President Joe Biden wants to secure protection for Dreamers

“Immigrants have done so much for America during this pandemic and throughout our history. The country supports immigration reform,” Biden said.


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35 thoughts on “President Joe Biden wants to secure protection for Dreamers

  1. God Bless You President Biden..Please Pass the American Dreamers Act..I have already written to Senator Menendez & Senator Booker which I pasted their beautiful letters back to me on my Facebook page…they fully support the passing of this long overdue bill. 🙏🇺🇸👍🗽☮️🌞

  2. Daca is unfair to Americans.
    Pay for your education like the rest of us have too!
    Its not our fault your parents brought you here. Why not give all Americans affordable educations.
    I'm not a GOPTQ.

  3. When you stick up for the lawless, you are complicit in lawlessness. What does jb not understand about the difference between law-abiding and law-breaking? He should be held to account for any misdeeds committed by the lawless that he, himself, encouraged to come to this Country, illegally! That means “against the law” jb!

  4. Green cards for Dreamers/Daca recipients. I will Join the Military as soon as that Happens. I will Prove to America That Taking care of us Was a Good thing! & America will not Regret it! I am willing to Serve & Lose an arm or a leg for this country, Even my Life! So for all of you who Speak evil of us Dreamers. You won’t be able to once we get green cards and I’m over sees Fighting for You & Your liberties. 😇🙏🇺🇸✝️ No worries. I am Christian. All is forgiven & I love you Guys so much❤️ So let’s Do this together. 🇺🇸 research Daca if u have heard bad things about the program because We are only illegal on Paper. We Grew up here as Kids. (Me as an 8 month old baby) There is no difference between Dreamers and You. Well actually the only difference is You have papers and we do Not. Lol that’s pretty much it.
    Help ur Fellow Americans Out guys! Pls. We are in the corner waiting for You guys to Grab us by The hand and give us a Hug & Say Welcome Brother. welcome Sister. What are y’all waiting for. ❤️✝️🔥😇 Grant us green cards And let me Serve! You know how Heart wrenching it is to Grow up As a Red, White & Blue Man But not allowed to Serve? it’s Heart breaking. 🇺🇸🥲 but being Christian I haven’t lost hope. That spark still lives on in my heart 🔥. Maybe 1 Day 🤩

  5. Isn't it somewhat shameful that "THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS " has to be reminded about so called "Dreamers, etc?" When you ignore your history or pretend not to know as a people you're expressing utmost ignorance! Meaning they, all of them past, Present and Future in CONGRESS are immigrants to the Americas / America! You are what your foremothers and forefathers were, are. All of you so called "White People are Europeans, Caucasians." Usurpers of what doesn't belong to you. You're not an "American!" You are from Europe, you're European, Caucasians! Only "Aboriginals are Americans get your facts, your truth and History straight. In conclusion "America doesn't belong to the United States Corporation! It doesn't belong to you so called Whites / White People. It's ours! Ragan said "Tear down this wall! I think you people would be wise to tear down the walls you've built against immigrants!

  6. "Joe Biden Imports Replacement Migrants as Current Migrants Go Homeless" 4 May 2021
    NEW YORK (AP) — Unemployment among Hispanic immigrants has doubled in the U.S., going from 4.8% in January 2020 to 8.8% in February 2021, according to the Migration Policy Institute. These numbers don’t take into consideration immigration status but activists and social workers in states like New York or California say more vulnerable immigrants, whom often don’t qualify for aid, are finding themselves without a home.

    “I have seen an increase of encampments of immigrants experiencing homelessness in Queens. Each has five or six tents,” said Yessenia Benitez, a 30-year-old licensed clinical social worker who helps these groups.

    “Right now, they are adapting by collecting bottles but they are working folks. They want to contribute to society. And before the pandemic, they were contributing to society, some of them were paying taxes,” said Benitez.

    In Los Angeles, The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights has seen a “significant increase” of calls to a hotline of assistance for immigrants over the last six months, said Jorge-Mario Cabrera, the spokesman for the organization.

    “We have seen an increase in calls from individuals living in the street, living in cars, living in garages or often living with friends in already overcrowded conditions,” said Cabrera.

