Vaccinated Tennessee Residents Lose Access To Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

New guidelines from the National Institute of Health and the Tennessee Department of Health recommend doctors prioritize unvaccinated patients for treatment due to their risk level. But as patients wait in long lines, doctors say supplies are running dangerously low, forcing them to turn away people who may desperately need treatment. NBC News’ Antonia Hylton reports.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Vaccinated Tennessee Residents Lose Access To Monoclonal Antibody Treatments


Author: phillyfinestnews


47 thoughts on “Vaccinated Tennessee Residents Lose Access To Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

  1. When Trump said "can't we just inject household disinfectant" and "it's the flu" and "it'll magically go away" and realizing there was no scientific/logical plan we knew we were screwed.

  2. So the vaccine is supposed to protect from serious disease and many unvaccinated are not getting it because of possible adverse reactions. The vacinated should not be complaining, they got the best treatment right?

  3. These decades republican education neglecting , turning public illness a money making bonanza has increased the cost level for higher education and neglecting to grab cash outs as the greedy desire
    That educated now include weird sounds with little content.

  4. Brentwood/Franklin is the wealthiest county in TN. and also where the Rep. Governor Lee lives. Of coarse they are giving the antibodies to the anti vaxxers. This is the same county where people were yelling and threatening the people in cars wearing mask. It has been shown all over the country. No wonder Tennessee is #1 for Covid cases.

  5. If you end up in the hospital due to covid because you chose not to be vaccinated. Any forms of care should be secondary. While those who are vaccinated are the population that will survive. Why waste resources and time on those who are willingly choosing to die. Stupidity is their right , and ignorance is their belief.

  6. #Covid_vaccine has the structure of HIV same as covid 19 virus to deceive your immunity system to create T-Cell perish together with the virus(just like overclocking immunity system temporarily), but unable to deceive the new covid 19 variant, the virus will permanently stay at human body's T-Cell then cause it malfunction to duplicate, destroy and spread even you have fully recovered from covid infection or fully vaccinated.

    Covid vaccine is a resistance of covid virus to create new variant, it only able to hide the symptoms after get infected, at the same time to enhance your immunity system to against the virus temporarily like 'MURPHY', "against the virus not eliminated", currently the opportunity to the death of having vaccine injection is less due to it's ineffectiveness since vaccine maker has been modified it to be safe. Vaccine manufacturer can be sued now after FDA fully approve those vaccine, this is great liberty status evolution. A lot of people death or having long term adverse reaction in vaccination before, and the government still keep hiding the truth. )4

  7. Eventually violence is going to erupt in our hospitals because of the unvaccinated people. They are the most selfish group of humans in America. They’re destroying our democracy & I pray we vote the republicans out of office. They created the lies & this mess along with there Hitler trump.

  8. OK let me get this straight… They won’t take the vaccine because it’s new and they don’t know enough about it however, they will stand in long lines to receive a treatment that is produced in a lab and has not been approved by the FDA😕

  9. KGW News, Oregon: … So if a person died in a car accident, from alcohol poisoning or gunshot wound and had covid would that be considered a covid death? Well according to the OHA the short answer: yes. Here is OHA spokesperson Jonathan Modie… "We consider COVID-19 deaths to be: Deaths in which a patient hospitalized for any reason within 14 days of a positive COVID-19 test result dies in the hospital or within the 60 days following discharge."

  10. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY.

    Event 201… A pandemic simulation about a virus outbreak killing millions of people 2 months before the first "virus outbreak" in China? Hmm

  11. but also there will be a surprise outbreak." – Anthony Fauci, 2017 at Georgetown University

    The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY.

    Event 201… A pandemic simulation about a virus outbreak killing millions of people 2 months before the first "virus outbreak" in China? And the prediction from Fauci…both coincidences?….Hmm

  12. Why would a sick vaccinated person not get the medication over someone who volunteered to not get the vaccine to prevent illness. Punishing the people who got the vaccine yet got breakthrough infection!! Outrageous

  13. Does this mean these monoclonal antibody treatments are available in other states or other countries?
    Is it expensive? Is this going to be another step for America, now trying to be the doctor for the world?

  14. The vaccine costs $37 the monoclonal Antibodies $1,500. The latter is synthetic, doesn’t last long as you said and has to be given within a window of time. So they’re being motivated by conspiracy theories into refusing the vaccines to then demand these infusions. For every reinfection they’ll need even more. It’s not enough that they’re hogging up ICU Beds and hospital space away from non COVID patients but now they’re insisting on depleting the nations supply of the mn

  15. They just need to own responsibility for their health and vaccinate. Those monoclonal antibodies were meant for people that for health reasons cannot be vaccinated. Those doctors sounded more qanon to me than anything else. They know vaccines last longer are preventative and cost 40 times less. They are spoiling these people with these infusions that need to be rationed out to the whole country, they want to live on them indefinitely. Selfish and hypocritical.

  16. I know that the unvaccinated are not willing to use “experimental vaccines” even though it has over 20 years of science in it because of their “freedom from the imaginary boogeyman”. They’ve made themselves really loud and clear about that issue.

    But they also have no issues whatsoever in using actual experimental treatments like the monoclonal antibodies …

    Anyone want to clear the logic behind that thinking?

  17. The vaccine is more effective while the therapy is highly sensitive to time.

    And this virus is all over the place with infection time and symptoms.

    Some get infected and have more than enough time to get the therapy while others, the reaction time of the infection is so fast that by the time they get to the hospital, the therapy will NOT be effective.

    So it's a big gamble as to which group a person will fall into. When it comes to the therapy.

    The vaccine on the other hand, once fully administered, that person has a 99.99% chance of surviving the infection.

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