The deadly side of LA’s high-speed car culture | Nightline

Reckless drivers in high-performance cars have made city streets dangerous. Monique Munoz’s family discusses her death after a teen crashed a Lamborghini into her car at over 100 miles per hour.



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43 thoughts on “The deadly side of LA’s high-speed car culture | Nightline

  1. We literally have Kamikaze pilots behind the wheel. What the F is wrong with these district attorneys across our country. Seasoned law enforcement and social media pages need to stream line algorithms prevention and public safety.

  2. Brendan Khuri needs to be punished harshly, as well as his parents!! The parents spoiled the fool that took Monique's life. How is it that a teen has a Lamborghini? It is because of the stupid parents that gave it to him. The teen knows not responsibility, nor remorse! All he knows is having all the material luxuries at his disposal. If he destroys one, he will get a new one to replace it. Why?? It goes back to his jerk parents that created and gave birth to the fool.

  3. ABC news should stick to reporting the weather most of the cars aren't exotic most

    of these people aren't street racing they're drifting doing donuts and burnouts

    Plus street racing been going on since the 1930s hadn't been inspired by fast and

    furious just telling you all what I see these quote-unquote street races are more light Street parties.

  4. What does the street racing culture has to do with the girl getting killed if y'all don't even know he was racing or not I'm confused I think a stupid rich kid did something dumb That's what I see All this racing culture thing makes no sense but ok

  5. The cop nailed it… it used to be 100-200 people doing runs on a CLOSED OFF STREET… they have a job to do and we try to lay low… now these kids doing it like they got a permit from the city or something… now you can’t even have a meet and chill without being harassed… they need to send in under covers, take video footages, arrest, impound and start crushing cars… remind these people it’s illegal so chill out…

  6. They don't make cars like they use to, its all about money not about the safety of there customers, making them lighter and faster… and adding some balloons for show…
    Instead of adding air bags they should go back to the days people could run into a tree and not mess up their car that much…

  7. Yes, this is a horrible crime for many of us ,parents. But sentencing this young person to prison (if they're not a criminal going in , they will be coming out)..let em do a job that may help their outlook on life matter.,such as road clean up after wrecks..🤔an aide at a rehabilitation center or hospital..nursing home crisis center..and the reason I suggest such as this is cause …NO ONE KNOWS THE DEPTH OF BEING A CAREGIVER …It's as if that adult that you love so deeply in front of you is now like an infant child and everyday all day has to be cared for …can you do it?..the right way with love ?…This is the reality of a life tragedy..No turning it's or hands about it..and mama and daddy can't fix even when they have all the money (adolescence thoghts) in the world…Lifes lessons always come with anyone willing to put their own life on hold ?..✌

  8. Her death had absolutely nothing to do with street racing. So do not connect the two at all. That's a bunch of crap that the cops and the media are using this as a call against street racing street racing had absolutely not a fucking thing to do with her death. Don't get it twisted that's BS

  9. video computer vision can cover every intersection with 100% prosecution of street racers now So why won't the City use it? Automatic license plate readers we now have used stopped racing in our private alleyway. Cameras are cheap at $30.00 and ALPR costs us $5 per month.

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  11. "You might get hurt, you might die, you might wreck your car, you might go to jail. If you dont like that stay in the house" that dude is a peice of s**t. While yes all thise things might happen people that street race forget the biggest thing. You could kill someone else that didnt choose to friggin street race. I dont understand how you can be so selfish its one thing to not care about your own life but to not care and put someone elses life in danger is just pathetic. And im so sick of reading coments about if you dont want this to happen stop shutting down the speed ways. No people just need to stop racing because it literally is pointless and does nothing but causes negatives grow TF up and see that.

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