent folk who think that everybody needs to cater to them. That they don't need to listen to any commands from law enforcement because they're so special.
    They think everybody's got their back because they have so many followers on Facebook. That their mommy thinks they're so special. Mommy ought to be special teaching them how to comply when police tell them to do something to avoid getting a face full of bullets.
    Maybe there's an epidemic of people who actually are suicidal and want to die by police.
    Maybe their family will collect a big payout from city council who will definitely tuck their tail between their legs versus telling the public the truth about the mandate to comply with police or die.
    If you want to fight with them do it in court or do it like gangsters used to in the early 1900s.
    Billy clubs can get taken away from officers and tasers don't always work.
    If you want to die just ignore a cop. Everyone knows that.
    We can't have a system where somebody just refuses to comply with officers and the police have to beg them to comply with being arrested.
    Police don't have that kind of time.
    You only have so many requests from an officer before they're going to use deadly force.
    You will be lucky if all you get is a billy club or a taser.
    We can't have a system where police say oh well they're having a bad day I guess we'll try some other time.
    this notion of self-affirming social workers going out and offering them an ice cream and a pony so they'll comply is another load of BS.
    social workers have their role but they also have time restraints and will eventually tell law enforcement to use Force.
    If you want to die just argue with a cop and ignore their orders.
    There should be a lot more public service announcements about how to comply with police.
    For example when you get pulled over by police you get your license, registration and your insurance out before the cop gets to your window.
    Jumping out of the car and going back to the office or is the sign of aggression in the officer will take a defensive stance and you'll be lucky if you're not looking down the barrel of a gun.
    When a cop tells you to put your hands behind your back or on the hood of the car you put your hands behind your back or on the hood of the car.
    Granted police should be trained to identify mental illness or retardation but if the suspect is strong enough and potentially violent enough to disagree then the police only have one tool and that's their gun.
    Billy clubs and tasers are no guarantee and can put the life of the officer in danger.
    Police don't show up with a net to swoop people up or somehow encase them in styrofoam or some kind of magical power from cartoons.
    No this is the real world get used to it.
    "Around Dodge City and in the territory on west, there's just one way to handle the killers and the spoilers and that's with a U.S. Marshal and the smell of gunsmoke."

    You'll be lucky if all you get is a billy club in the teeth.
    What's the alternative? Police say; Oh well, they're not complying. I guess we'll try later.
    Maybe offer them an ice cream and a pony?

    "Around Dodge City and in the territory on west, there's just one way to handle the killers and the spoilers and that's with a U.S. Marshal and the smell of gunsmoke."

  8. Honestly, I was never racist before now. I was raised in a good christian household where I was taught to love all man equally as God's creations. But this past year, with the racebaiting and the media stirring all this up, when I see a thumbnail of angry black people marching in the streets, I roll my eyes and say "here we go again" 🙄
    I'm a 20 year old young man, I'm going to be starting a family soon, but I don't want these dark people living next to me and my family thanks to you, liberal media.
    This disenfranchised youth

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