    “They don’t even have money to pay for their phone bills. This is why we are saying that one of the side effects of the COVID-19 (pandemic) is in fact a complete unraveling of the safety net for undocumented immigrants,” he added. “While other communities are receiving (financial) assistance, immigrants are receiving nothing, most of the time.”

    Cabrera said many of the immigrants calling are essential workers whose income has been “drastically reduced.”

    In New York, Cirilo’s tent is next to others that Benitez bought for several homeless immigrants that set up the Elmhurst encampment in September.

    Recently, the group sat on top of milk grates and talked below a wall painted with colorful graffiti. Next to the tents, there are backpacks, blankets and bags full of empty bottles and cans for recycling. Three small dogs laid next to the men, accepting their gentle pats.

    Alfredo Martinez’s tent is green. Also a Mexican immigrant, the 38-year-old Martinez used to work in construction but his hours were reduced when the pandemic started. Lack of steady income increased tensions with a roommate and he ended up in the street, where he has lived for the last four months.

    Martínez now works sporadically as a day laborer and is hoping to save enough to rent a room and also afford the 40-hour Occupational Safety and Health Administration training course he says he needs to have more steady construction employment.

    “The pandemic started and my world came crashing down,” Martínez said. “This is the first time something like this happens to me. But I think it is temporary. I hope it is temporary.”

    According to a recent New York City report, there are approximately 476,000 unauthorized immigrants in the city. The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs estimated in the report that 60% of unauthorized workers have already lost their job or are at risk of losing their job during the pandemic, compared to 36% of all workers.

    The poverty rate for unauthorized immigrants in the city is 29.2%, higher than the 27% poverty rate for green card holders and migrants with other statutes, according to the report. The poverty rate for the U.S. born in New York is 20%.

    Immigrants in the country illegally can’t access stimulus help or unemployment benefits even if they pay taxes. Some cities and states have, however, pushed efforts to help.

    California gave some cash to unauthorized immigrants last year and New York lawmakers recently created a $2.1 billion fund to aid workers who lost jobs or income during the pandemic but were excluded from other government relief programs because of their immigration status. The program is the largest of its kind in the U.S.

    In Arizona, advocacy groups say immigrant women who clean hotel rooms are suffering financially and things got harder for them with schools closed and kids at home.

    “This one lady made a ‘tiendita’ (store) out of her apartment and she was selling gum, she was selling soda, she was selling whatever she could to the people that live in the apartment complex so she could make enough money to pay rent,” said Petra Falcón, executive director of Promise Arizona, a non-profit in Phoenix.

    Spokespeople at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said they had no data they could provide now on the impact of the pandemic on homelessness.

    According to the latest HUD report, the number of people experiencing homelessness nationwide increased by 2% between 2019 and 2020, or 12,751 more people, marking the fourth consecutive annual increase in homelessness. Almost a quarter of all people experiencing homelessness, 23%, were Hispanic or Latino.

    Cirilo, the 55-year-old Mexican experiencing homelessness in Elhmurst, said he hopes to move back to his native country one day.

  7. Dacas and dreamers act brought street terrorism to America with their caravans and obradors impeachment. 🇺🇸 remains roe declarate n republica 45 46 sanctions were not benefiting usa for their favorite of home countries release sancttions n scratch veto on or USA 1776 constitution tf

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  9. If you are president Biden and The opposing side has to create lies about your polices then you know your doing great job otherwise they would use facts other than made up internet lies from last year that there repeating all over again trying to get a pop!!!

  10. Biden is making America safe again compared to the last catastrophic mess that was in office and made this mess from the beginning and lied about it and lied on Audio Tapes caught by Bob Woodward saying he was always going to play down the virus and his Trump administration did everything in there power to spread bogus conspiracies and lie to there people about the severity and how deadly and contagious it really was in order to avoid panic which was bullshit because it was all about Trump's incescurities and wounded ego he cared more about himself and his reputation more than the health and survival of his own people so he Downplayed it everytime and said stupid and deadly speeches like slow the testing down please when we reached a quarter of Million Dead in America and continued to do the wrong thing and be the worst role model in history and caused the a new American Genocide of are people

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