Inside Race To Save World’s Largest Tree From Wildfire

The iconic General Sherman tree in Sequoia National Park is in danger as flames from a massive wildfire creep closer. Firefighters covered the base of its massive trunk with fire-resistant wrapping in an effort to protect it. 

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Author: phillyfinestnews


42 thoughts on “Inside Race To Save World’s Largest Tree From Wildfire

  1. I was raised in the 90's with the mindset that everything on television was fact-checked by hundreds of people. That or it'd never get aired…

    I still to this day occasionally have to remind myself that television and media is often very wrong and they exist solely to make a profit by getting as many views as possible..

    This story is so glaringly wrong to me, but I can understand how very well-intentioned, even intelligent people are roped into believing fire is the problem.

    Much love everyone! 🌲

  2. I just watched a doc that explained the Sequoia cones are so hard and tight that wildfires are necessary for them to open and release seeds, hence the almost no increase in Sequoia trees in the U.S. since the beginning of modern fire controls. This has nothing to do with saving Sequoia trees, and has everything to do with property ownership value.

  3. Do you remember that the green New Deal data of a few years ago that caused air Cortez wanted to protect up at the environment and the start of global warming but however is too little too late for that anyway because Republicans doubt that. Just don't care about it that is not Deborah reported they could they they say that up the tree died and they grow again but it's going to take for 30 or 50 years. It is the murderer that are sometimes that our people take very seriously well I had to say this for tell you the truth about it that is for men a woman had two babies possibility to do that job that I've listened to that scientist or experts Heather at 4 something is very pretty important history going to be repeated up again the next forest fire from 2020 to 2023 mm 24 to 10 year 20 years 30 years 48 and 50 years because the forest India that the Indians Americans it is not white people that I counted I stepped out of the tree it is there any Americans that are protect the tree that are of a spiritual Andover Forest and that is the truth everyone do you know this that I white people that I just push them away out of the Indians and the American came in and then after that they destroyed the trees the forest and all of those things are garbage you know but however let decides that it is Mother Earth she had to make a decision not over for people that are they going to say this making excuses Meghan politicians it too expensive too risky and you already know the rest was understated you should have taken very seriously to protect the environment but nobody cares about it because you only take a picture of the older tree

  4. Uhm I live in south America in a country named Suriname, and we have the largest protected rainforest reserve in the world and looking at this so called largest tree in the world, I can say that we have much bigger and older trees, one of these trees are called kankantrie in the local language

  5. God, the Democrats have done a FANTASTIC job deflecting responsibility. What they fail to reveal is that Governor Newsom SLASHED funds for forest management and lied about how much work they have done. Instead we accept their excuse of climate change – no questions asked!

  6. I'm no denier of climate change, but the truth is that most of these fires are caused by carelessness or arson, and then exacerbated by a severe lack of forest management in a state that had excess left in its budget last year and refuses to do anything about it.

  7. Good job idiot's, that mylar blanket mess that looks like it was installed by toddlers. So if a fire front comes through say with 10 foot flames the set up will be useless….how a stand by water source leading to a metal platform with a water monitor…..they do make remotely controlled monitors…..

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